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   Chapter 11 Time Is A Medicine

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Trembling, Dora spoke out the possibility she had thought of in an instant. She was just guessing, but when she saw the cruelty in Emma's eyes, her heart sank for no reason. She was right.

Emma looked at her with a sigh. She held her chin with one hand and said with an evil smile, "Tut-tut You are not simple. You can guess everything with only two words. But what's the use? You are dying. No one can save you. "

Biting her lips, Dora felt colder and colder, and her head was a little heavy. She looked at Emma blankly and shook her head.

"No Emma, I have never offended you. Why do you want to kill me? "

Emma sneered and shook her head. "Dora, why don't you understand that it's not me who want your life, but Grace, she wants your life. You know her secret. How could she let you live? "

"Why did you help her? Aren't you afraid of nightmares? " She asked in a low and hoarse voice.

"Nightmare? Dora, do you know why I can be the General Manager? That's all Grace's credit. How do you think I will repay her? Besides, I really don't like you. " Emma's cold breath sprayed on her face, with bloodthirsty coldness and danger.

Emma shook off her chin, held her arms and dragged her into a black luxury car.

Dora struggled hard, pushed away Emma with both hands and feet, and ran out of the car.

However, before she took the second step, a gust of cold wind blew from the opposite, and a heavy slap fell on her face again.

"Run away? Where are you going? No one loves you. You deserve to be abandoned by Ernest. To be betrayed by your sister. To be disliked by your parents. "

Those sharp words, like a knife, cut through her heart one by one.

Dora glared at the beautiful woman with blonde hair, Grace.

"Shut up! Shut up!"

These were all the scars on her body. How could she cruelly uncover these scars and let them bleed again.

She was a human being. Facing so much hurt and betrayal. How could she not feel pain? How could she not care.

Tears flowed out of her eyes in an instant. She told herself not to cry, or they would laugh at her. But at this moment, she couldn't control them. She couldn't control them.

She curled up and held herself tightly. She roared in a low voice.

It was said that time was a medicine. As time went by, those pains and the past would disappear.

They would slowly become a wall, isolated from the unbearable past, and would never appear, and never hurt again.

Now, she felt painful, very painful. It turned out that all this was just deceiving herself and pleased others.

She also chose to let go of them and wanted to start a new life, but no one gave her a chance, and no one gave her a wall.

She thought that if one day there was someone who could save her from worries, pain, fear and hatred.

She would give everything to repay the love and warmth that the man gave her.

Even her life.

However, there wouldn't be such a person, who would be like the sunshine, warming her heart and protecting her.

She seemed to be cursed and had never been lucky.

If one day she met such a person, she thought it would be the good luck of her life to meet such a person.

"Go to hell, Dora. If you die, I'll be safe. Go to hell..." A vicious roar rang in her ears. How could such a pleasant voice be so disgusting at the moment?

Dora closed her eyes and silently shed tears, letting them push her into the car. Then something cold and tough came close to her

skin, her neck, and her face.

She didn't want to live anymore. There was no love in her life. What was the meaning of living? No one would be sad for her when she died, and no one would cry for her. If she died, nothing would change.

Her death was like a drop of water flowing into the sea, so silent.

Last time, when Len wanted to kill her, Rodney appeared in time to save her. At last, the man called George also appeared.

He said he was going to marry her and he wanted her to be his wife. At that moment, she was moved by his serious expression.

In the face of such a perfect man, how could a woman not fall in love with him? But she refused, because she knew that she would fall in love with him. Falling in love with such a man was destined to be hurt.

'Damn it! I shouldn't have refused him at that time. Even if I divorce him in the future, I can still get a large amount of alimony. Even if I'm badly hurt, it's better than going to hell now. '.

She put aside her worries and the disturbance of the mortal world. It seemed that she didn't worry about her own situation. And was just daydreaming.

It would be better to take it as self-consolation or a beautiful dream made up for herself. At least in this world, there was such a unique man who wanted to marry her, and then was rejected by her. How proud she was.

She endured the dizziness and smiled.

Her consciousness was gradually blurred, and she gradually fell into darkness, waiting for the final pain brought by death.

She thought, if someone came to save her this time, she would marry him, she would

Deep gasps and even low laughter could be heard in the dark car.

However, the dagger on Dora's face was trembling slightly with a little fear.

"Grace, you do it. I'll go out and see if there's anyone passing by. Finish it as soon as possible and throw her into the river. " Emma said in a trembling voice and handed the dagger to Grace.

Grace sneered and looked at Emma contemptuously. The evil in her eyes seemed to have occurred to her. She didn't refute her, but took the dagger and said slowly.

"I can understand if you are afraid. But it's not like you, Emma."

With a pale face, Emma glanced at Dora who was in a coma. Without saying anything, she opened the door and got out.

However, when Grace stabbed at Dora's neck with a dagger, Emma was open the door again.

While grabbing the car door, the other big hand reached out to the dagger stabbing at Dora's neck.

The car was full of gasps. Emma and Grace looked at the man in surprise. His extraordinary skills were so fast that he almost finished in one go.

The man's face was cold. He kicked Emma, who was stunned by the door, to the ground. Then he stabbed the dagger in his hand at Grace. Because there was a gap between them, Grace took the initiative. She awkwardly retreated and escaped from the car.

Dora collapsed into the car seat.

The man's eyes darkened and he didn't say a word. He didn't take out Dora from the car. Instead, he got out of the car with one hand supporting his body and turned over from the roof of the car, just landing in front of Grace who was trying to escape.

"Escape? Where do you want to escape? If you dare to do such a vicious thing, don't be afraid of being exposed. "

Grace looked at the man in panic. Although he was handsome and extraordinary, she felt that he was like an ice, a sword, which could kill her at any time.

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