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   Chapter 41 I Have To Save Her

Dark Obsession: Too Fancy To Be True By Bing Xialuo Characters: 10539

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When Dora said this and looked at Douglas again, he had fainted. He was too weak. He was dehydrated because of excessive bleeding.

The leader of the men in black glanced at Douglas and signaled his men to kill him completely.

Dora stepped forward and stood in front of Douglas.

"You don't have to kill him. I have promised to go with you. Your goal has been achieved. There is no need to kill him, right? Besides, he can't live long. He loses blood very quickly. As long as one more hour, he will... "

Her voice became hoarse. She moved her lips and didn't say anything more.

Looking at the blood all over Douglas's body and his pale face, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

No matter what his reason was, what purpose and mood Douglas was trying his best to protect her, she felt that all these were enough. At least he was not very annoying. There were still people willing to save her with his life.

The leading man's eyes darkened. He looked at the woman in front of Douglas and suddenly remembered what his boss said. He co


"Who do you think I am? You can't wait to have sex with me, right? Have you forgotten it in the blink of an eye? "

Dora suddenly opened her eyes and stared at him in a daze. She didn't see each of those men in black clearly in the dark night just now.

At this time, the man opened his mouth to speak and she knew that he was the leader of those men.

She twisted her body and wanted to retreat, but the man grabbed her ankle.

"Ha ha Now you are the fish on the chopping block. You can't struggle and escape, but can only be at my disposal. If you want to escape, where can you escape? " He pulled Dora off the bed with all his strength.

Dora couldn't help groaning because of his strong pull.


"Oh, baby, did I hurt you because I was too rude? Don't worry. I will be very gentle to you when I am having sex with you later. " The man looked at Dora with an obscene smile, and the joy in his eyes was even greater.

"Fuck off! Don't touch me..." Dora scolded in disgust. Her forehead was sweating because of the pain.

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