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   Chapter 2 It Seems Like Years Have Passed (Part Two)

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The seriousness in George Jin's eyes made her realize that everything was true. He was really in love with someone else.

And that too with her good friend, whom she had known not too long ago.

For a long time, her mind had been buzzing with thoughts as if she were recalling everything in the past.

"Why?" she asked weakly.

"So, you finally asked this question? Come with me," said George Jin, shooting her a derisive glance. Then he walked back into the building with Cherry Lu in his arm.

Gritting her teeth, Dora Yin tried to stand up but she was in so much pain that she was unable to.

Suddenly, a big hand held her arm and pulled her up firmly.

Dora Yin turned around and saw the man, who had been silently watching everything the whole time. She broke out in a cold sweat.

Every time she saw him, she felt a little scared even though he had always been good to her.

Shrugging off his hand, she limped onward and turned slightly. "Thank you," she muttered.

Then without turning back to look at him, she quickly followed George Jin on unsteady feet.

The man pursed his lips slightly and looked at the girl hobbling away. Anger flashed in his eyes and he clenched his fists. He did not follow her in and instead walked away in the opposite direction.

Suddenly, a roar erupted from the office on the sixty-sixth floor, breaking the silence in the room.

"No! George, tell me what you said is not true! You are lying to me. You are lying to me," cried Dora Yin helplessly. What he just told her came as a shock to her.

She shed bitter tears at the irony of it!

"You said I was a substitute for Cherry. Then why does she look different from me? If we are different, how can I be her substitute?" she asked, trying in vain to reason with him. She couldn't accept this fact. Did it mean that George Jin had never loved her?

All the gentleness, all the love, and all the tenderness was for Cherry Lu all along.

"That doesn't matter. You just need to understand that we have nothing to do with each other anymore. Sign your name and don't show me your face again," he commanded. The man finally let go of Cherry Lu, who was stuck to him like a leech, and walked to the desk. He picked up the contract from the table and a pen.

Walking slowly towards Dora Yin, he looked handsome but dangerous. There was no warmth on his face or in his heart at this moment.

He was like Satan from hell.

With every step he took, she felt like he was stomping on her heart.

She shook her head refusing to accept what was happening and kept stepping backward, trying to escape the soul-crushing eventuality that was to befall her.

Finally, she hit a wall, literally and figuratively.

She placed a quivering hand on her belly protectively without noticing this unconscious action of hers.

"Sign it. Let's part on friendly terms. Be thankful that I have at least left you a considerable alimony. You will live a comfortable life in the future," he said without feeling.

To an outsider, they would seem like strangers. It felt so weird that once upon a time, they had been together day and night.

"Honey, you said I was a substitute. Then why did you call my name again and again in your dreams? Why did you stand in front of me when the enemy raised his knife to stab me? You said the most beautiful thing in the world was my eyes. You loved them so much. You protected me from hurt, fear, hatred and worries. Your love was so strong. Did I imagine it all or was it all fake?" she demanded.

George Jin's cold eyes twinkled. Looking at her sparkling eyes, he paused momentarily.

The woman behind him grabbed his arm and said gently, "George, if you are in a dilemma and you don't want to leave her, it's all right. Anyway, I have gone through so much to be with you. If you change your mind, it will be one more thing I will endure. I have been to hell and back to get back to you, but I will let you go if you don't love me," said Cherry Lu with crocodile tears glistening in her eyes.

George Jin immediately turned around and held her tightly in her arms. "I'm sorry, Cherry. I won't let you suffer anymore. I won't," he said resolutely.

"But what about Dora?" she asked, glancing at Dora Yin, who was ashen by now.

George Jin caressed her and declared, "This time, no one or nothing can stop us from being together."

"Huh!" Dora Yin sneered resentfully. It was ridiculous, wasn't it? But why couldn't she laugh? Why did she cry more and more instead?

'Dora Yin, you have never been a weeper. You had suffered so much in the past with a smile on your face. Why are you so vulnerable now?

Did you get defeated by a man?

Or did you suddenly lose your dignity when you heard them? You have become a sad spectator of their love, ' she chided herself mentally.

"I won't sign it. I won't agree to divorce. You don't think anyone or anything can stop you, right? Well, I will be the one to stop you!" she announced fiercely. She had always been afraid of defying George Jin. She never dared to disobey him. But now she had lost all hope and desperately wanted to die.

If she didn't fear death, why should she be scared of him?

George Jin let go of Cherry Lu and squinted at Dora Yin menacingly.

He grabbed Dora Yin by the neck and slowly increased the pressure.

"Okay. Don't sign it. Just go to hell. I hate you with every fiber of my being," he growled.

She stopped breathing and his handsome face became blurry.

"George, my George. The moon is warm and the night is cold. Just like your appearance and your heart. I know you don't love me anymore, but I really miss my George, who will never come back. A few days ago, he kissed me on the cheek and told me that he was the luckiest man to have met me. It turns out that it was not luck, but a catastrophe. A disastrous moment that has ruined my life. But I don't regret it. Even though I have been betrayed before by Ernest, I was not as desperate as I am now. But it will all be over if I die. So, if you want to kill me, go ahead.

I know that killing me is as easy for you as crushing an ant," said Dora Yin, goading him. She closed her eyes and her body trembled, as tears streaming down her cheeks.

However, she was not as brave as she sounded. She was afraid of death.

But she still wanted to die.

Her tears drenched the back of his big hand. He felt as if his heart was burning and suffocating him.

Loosening his grip on her neck, he stared blankly at her pitiful face.

Dora Yin grabbed the opportunity and ran to the elevator. Just as the doors started closing, she said, "George, I'm not afraid of you. I don't want to escape. I know now that you want to see me dead, but you don't need to do it on your own. I think you will feel guilty if you kill me. And if you feel guilty all your life, how can you be happy? I don't want to divorce you. I will be your wife till I die, George Jin." The doors closed and her voice faded away.

George Jin stared mutely at the elevator doors for a long time before coming back to his senses when Cherry Lu tugged his sleeve.

"George, what does she mean? Will she really kill herself?"

"No. No..." George Jin roared, shaking off Cherry Lu, and dashing into another elevator.

Seeing this, the tenderness on her face disappeared and a sinister look took over her eyes.

She steadied herself with a wicked grin and walked to the window. She looked down at the street below. Good. It was the rush hour. As long as Dora Yin ran towards the traffic, no one could ascertain whether her death was a murder or a car accident.

"Go to hell, Dora!" she screamed spitefully.

Gone was her kind, caring persona.

A malicious expression slowly crept on to her face.

Below on the street, what was destined to happen happened.

Stumbling out of the elevator, George ran out of the building. His eyes anxiously darted in every direction looking for Dora Yin.

But he didn't see her.

Bang! There was a loud noise and a crowd quickly gathered in the middle of the road.

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