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   Chapter 25 You Are So Shameless

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Dora couldn't keep calm anymore. She tried her best to twist her body, but she couldn't push away the mountain-like man.

She couldn't help closing her eyes and making up her mind to bite his lips and tongue again.

With a sudden "bang", the broken porcelain plate spread in all directions.

Hearing that, George was stunned. He quickly pulled over the quilt to cover Dora with disheveled clothes, quickly stood up and looked at the place where the sound came from the door.

A woman with long red hair stood at the door, staring blankly at the hot kiss between the two people in the room just now. It seemed that she hadn't recovered from the shock.

"Who told you to come up? Get out... " George looked at the woman coldly and scolded her.

Dora sat up with the quilt in her arms and looked at the people at the door in surprise.

"Alana Why are you here? "

She was kind enough to let go of Alana, but she didn't expect that Alana would hit the gun by herself.

Alana had already been scared out of her wits by the roar of George, and her legs were trembling violently.

Hearing Dora's voice again, she couldn't help but shed tears.

"I... I'm just here to bring you breakfast. I I didn't expect Mr. George to be here, too. " Alana said at a loss. Only she knew clearly that despair was worse than death.

It turned out that she had been deceiving herself all the time. She had never believed that George would like this woman, Dora.

But when she saw their kiss just now, all her hopes were shattered, and the fragments even pierced into her heart.

"Didn't you hear what I said? Get out of here! " George said coldly again. He turned a blind eye to Alana's pitiful sobs.

Although the voice of George was not loud, it was so cold that Alana trembled again and could no longer keep calm. She suddenly knelt down in front of George and kept kowtowing.

"Sir, I'm sorry. Please don't drive me away. Please don't drive me away." She knew clearly what George meant. It was not as simple as getting out. She would end up with being locked up on the third floor of the basement, suffering, suffering like the servant who had made a mistake before.

George squinted at Alana coldly and then looked at the soybean milk and steamed stuffed buns scattered on the ground.

Although she didn't mean to peep at him, she had crossed his bottom line in the end.

He turned his head and looked at the woman sitting on the bed with a quilt. She looked at him with a smile, as if she was taking pleasure in his misfortune.

He thought that she would at least panic, or be shy to be seen what they were doing, but this woman did not feel flustered. Instead, she looked at him calmly and wondered how he would deal with Alana.

"Why are you looking at me? How could you be so indifferent to such a beautiful woman kneeling in front of you and begging you? " Dora couldn't stand the sharp eyes of George, as if he had seen everything about her.

"I just want to ask you, what do you think we should do with Alana?" He said casually with a faint smile on his lips.

Dora, who had been watching the show with a smile, suddenly froze and bit her lips angrily.

"You..." Damn George! How could he give this ball to her?

However, it wa

s also a good thing. She didn't have the scheming and ruthless character. She always valued peace.

Since he had asked her to decide, she couldn't let him down.

She glared at George, lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

"Are these the steamed buns made by me? Oh, you see, they are all scattered on the ground, but fortunately they didn't dirty. Alana, if you don't have anything else to do, you can go downstairs, ah... " She said to Alana as she picked up the steamed buns.

"Well, the soya bean milk is spilled and can't be drunk at all. It's dirty here. Ask Amaya to send someone to clean it and bring me a cup of soya bean milk she made. Go ahead... "

Alana stopped kowtowing and looked up at Dora in a daze.

She thought that she wouldn't let go of her. After all, she had mocked and even insulted her arrogantly just now.

She didn't understand what Dora meant?

"Why are you still standing there? Do as she says... " The cold voice of George came again.

Alana didn't dare to think too much. She stood up in a hurry and staggered out.

"Don't waste it. It took me a whole morning to make it." Although Dora was a little surprised that George would agree with her, she didn't think too much and took a bite of the bun.

"It's dirty. Don't eat. If you want to eat, just ask Amaya to cook for you." George walked up to her and took the steamed bun from her mouth.

"Hey Give it back to me. It's different. It's my first time to cook. " She stretched out her hand to take it back, but George was so tall that she could not reach him as long as he raised his hands.

George frowned and looked at the bun in his hand. What kind of bun was this?

"Did you made this? It's so ugly... " He said lightly and put the bun into his mouth.

"George, you've gone too far. You can't eat it. I'm not making it for you."

George chewed the bun carefully and glanced at her in surprise.

"Although it doesn't look good, it tastes good. It's not for me. I ate it too. Although you don't like it, can you stop me? "

Dora drooped her arms, lowered her head and went back to the bed.

"You are so shameless..."

Why was he always so rascal, despicable and mean in front of her?

Dora murmured, annoyed.

"Why did you let her go? Can you always be kind and forgive people who speak ill of you? " George stuffed the rest of the steamed buns into his mouth.

The handsome, cold and indifferent CEO was so ordinary but attractive now.

Dora, who had been staring blankly at George, widened her eyes in surprise when she heard the questioning of him.

"You knew it? You knew what happened in the kitchen this morning? "

George didn't say anything. For a moment, the softness on his face disappeared and the coldness covered his face.

"HMM So you still want to let her go? "

After getting his answer, Dora looked at the George warily. This man was so horrible. He had planted his spies in his own house.

Had he ever trusted anyone? He had been on guard against everyone all the time. If so, how tired he would be.

"How did you know what happened in the kitchen? Did you also place spies in your own house, George? Aren't you tired? You have to plot and doubt everyone. Don't you feel disgusted with such a life?"

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