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   Chapter 6 Are You Tired Of Living

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His calm face finally changed at this moment, and his tone seemed to become anxious.

"Take her to see me right now."

"Mr. George, she doesn't seem to recognize you? When I mentioned your name, she didn't respond. She also said her name was Dora Yin. "

He slowly calmed down, turned around and walked out of the room.

"Investigate her. This time, I want her no matter she is Cherry or not."

"Mr. George, it seems that she is in trouble. Two groups of people are chasing after her in secret. It seems that this girl is not simple."

He stopped, his dashing eyebrows slightly wrinkled, his eyes faintly cold, and his palms gradually clenched into fists.

"You get to know the situation first. No matter which two groups of people want her life, you must keep her safe, understand? Aaron? "

Aaron's light voice came through, with a heavy tone. "Yes, Mr. George ."

After hanging up the phone, he picked up his coat from the hanger and walked out of the presidential suite.

A man had been waiting outside. Seeing him walk out, he quickly walked to the side of George.

"Mr. George, where are you going at this late hour?"

Hearing that, George pursed his lips slightly and took a look at that man. "Douglas, find out where Aaron is right now and get the car ready..."

"Dora, do you think it's funny to fool us? Why did you leave without saying goodbye last night? Do you know that our boss lost a big fish because of you? You deserve to die. As long as you didn't run away last night, we wouldn't charge you any interest for the usury you owed, and we could give you a few more days. Now you have messed up everything. What do you think we should do to you now? "

In a dark alley, a group of men were approaching her. The man in the lead was dressed in black, and his dark and cold face was full of anger.

Dora had no choice but to lean against the wall.

Hearing the man's words, she cursed in her heart, 'damn it! You drugged me yesterday, trying to get me to sleep with an old man.'

Thanks to her intelligence, she secretly changed the drinks they gave her, or she would be a slut now.

Although she hated him, she couldn't make it worse, or she would still be in trouble.

With a flattering smile on her face, she said, "Len, I left yesterday because I had something urgent to deal with. You don't know that, my best friend, Jean, had an accident yesterday. I had to go there. It was about her life. Do you think I can refuse to go? "

The corners of Len]'s mouth twitched. He suddenly stepped forward and held Dora's wrist.

His sharp eyes were as sharp as a sword, stabbing into her eyes. He said in a low voice, "life? Tell me, what is it? "

Dora frowned and tried to break free from his hand, but her struggle was in vain and she could not shake it at all.

"Well, that Jean broke up with her boyfriend yesterday. She couldn't bear it and jumped off the building. " She closed her eyes and said guiltily.

She thought to herself, 'Jean, don't blame me. I didn't mean to curse you. I was forced to do so. You are my only friend. It's better to sell you out at this time.'

As soon as she finished speaking, a gust of wind blew on her face, and th

e palm fell hard on her cheek.

"You're tired of living, aren't you? How dare you cheat me? If I don't punish you today, how can I still be in the gang? "

As soon as he finished speaking, he slapped on the other side of her face again.

Dora only felt a burning pain on her cheek, and even her consciousness was a little blurred. Len Han's slap was too strong for her to bear.

However, this man was still holding her wrist, which kept her from fainting, because she saw a faint danger in his sharp eyes.

She was afraid that if she fainted, no one could save her.

Even though her nose was sour.

She gritted her teeth and forced a smile.

"Len, don't be angry. Even if you kill me, I can't pay you."

Len Han said with an evil smile as he got close to Dora and looked at her up and down maliciously.

"Who said I would hit you? Although you are not beautiful, you have a good figure. After you serve me later, I will sell you into Golden House. In the future, you can always pay back the money with your body."

Dora's body trembled, and then she began to panic. Golden House? It was the largest entertainment city in A City and also a place for many prostitutes to find a man.

Her face gradually turned pale, and she subconsciously wanted to retreat in horror.

"No I won't go there. "

Hearing this, Len Han laughed and said, "Ha ha It's not up to you. "

Holding Dora in his arms, he turned into a dark corner and looked at her coldly.

"Come on, you bad girl, or you will die today."

Looking around in the darkness, she began to feel desperate.

Tears kept falling down her cheeks.

She bit her lips and looked at Len Han with grief and indignation in her eyes.

"Bastard, even if I die, I won't let you touch me."

Len Han raised his eyebrows and sneered.

"Really? I'm afraid you can't even die. "

As he spoke, he put his big hand on her chest, and his disgusting lips slowly approached hers.

"Bastard, let me go, let me go."

She cried out weakly, tears welling up in her eyes.

Her lover didn't love her, and he abandoned her heartlessly. Her families had never been families. They never gave her any care, her sister even stabbed a knife in her heart.

Even though she was desperate and helpless, she still felt that there was hope and motivation to live.

Now, no one was going to save her, and no one knew that she was still alive in this world.

Dora couldn't get rid of him, tears streaming down her face.

Closing her eyes, she felt desperate and thought, 'That's it. The worst result is death.'

Her love, her family affection had already withered, and she had no reason to live.

Her heart was trembling violently. She silently endured the misfortune brought by fate, and then? Then she would be completely relieved

However, the big hand on her body stopped. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Len Han in horror, trembling.

Dora took a closer look and was shocked.

Behind Len Han stood a man in a black suit. He smiled coldly.

And there was something against Len Han's waist.

Dora looked at it again. The cold sweat on her forehead kept falling.

There was a gun against Len Han's waist. It was a gun.

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