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   Chapter 3 Old Times Cannot Come Back

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At that moment, everything went dark in front of George. He dashed towards the crowd.

He blocked out all the people and conversations around him, focusing solely on her.

He didn't even notice a man who was greeting him.

He just kept pushing through the crowd, frantically trying to reach her.

He only had one goal right now: to find her.

However, when he saw the woman, he was aghast. He stood there in a daze, not wanting to believe that the girl, who was lying in a pool of blood with a smile on her face, was his Dora.

She had lost so much blood. How could she still smile?

In the past, he always said she was stupid.

Now, she was lying at his feet in such a terrible state.

Everything ached inside him and his hands and feet trembled uncontrollably.

He told himself that it was a prank. She used to be naughty and wayward.

She must be making a fool of him again. It must be a game.

Did she do this to punish him for abandoning her? He had told her that she was a substitute and that he had never loved her.

But if he didn't love her, how could his heart ache so badly when he saw her lying in the blood?

"Stop laughing, stop laughing!" he screamed desperately, shocking the noisy crowd around him.

"Mr. Jin, I've called an ambulance, but I'm afraid that Mrs. Jin... " Douglas, the right-hand man of George, trailed off unable to continue speaking. His eyes, too, were red and swollen.

"Shut up!" roared George, who stood there motionless.

"I'm dying. Are you happy now? Geordie, my Geordie," bleated Dora. She didn't even ask George to hold her or save her.

George's face lost color. He suddenly squatted down, held Dora in his arms, and asked firmly, "What did you call me just now? Tell me!"

"Shh! Why are you so fierce? Geordie, I'm very tired. I want to sleep but I have to tell you a heartbreaking secret. I've regained my memories of my childhood. We have known each other for a long time. It's just that you don't recognize me and I don't remember you. Ha-ha! It's ridiculous. I just remembered everything. God really likes to play tricks on people.

Cherry must have had plastic surgery. Didn't she look exactly like me before? That's why you picked me as her substitute. I just remembered that she is my twin sister but she made me suffer so much," Dora explained weakly. She was holding on as though she didn't want to die yet.

She had some unfinished business to take care of. How cruel and vicious her sister was! She didn't know until now that she had been fooled by her twin all this while.

"No! How could this be? I have been wondering why she didn't call me Geordie. I thought she forgot about it. It turns out that she was never the one," murmured George, looking at Dora grief-stricken.

He stared at the thin and pale woman in front of him, cursing himself for what he had done to her.

Why did they end up like this? Why?

"Geordie, it's okay. You know it now. Ahhh, it hurts. Goodbye!" said Dora feebly. Her hand, which was caressing his cheek, fell to her side heavily.

She slowly closed her eyes and smiled. She looked angelic.

"Dora, Dora! You can't leave me. You can't..." howled George in pain, holding her body tight, unaffected by the blood that was all over her body.

He begged her to stay, to not leave him alone. He had a lot to say.

He always thought that they would be together forever. Even if they had a misunderstanding and separated for various reasons, a voice in his heart always said that they would reunite in the future.

Now, her voice was weak and the temperature of her body was slowly coming down.

Only then did it sink in that she would never come back to him.

When she was eight years old, her parents brought her to the Jin family. George had just lost his parents.

He was young and angry and didn't allow anyone to get close to him. He just sat there in a daze not eating or drinking.

Ignoring her parents' warning, she walked towards him slowly.

Staring at him with her crystal-clear eyes, she said, "Your parents would be very sad if they knew that you are sitting here like this. They would have hoped that you would take care of yourself. Why don't you fulfill their dreams and wishes? They are dead. If you remain like this, you will be unfilial and they will regret it even in their deaths."

Her words had the desired effect on him. He raised his head and stared at her. He was instantly attracted by her heart-warming smile.

He would never forget what the little girl had said to him that day.

Even though years had passed, her words, her smile, and her bright eyes had been engraved in his heart.

There was a terrible silence around. People looked sadly at the heartbreaking si

ght of the man holding the love of his life in his arms.

George looked so different right now from the arrogant, powerful man who gave hell to people and made them tremble in their shoes with just a stern look.

Suddenly, there was a loud gasp in the crowd.

Standing behind George, Douglas saw something and his face turned pale and anxious.

"Mr. Jin, why is there blood between Mrs. Jin's legs? Is she pregnant?" asked Douglas in a low voice.

George's guttural cry tore through the noisy street.

He had not cried since he was twelve years old. He thought he would never cry again as he had no more tears left.

Why was he feeling so helpless and regretful at this moment?

He held the woman, who was covered in blood, tightly in his arms, and yowled in grief.

No words could express the despair and suffocating pain in his heart.

What had he done? He forced her to commit suicide and killed his own child.

"I'm here to take Dora home. George, you have no right to stop me anymore," declared a man in a black suit, striding towards them. His face was also pale but his handsome eyes were shining.

There were different versions of what happened next.

They said that Dora was taken away by Rodney, the owner of Dragon Palace. He was the most mysterious man and kept a low profile.

People said that he loved Dora very much. "Dora, what hurts you hurts me as well. If you die, I'll die with you," he had proclaimed.

That day, a hundred people, all wearing black suits, armed with shotguns, had accompanied Rodney.

If George didn't cooperate, he would die.

Another story went that George disregarded Rodney's threat and disappeared with Dora in his arms. However, no one saw Dora ever since and no one knew whether she was dead or alive.

However, neither had a perfect ending and both stories were filled with sadness.

"If we knew the end of the story earlier, would you still waste your time on me? I want to think quietly.

One couldn't balance love and hatred.

I couldn't turn off my mind even after I turned off the light.

Every beat of my heart invited the suffering of love.

Every minute and every second, the fire was burning.

It would be so good to be burned to ashes.

I told myself never to miss you.

I believed I was going to

forgot you.

Reconciled with loneliness again, I couldn't get it and I wouldn't beg for it, I didn't need others to tell me what to do.

At the bottom of the sea, I could only rely on myself..."

The song "Suffering" was playing on a loop in a vintage courtyard.

A beautiful and gentle fifteen-year-old girl was sitting at a round table. Her fingers danced on the keyboard of her laptop from morning to noon.

A seventeen-year-old boy walked into the courtyard. He frowned at the young girl in the garden.

"Cathy, you're writing again. Isn't it meaningless to write these things every day?"

Hearing this, Cathy looked up at the young man and pouted slightly. "Why is it meaningless? These are all precious treasures. Andy, look, I will write a novel and tell everyone about their love."

Raising his eyebrows, the young man, called Andy, walked towards Cathy.

He gently caressed her hair and sighed, "But you are not in good health. It takes a lot of energy to write novels. Does your mother know about this?"

"Andy, please don't tell Mom, or she will be angry," begged Cathy, shaking her head.

"Well, okay. But you need to rest now. Okay?" Unable to resist the sparkle in Cathy's eyes, he relented.

Smiling brightly, Cathy pursed her lips and nodded.

Andy stared at Cathy with his deep eyes. Her beautiful smile dazzled him.

He would be willing to do anything for her as long as she smiled that way.

Cathy stood up, tugged Andy, and ran out.

The soft laughter and the exasperated sigh vanished.

As a gentle breeze blew across the yard, the words appeared on the screen of the computer.

Chapter X She wanted to ask, "Honey, you said I was a substitute. Then why did you call my name again and again in your dreams? Why did you stand in front of me when the enemy raised his knife to stab me? You said the most beautiful thing in the world was my eyes. You loved them so much. You protected me from hurt, fear, hatred and worries. Your love was so strong. Did I imagine it all or was it all fake? George, my George. The moon is warm and the night is cold. Just like your appearance and your heart.

Chapter 1 "Dora, your husband has run away. Why are you still giggling there?" A sharp voice came from outside as a girl kicked the door open in a hurry.

Wearing a white wedding dress and holding flowers in her hands, Dora slowly turned around and looked at the girl who kicked the door.

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