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   Chapter 4 The Bridegroom Ran Away With The Money

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"Jean, don't talk nonsense. Everyone knows that you've loved Ernest for many years. You're just saying that because you don't want him to marry me," Dora said, curling her lip.

Jean Li glared at Dora with her big eyes and spat, "You silly girl! How long has it been? Do you still care about that? If you don't believe me, you can go out and have a look. If you can find Ernest and your sister, I will lay my head down and let you kick it like a ball."

Dora looked at Jean Li suspiciously and felt a little flustered. She set the bouquet down on the table, lifted the hem of her wedding dress, and marched out of the room.

"Jean, if I find out that you lied to me, you're doomed," said Dora from outside the room, with a tinge of panic.

Jean Li shrugged and followed her out.

It was a small church and there were only three people inside: Jean Li, Dora's sister Lily Yin, and Dora.

Dora and Ernest had not received their parents' blessing as they did not approve of their marriage. Naturally, their relatives and friends did not attend the wedding.

She had thought that a marriage without hesitation would bring her unlimited happiness.

However, she searched every corner of the church and made countless calls but the groom's phone was switched off. She was completely devastated.

She sunk in a corner and looked around at the empty church. Her heart ached.

She bit her lip hard and told herself not to cry.

She was getting more and more anxious. Her whole body was trembling by now. Jamming her hand into her mouth, she bit down on it fiercely.

Finally, blood dripped down from her mouth and dotted the white floor.

Her eyes were brimming with tears but she stubbornly did not allow them to flow.

Seeing this, Jean Li cursed in her heart, 'Ernest, you ungrateful, deceiving bastard!

How can you trample on Dora's feelings like this? How can you be so shameless?'

"Just let it out, Dora. It hurts more to hold back the tears."

Dora's face had lost pallor and she smiled bitterly, "Jean, he not only swindled my heart but also my life. Damn it! He's a rascal."

Jean Li looked at her in confusion. She didn't understand what she meant. Seeing that she had bitten her hand hard, she couldn't bear it and walked over to pull her hand out of her mouth.

"Doesn't it hurt? How can you abuse yourself like this? And what do you mean by 'your life'? Can't you live without him? Dora, don't give up hope, okay?"

Shaking off Jean Li's hand, Dora buried her head in her knees. "He took away the money I had collected to buy the house. It's a total of one million. I risked my life to get it from a loan shark," she confessed.

Jean Li was so shocked that she took a step back and yelled, "Dora, are you mad? How can you borrow money from a loan shark? If you can't pay back the money, you will lose your life! Does this have anything to do with your memory loss when you were ten years old? Have you gone crazy? Are you becoming stupid?"

Dora closed her eyes and replied sharply, "I did lose my memories but I didn't become stupid. Ernest told me that he wanted to marry me. He loved me very much but he didn't have the money or the a

bility to buy me a house, so he couldn't marry me.

I planned to get a bank loan but the bank didn't agree to such a large amount. So I had to borrow from a loan shark.

How could he lie to me? How could he do this to me? He said that he had bought the house. He said that we could move in after we got married. Now I know that everything was fake. He has already run away with my money." She sobbed softly cursing herself for believing him.

They were classmates in college. Ernest was the college hunk while Dora was just an ordinary girl.

They didn't know each other at all. They hadn't even exchanged a word during the four years of college.

Dora had a secret crush on Ernest. She didn't intend to express her love to him or be with him. She just liked him.

She assumed that she would go through college life this way.

However, a love letter drew them closer.

The night before graduation, Ernest wrote a love letter to Dora.

Therefore, although college life was over, their love began to bloom.

They grew closer and closer and, in less than four weeks, they decided to get married.

Their families were vehemently against this impulsive marriage.

That was why they refused to attend the wedding.

At this moment, she realized that it was all a big conspiracy.

She fell into his trap and ended up getting hurt. Her life was in shambles.

Now she realized that love was not like honey but like poison.

When she was happy in love, she could smile happily.

But when she was sad, she felt pain so deep, she thought she would die.

On the same day, George Jin, the richest man in A City and the CEO of CB Group, held a grand wedding with his childhood sweetheart Cherry, the daughter of one of the servants of his family.

However, the bride ran away from the wedding.

Everyone knew how much George doted on her. He had always treated her as the most precious treasure in the world. If it was something Cherry wanted, he would do it, including even washing and cooking. He was willing to do the lowest job and the most menial tasks for her with a smile on his face.

No one could figure out why he loved her so much. A ruthless and fierce man like him, who was seen as a devil in his business circles, was willing to be her slave.

Cherry had ordinary looks. She didn't have perfect features or an extraordinary figure.

However, the rich and powerful young CEO, George, was smitten by Cherry. He didn't care about her appearances and pampered her boundlessly.

When she left him at the altar, he was infuriated. He launched a man-hunt for Cherry. He had the means to turn A City upside down in his quest to capture her.

Meanwhile, somewhere far away, a black figure was cowering and trembling in a dark corner.

A man approached this figure. He stared at it with his piercing black eyes.

"Cherry, today is your wedding day. It's a grand and unparalleled event. He loves you so much and always gives you the best. Why don't you go back to him? I think if you go back, he won't mind your disfigured appearance. He'll even forgive you for losing your virginity. He loves you so much that he won't mind. Don't you think so?"

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