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   Chapter 10 I Don't Like You

Dark Obsession: Too Fancy To Be True By Bing Xialuo Characters: 6920

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It was precisely because of this that she gradually felt despair about life, little by little depraved, and little by little flowed with the tide.

She didn't expect anything that didn't belong to her anymore, nor did she complain about the unfair fate. She accepted all of them happily.

Therefore, she always acted indifferently and let nature take its course.

Therefore, she became a laughingstock in the whole company and the object of disdain.

Even the security guards at the door looked at her with disgust. Could she say that she was pathetic?

She smiled gently, with tears in her eyes.

She didn't like to cry all her life. She always hid the tears that she wanted to shed every time. In fact, her heart was crying. No one could understand her sadness and pain.

It seemed that she was born to be unwelcome. Her parents were indifferent to her when she was a child, her elder sister was mocking her when she grew up, and there were also betrayal and pain brought by Ernest.

Later, she left school and took part in work, but she still got the same result.

No one liked her, no one cared about her, and no one really understood her.

Even so, she told herself again and again that she couldn't cry. If you cried, your only dignity would be gone, and then you would really lose everything.

Therefore, in the face of Emma's deliberately making trouble, she just smiled.

She glanced at the paper on the ground and was surprised.

"This is not the design I prepared. It's not mine."

Hearing this, Emma raised her eyebrows slightly, and then mocked, "So what? Do you think I need a reason to let someone leave? "

"Why?" Dora asked in confusion, feeling cold all over her body.

Emma turned to look at Grace, and the two smiled at each other.

"Because I just don't like you. Is this reason enough?"

Dora's body trembled slightly, her hands trembling and brushing the hair on her forehead. She tightly wrapped her arms around her upper body and looked at the two people with a pale face.

"Grace, it is you, isn't it? No matter how dissatisfied Mrs. Emma is with me, she won't treat me like this. Why do you have to drive me away? I've told you that I won't tell anyone about it. Why don't you trust me? "

With a gentle smile on her face, Grace's face turned pale when she heard Dora's words. She looked around in panic and snapped, "Dora, shut up."

From Grace's reaction, Dora understood the reason. It turned that it was really because of that thing.

"But, Grace, in fact, it's unnecessary for you to do that. If you keep quiet, I may keep it a secret for you for a lifetime, so that the secret will be kept in my stomach and I will never tell it. But now you have cornered me. How can I let you live happily? You know that if I have lost this job, it's impossible for me to pay back the usury. How can you be so cruel? "

Grace widened her eyes in horror and looked at Dora. Her face was pale and frightening, and her delicate makeup turned a little ferocious at this moment.

"Cruel? If I don't do that, I will be the one to leave sooner or later. I would lose more. I lose not only my job, but also the chance to marry a rich man. I can't take the risk. "

Somehow, Dora had the courage to sneer at Grace's pale face, "Ha ha It was said that Grace was gentle to others, and was a socialite? But no one knows how many dirty things she has done to become a member of the Hua family? "

The sl

ap resounded through the hall, and Dora was slapped to the ground.

Grace didn't put down her hand. She warned coldly, "I told you to shut up. Why are you so disobedient?"

The blood slowly flowed out from the corner of her mouth, and a burning pain came from her cheek. She felt dizzy.

"Grace, how dare you hit me? Aren't you afraid that I will tell Emma or Mr. Brian what you have done? " Spitting blood, Dora looked at Grace.

She thought she could at least see the panic expression, but she didn't. The woman stared at her indifferently, and even a mocking smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

She turned her head reluctantly and glanced at Emma. Noticing her expression, she was shocked. "You know that thing?"

Emma laughed and her long curled hair trembled.

"Smart people always turn crises into opportunities. Why don't you understand? No wonder you are still a humble assistant after three years. You are so stupid. "

Dora raised her hand and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. A mocking smile appeared on her face.

Yes, why didn't she understand this society? Why didn't she understand this cruel era and how cruel the reality was.

She clenched her fists, and her fingertips had already turned white because of the force.

"Stupid? Yes, I'm stupid, but I have a clear conscience. I'm not hypocritical. I don't do those shady things for the sake of wealth. I won't be awakened by nightmares because of something I did. "

"Hum Nightmares. I'm not afraid. She can't defeat me when she was alive. What else could she do as after she was dead? After today, no one knows what happened in the past. I enjoy my glory and wealth. You and that bitch can go to the underworld to revenge on me. "

Grace slightly raised the corners of her eyes, with a gloomy light flashing in her eyes. She gently bit her lips, and then gave a hint to Emma from the corner of her eyes.

Emma nodded. She walked up to her, bent over and pulled Dora up from the ground. Then she dragged her to the underground parking lot.

Looking coldly at the two people who were gradually disappearing, Grace smiled charmingly, glanced at the security guard at the door and said indifferently.

"Keep alert. Make sure no one saw what happened here."

The security guard nodded at her and looked around quickly. When he was sure that there was no one else, he turned around and looked at Grace. He didn't see the woman.

In the parking lot

Dora struggled hard, trying to escape from Emma's grip. Unfortunately, the female devil's hand was so strong that her wrist was firmly held by her powerful hands, as if she wanted to twist her hand off.

"Emma, what are you doing? Let me go... "

"Let you go? How is that possible? Do you know how long we have planned for this day? We can't let all our previous efforts be wasted today. " Emma sneered.

Dora's face turned pale and looked at Emma in disbelief.

"What did you say? Plan? So, the reason why you asked me to buy coffee today is to let me get downstairs, so that no one would suspect. And you have prepared the plagiarism, just to force me to leave the company. And then? For example, you take me to the underground parking lot now, do you want to kill me to keep your secrets? Even if I die now, no one will suspect. Outsiders will think that I have lost my job, have no money to pay usury, and have been killed to pay off debts. No one will suspect you, right? "

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