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   Chapter 26 Dora Is Your Hostess

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"Ha You think too much, don't you? I do have spies in this house, but I have another way to know. There is a thing in the world called monitor, do you know? " George slowly approached her, with a mocking smile, and even a hint of playfulness in it.

Dora blushed and lowered her head in embarrassment. She pulled up the quilt and was about to cover herself again.

But the quilt was pulled by George. He held her hand with his big hand and said gently.

"Everyone has a different way of life. If I didn't do that, I wouldn't live here and have everything I have now. If I don't plot against them, they will take away everything I have now and even my life at any time because of my negligence. "

Dora listened to his explanation in surprise, her heart beating non-stop.

In fact, it was unnecessary for him to explain this to her, but he still said it in order not to make her unhappy.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She blinked. No one had ever paid so much attention to her and cared so much about her emotions.

"I see. Everyone has his or her own way of living. This is an era where the weak are the prey to the strong. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been in your house or even your bed today."

George held her hand more and more tightly. The breath from his nostrils gently hit her face, and her heart was in a mess.

"I know forcing you to marry me will make you unhappy. You don't even know what kind of person I am. It's normal for you to feel panic and dissatisfactory. But you shouldn't be too kind to your enemies. Otherwise, you will be in trouble in the end. "

There was a faint light in his dark eyes. He looked at her with burning eyes. She could see clearly the seriousness in his eyes.

So many years later, she could still remember clearly that his shining eyes were so charming, like a huge magnet, firmly attracting her.

At that time, she didn't know that she had already fallen in love with this man. She loved him so much that she was willing to die.

She loved him so much that she would live with him forever.

After a long time, she did not say anything, and George did not force her.

He stood up, bent over, gently helped her put on her shoes, and took her downstairs.

There were dozens of maids standing in a row in the hall. They all looked at George coming downstairs with Dora.

Everyone bent slightly and said in unison.

"Good morning, Sir..."

Without saying anything, George just nodded slightly. His sharp eyes swept over the crowd and finally fell on Selena, who was standing aside.

"Selena, from now on, Dora is your hostess. I don't want anyone to insult her, or I will never tolerate it."

Selena's face turned pale. She bit her lips, glanced at Dora and then glanced at Alana.

"Yes Sir, Selena got it. "

Alana didn't raise her head all the time. She lowered her head and trembled slightly. She clenched the hem of her clothes with both hands, trying to control her emotions.

George pulled Dora to the table, pushed a chair aside and let her sit down.

"Amaya, let's have breakfast. Dora hasn't had breakfast yet. Just bring her meal alone. " George looked at Amaya standing in the kitchen and said lightly.

Amaya hurriedly replied, "Well, Sir, you haven't had breakfast either?"

"I've eaten it. The steamed buns made by Dora taste good. The filling must be made by Amaya, right?" George said with a faint smile.

"I don't want you to eat it at all. I don't know what it tastes like. You already knew that the filling was made by Amaya? Well, are you kidding me? " Sitting on the chair, Dora muttered discontentedly.

"Have I ever made fun of you? Silly girl... " George looked at her helplessly and said dotingly.

Everyone looked at each other again. When did this man like to smile so much? And his eyes were very gentle and watery.

He had never spoken to anyone in such a soft voice, not even to Astrid and Marlene.

The crowd felt their scalp tingling. They were glad that they had escaped from the disaster. At the same time, they all wanted to see Alana's expression.

Alana bit her lips tightly and lowered her head, as if she didn't exist.

Selena looked at George in a trance, with disbelief in her eyes. Then she suddenly realized that only she knew the reason for all the tenderness and love.

Amaya was a little stunned. Obviously, she was surprised. Since when did Mr. George treat a woman so gently and like eating steamed buns?

It seemed that Dora really had a great influence on him. She couldn't help but take a look at her, and then quickly brought out the breakfast, without the slightest neglect.

"You can leave now. Selena stays, and I have something to talk with you in the study."

Hearing this, everyone dared not slow down a little, and they quickly walked out of the hall. Only Alana looked back at Selena at every step.

Selena lowered her head slightly and stood quietly aside, waiting for the instructions of George.

"Have breakfast first. I'll go upstairs and take you to a place later, okay?" George gently rubbed Dora's forehead and said with a faint smile.

Dora looked up at him and seemed to have not recovered from his tenderness. He was cold to everyone except her.

She couldn't help but feel her heart pounding again. She nodded in a hurry, took the breakfast from Amaya and began to eat.

Then George turned around and walked to the study on the second floor.

Selena followed him closely and soon disappeared in front of Dora.

"Amaya, is Selena the butler of the Jin family?" Biting the bun, she asked casually.

"Yes, Mrs. Dora..." Amaya replied in a hurry.

Mrs. Dora? Hearing that, Dora blushed and lowered her head.


"Madam, why are you blushing? Isn't the hostess mentioned by Sir means you will get married?" Amaya said with a gentle sneer. She didn't laugh at all, but felt relieved. She liked this simple and cute girl.

Dora's face was even redder. She just wanted to find a hole to hide.

Her chest was filled with warmth. At this moment, she felt very happy, but she didn't think about the reason.

Especially when George told everyone that she would be the hostess here, she was too shocked to say anything.

Although there was always a voice in her heart saying that the tenderness of George was an illusory dream, and all of this was an extravagant hope that you could not cross over and get.

However, she still indulged herself in his tenderness step by step, breaking through her senses and forgetting her original intention.

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