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   Chapter 42 Kill Him

Dark Obsession: Too Fancy To Be True By Bing Xialuo Characters: 10643

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"No way. The brothers are waiting for you. You should let them know how you taste..." He sneered in an evil and attractive voice.

Dora trembled in horror and shook her head with a pale face. She wouldn't let them insult her. Even if she died, she wouldn't let them touch her at all.

She bit her tongue with her teeth, and with a slight force, the blood immediately filled her mouth. When she was going to exert another bite, the man's finger rudely broke open her lips and teeth, and placed horizontally in her mouth.

"You want to die? It's not that simple... " His shrill voice rang in her ears, bloodthirsty and cold.

It was the sound of her clothes being torn into pieces.

The cold air immediately swept over her body, and her whole body trembled violently.

Even if she was not afraid of death, her mind was full of fear at this moment.

This was more despair than death. That kind of despair was like a floating boat struggling in the sea. It wanted to sink, but it could never be free from the real relief.

Dora closed her eyes tightly, with tears all over her face. Each of them seemed to be shouting the man's name.

George, where the hell are you.

Although he didn't love her, she still hoped that he could save her life.

She couldn't think of anyone to rely on except him.

The man's lips touched her collarbone.

Apart from despair, she wanted to die. But now, she couldn't even die. The man's dirty finger was placed in her mouth hard. Although she bit his finger hard, he did not withdraw.

Instead, he smiled evilly and slapped her face with the other hand.

Her head was hit hard to one side by him, and she was even very dizzy. It made her felt like being trapped in a trance.

Her face was burning, followed by a strong sting.

Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth along her chin, which almost killed her.

She wondered why that man didn't use more strength to strangle her, so that he could kill her and she could get rid of the pain. It was far from the cold eyes of today's George.

Thinking of this, she closed her eyes with tears, no longer struggling and screaming. She was desperate to be helpless, helpless to give up.

But the pain on her face and body had been making her consciousness unable to dissipate. The disgusting action of that man on her body made her hate him to the core.

Her skin was sucked and kneaded by him. She could do nothing. She was as weak as a lamb, being slaughtered.

For so many years, she had never really hated a person and wanted him to die.

The man's lips finally came to her breast. Tears were burning, and she cried out in a hoarse and muffled voice.

However, his dirty lips did not touch the softness on her breast.

A series of sounds and strong wind swept past.

Someone fiercely kicked the wood door open, and the sound was surprisingly loud, followed by a heavy sound of kicking.

The heavy weight on her body was instantly pulled away, and then a coat was put on her half naked body. With a warm and a faint temperature, she opened her eyes in surprise and looked at the person.

She thought it would be George, but it was not him.

The man in front of

oden house had been disposed of here.

The man in red casual clothes appeared, who was the eldest son of the Mu family, Edward Mu. He frowned and looked around, very angry.

She turned around and kicked the man beside him to the ground.

"Spectral, this is what your good brother has done. A good chess game was lost because of his lust."

In a hurry, Spectral climbed up from the ground, covered the wound that was kicked by the man, and endured the pain. "Boss, he has also paid a painful price for his lechery. I'm sure he won't be able to escape death tonight."

That man who tried to rape Dora was his brother. Spectral had warned him many times to be careful.

Since he had made up his mind that he wanted to rape Dora, he was doomed to die, because even if his enemies didn't kill him, even his boss, wouldn't spare him.

Although Spectral was sad, he didn't dare to show it on his face.

"Did tell him not to say anything even if he dies? Can't you let make him keep his mouth shut even under the threat of death?" Edward asked coldly, with a bloodthirsty light in his eyes.

Spectral nodded and replied respectfully, "I have warned him. As long as he tells the truth, I will die, and so will our parents. Although he is lascivious, he is a person who values family affection."

"Family affection? I don't think so If he could think of the consequences, if he hadn't been lascivious, now I will have Dora under my control, and the death date of George was about to come. It's all his fault. He messed up my game. I'm worried. You send someone to find out who caught him. Once you find out the whereabouts, you must immediately kill them all to keep his mouth shut. " Edward said the last sentence coldly and left.

Spectral followed them. His heart was missing for no reason, but he had to obey Edward's orders. Otherwise, he and his parents and family would die.


Just as Edward was about to get on the car and leave, there was a roar of a car horn in front of him, and then the light of the car came. The car was very fast, and it stopped in an instant in the dust on the ground.

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