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   Chapter 29 You Should Be Heartless

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The man's eyes were so horrible and cold, like a sword, piercing through her, as if trying to completely destroy her.

Bailee withdrew her gaze, pretended to be calm and sneered at Dora, "Who knows if you climbed into this man's bed without shame? Wasn't Ernest seduced by you at that time? Fortunately, he chose your sister in the end. He has a good sense. "

"Mom Are you really my mother? How could you say that about your own daughter? Ernest ran away with my sister. My sister was the third party who ruined my marriage, but you didn't blame her. Instead, you put all the blame on me. Do you think it's fair? " Dora shook off the hand of George and stood in front of Bailee.

"Fair? Well, I will tell you what fairness is. Get out of here, Rohan! Hurry up! " Bailee sneered and shouted at the door.

Just then, a tall middle-aged man came out.

When he saw that Dora's eyes were red and swollen, he was obviously stunned. He passed by Bailee, walked up to Dora and touched her hair.

"Dora, it's good that you're fine. Don't take your mother's words seriously. She didn't mean it."

Dora avoided his touch and raised her head to look at her father. She respected her father who had loved her for many years.

Every time when she cried and complained to Rohan Yin, he would always touch her head gently with such a calm tone.

Then he told her gently that her mother just said it unintentionally and asked her not to take it to heart.

Although she used to be sad, she endured it little by little. After all, they were her parents.

No matter they loved Lily and treated her coldly, she had never resisted. She always endured it silently.

She believed that when she was really hurt, they would definitely care for her and even protect her.

However, since Ernest and her sister ran away from the wedding, she was forced to leave home by the usury, and even this time if George didn't save her, she would have been almost killed.

What did they do? They turned a deaf ear to her, as if she was not their daughter, worse than strangers.

The deeper she thought, the more bitterness she felt. It was the first time that she had shed tears in front of George.

"She didn't mean it? Dad, did you hear what she said? Mom said, why didn't I be chopped to death? Why did I bring a man home without shame? How did I seduce Ernest? As a mother, can she say things like that? " Dora choked and said word by word.

Every question she asked exhausted her strength. Her heart was so painful, as if thousands of arrows pierced her heart. How could she reduce the pain?

"Dora This... " With a long face, Rohan Yin looked at the tearful Dora, his eyes full of guilt.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Bailee looked at Dora and felt happy. Most of her emotions accumulated in the past few days had gone. What a good punching bag.

"Do you think it's fair? The fairness is, no matter what I do to you, your father doesn't dare to blame me. Isn't it always like this for so many years? You don't have to be sad. Wipe your tears. No one likes to see your poor appearance. "

Dora looked at the silent Rohan Yin with red eyes, and then looked at the unruly Bailee. She suddenly felt that they h

ad always been like this in the past few years, one was bluffing and the other was comforting.

Only she was kept in the dark, and only she believed that beating and cursing were love.

She closed her eyes, letting the tears fall silently. She slowly squatted down and held herself tightly in her arms.

But as soon as she squatted down, a pair of big hands pulled her into a broad embrace.

The man who hugged her sighed slightly and touched her back with his big hand, trying to ease her suppressed emotions.

"As I said, no one dares to bully you when I'm around. But I'm sorry just now. I just want you to learn to be cruel. For people who don't love you, you should be heartless." His thin lips clung to her ears, and his low voice slowly reached her ears.

When she was sobbing, her body suddenly stopped, and her emotions were out of control. She could no longer control herself, and she threw herself into his arms.

"Boo... Hoo My heart hurts. It really hurts. " She murmured again and again.

"I know you are in pain, but after that, everything will be fine." He coaxed her tenderly. He didn't know how to comfort her.

However, every word he said was effective in comforting her sad mood.

"Then, don't say anything more. Just listen quietly. I will get back the price for what they have done to you." With a bloodthirsty gleam in his eyes, he coldly cast a glance at the two of them.

"How arrogant you are!" Bailee stopped abruptly. She saw the bloodthirsty eyes of George, as if he would destroy everything.

Bailee and Rohan Yin couldn't help but feel scared. They looked at each other. Bailee got closer to Rohan Yin and held his hands tightly.

Dora, on the other hand, paused and raised her head. She stared at George with her red and swollen eyes and said, "Don't..."

Before she could finish her words, George put his index finger against her red lips and interrupted, "Shh..."

Dora wanted to say something, but stopped on a second thought. George's eyes flashed a fierce light, and immediately dispelled her words.

Although they had a good time these two days, she was still afraid of him. The look in his eyes just now was really terrible.

"Good girl I won't hurt them. After all, they are still your parents. " He whispered in her ear again.

Looking at his handsome face, Dora nodded in a trance.

George smiled and gently rubbed her hair on her forehead.

He pulled Dora up from the ground and pulled her into his arms.

"I didn't bring Dora back today to let you vent your anger. As for what you said about me just now, I won't deny it. But are you sure that you won't get the deserved punishment for the harm you have done to Dora today and even before?" George looked at Bailee and said coldly.

Bailee felt numb under his cold gaze, but she still said in a tough tone.

"Who are you? Can you manage our family's affairs? I'm teaching my daughter a lesson. It's none of your business. "

"Oh? Is it? What if I have to? " George raised his eyebrows slightly. In the face of the strong power of Bailee, he did not care at all. Instead, he asked calmly.

Bailee froze. Looking at the extraordinary and calm George, her palms were sweating.

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