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   Chapter 7 Follow Me From Now On

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The man's voice came coldly, "Why did you stop? Go on... "

Len's two legs were shaking violently. He turned slowly around at the moment.

Although the light around was dim, the outline of the man's angular face could be faintly seen.

His eyes were very bright, even in the dark night, as if they were emitting slight light, and as if they were a burning luminous pearl.

This man was handsome, but his face was also very cold. At this time, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth, but it was not warm at all. Instead, it made people feel a chill down the spine.

He looked so cold that no one dared to look at him.

Looking at the man, Len couldn't help but kneel down on the ground.

"Mr. Rodney Please spare my life. This little girl owes money and can't pay it back. I want to teach her a lesson. "

Mr. Rodney? Dora's teeth were trembling violently. She looked at the man called Mr. Rodney in panic.

There were two big shots in A City that everyone knew.

One was George Jin, the CEO of CB Group. His assets were over 100 billion, and he had industries in all business areas.

He was the leader of business and a legend in business world.

He was only twenty-five years old. He not only owned a well-funded CB Group, but also was the leader of the Sora gang.

George Jin was the only person who had great power in both business and gangsterdom.

Everyone would be with fear and worship when heard his name.

Of course, he also had a cruel side. If he was kind and gentle, he might not be the successor of Sora, the biggest intelligence organization in the world.

Another big shot was the cold man in front of Dora. His name was Rodney Qiao, and others called him Mr. Rodney. He was only thirty years old.

He didn't do business, nor did he stay in the gansterdom.

But he had his own empire. He always believed that he wouldn't attack unless he was attacked.

If anyone offended him, he would let that person pay a hundred times more.

He built A luxurious empire on the top of the only high mountain in A City, and named it CA Palace.

All the buildings there were built in the same way as the ancient palace.

The difference was that he had also built an underground palace, which was a thousand meters deep.

No one had seen what an empire it was, and how luxurious and prosperous it was. No one had even seen it, and who had seen it couldn't get out alive.

He even established his own secret guards, not to expand the territory, but to consolidate his own security and defense.

He had lived in seclusion in CA Palace for many years. He had never gone down the mountain, nor had anyone seen his face.

How did Len know it was him? Did they know each other?

"Len, I won't kill you today. Go back and tell Astrid that I did it for her sake. I won't show mercy next time."

Astrid? It could be said that she was a legendary woman. With half life honor, half life wealth, she relied on her own ability to support the whole dark power.

Hearing this, [韩磊] didn't dare to stay any longer. He nodded repeatedly and ran away awkwardly.

Although Len had left, Dora dared not relax at all. She knew clearly that this man was a hundred times more ruthless than Len.

Mr. Rodney put away his pistol and glanced at her indifferently.

"Go back to CA Palace with me. Follow me from now on."

Clenching the hem of her clothes, Dora asked nervously, "Why? We don't know each other at all. "

A cold smile appeared on the corner of Rodney's mouth, and his eyes were full of uncertainty.

"We don't know each other? Ha ha, yes, I don't know you. But I have a crush on you, so you must go with me. "

There was too much arrogance and unruly in his tone, and the smile on his face was cold.

Biting her lips, Dora raised her eyes to look at Rodney.

Before she could say anything, another voice cut in coldly.

"Mr. Rodney, I'm afraid that Dora can't go with you. You came here in vain today."

Three people walked out from behind. The man in the lead was also wearing a straight black suit, with a smile of warmth on his face.

He was as gentle as jade, as handsome as a gentleman.

The other two stood behind him expressionlessly. Obviously, they were both his subordinates.

But why were these men so handsome?

Frowning, Rodney turned around and smiled at the man who was speaking.

"I was wondering who it was. It turned out to be you, George. Since you don't want me to take her away, I won't insist. I should give you a face, shouldn't I? " As he spoke, he glanced at Dora again, with an indescribable light in his eyes.

At the same time, Dora was too shocked to think. How much she hoped she could pass out, but she dared not to do so when so many cold sight were cast on her at the same time.

What kind of luck did she have today? She met these two big shots, and she was the thing they were going to grab.

Yes, she didn't know the reason.

George's eyes had been fixed on Dora since he came. There was even a scorching light hidden in his cold and sharp eyes.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Rodney. I'll go to CA Palace to express my gratitude for your kindness." He stressed the last word, as if he was provoking him.

With a faint smile, Rodney turned to Dora and said, "It seems that we are not destined to meet each other. I think we have a long time to go."

Dora frowned and pondered over his words. 'There is still time?' What? Would they meet again in the future? 'Are you kidding me? I'm just an ordinary girl, a real Cinderella. I won't have that illusory dream.'

After casting a glance at her, Rodney turned around and left without saying a word.

The cold aura around him seemed to evaporate with his departure.

Dora stared blankly at the three people in front of her. People came and went, as if she was some kind of goods that were pushed here and there.

This George was not a kind person. She would not naively think that she was out of trouble now.

While she was still in a daze, George slowly approached her. She stepped back in horror and complained in her heart.

He quickly grabbed her wrist and gently pulled her into his arms.

His embrace was warm, even with a faint fragrance, different from Len's body mixed with the smell of alcohol and cigarette.

The man's body was a little hot. Her face was pressed against his chest. The solid muscles on his body were a little hard, and his heart beat was dull and powerful.

Dora was in a trance for a while. She didn't struggle as if she was bewitched. It was really abnormal.

The big hand around her waist became tighter and tighter, which brought her back to her senses.

Suddenly, she felt ashamed and angry, and her face was as red as an apple.

She was almost out of breath in his arms. By the way, why did he hold her as soon as he saw her?

So she began to struggle, pushing herself away from his arms.

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