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   Chapter 28 Promise

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"Directors, don't worry. I will solve this matter in three days." Ron looked at the group of men expressionlessly. He had long wanted to clean up this group of man, hoping that they could still smile three days later.

"Three days? Mr. Ron, the matter is so serious now. Do you really think you can handle it? " The man said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, as if he was trying to find fault with Ron.

Ron glanced at the famous brands in front of his table and thought, "Darrell Yuan, right? He would keep that in mind.

"Yes, Mr. Ron! Are you sure within three days? ! If it wasn't settled... We can't do it either. " Seeing that Ron didn't make a sound, another middle-aged man gathered his courage and echoed.

Ron didn't say anything. The discussion became louder and louder, and the directors were whispering to each other. Ron looked at them and thought of something.

His slender fingers slowly tapped on the table, and the huge conference room instantly became quiet.

"If I can't handle it in three days, I will resign from the position of president. If I can solve it, please pray for yourself. " Looking at the provocative look on Darrell's face, Ron ignored him, turned around and left.

The group of old men off the stage were somewhat intimidated by the aura of Ron, and for a moment, the meeting room was noisy again.

It seemed that Ron was sure. The board members couldn't choose who they supported now. After all, their interests had more than doubled since Ron became the president.

However, as a young man, it was inevitable that sometimes Ron's vigorous and resolute means could make them embarrassed.

With a loud bang, the meeting room became quiet again. This time, it was Darrell who made a noise.

Darrell was the son of Mr. Yuan. It was said that Mr. Yuan was sick and his son attended the meeting on his behalf.

Darrell didn't have a good reputation in the past few years. He was irritable and caused a woman's death.

Seeing that many directors who had just wanted to dismiss Ron wanted to stand up for him, Darrell was so angry that he kicked the chair hard.

As soon as he thought of the disdainful look on Ron's face just now, he was so irritable that he wanted to kill Ron.

The other directors looked at Darrel as if he was a fool. They guessed that the good days of the Yuan family would come to an end.

Eva had confirmed that the J Group's medicine was indeed poisonous, but she still believed in Ron. She suddenly had a bold guess.

When Ron was dealing with the documents, his phone rang, and the screen showed the word 'honey'.

As soon as Ron picked up the phone, he heard the anxious voice of Eva.

"Ron, bring me the factory sample of the medicine in your company when you get off work."

His wife's concern for him made him feel good. Thinking that she had worked late for him before, he felt so happy.

"Okay. What would you like for dinner?" After Ron promised to take the sample back, he asked Eva what she would like to eat for dinner.

"No matter what Mom cook, it tastes good." The dishes cooked by Lauren were really delicious. Eva couldn't think of anything for a while.

"I'll take you out for dinner."

"What?" Eva didn't know why Ron insisted on taking her out for dinner.

"Then let's eat hot pot."

The two chatted for a few minutes and then went back to their own business.

In the evenin

g, Ron took Eva to a very popular hotpot restaurant. They couldn't have a table without reservation.

After Ron entered the restaurant, someone came out to welcome him and took them into the private room.

Eva knew that this hotpot restaurant was already a very famous chain enterprise, and she had heard of its boss. It only took the boss more than a year to open more than 10 chain stores, which showed the boss' business wisdom.

"Why do you want to come out for dinner today? By the way, have you brought back the sample? "

"The medicine is in the car. Mom is not at home today. We can handle the dinner by ourselves. " At home, Lauren sneezed.

The atmosphere at the table gradually became awkward. Ron had been staring at her, and she didn't know what to say.

There was a knock on the door.

The person who came in with the dishes was not like the staff here. She had ever seen a man with a suit worth tens of thousands of dollars to serve the dishes here.

"Ron, take your wife here for dinner!" The young man said first.

"Yeah." Except for his family and Eva, Ron had always been cold to others.

"This is my love, Eva." When Ron said this, his expression was soft and his tone was gentle.

After nodding to the man, Eva heard the introduction of Ron.

"Jonas, he is also the owner of this restaurant." Ron introduced Jonas in a flat tone.

Jonas felt embarrassed.

From the indifferent attitude of Ron to Jonas, but Jonas didn't show any dissatisfaction. She could see that the two of them had a good relationship.

Jonas had planned to check the work of the employees in the restaurant today, and happened to see that Ron entered the private room with a girl hand in hand.

He smelled gossip instantly and walked into the private room with the dishes. From the observation after entering the door, it could be seen that Ron treated the girl specially. Ron was not interested in women at college! Jonas was very curious about what kind of girl had stolen Ron's heart.

"Have you had dinner? It's time for dinner. Let's have dinner together! " Eva invited.

"No, thanks, Eva. I've already had dinner before I came. I'm here to say hello to Ron!" He didn't dare to stay for dinner after he received the sharp eyes of Ron. He'd better prepare to run away.

After chatting with Eva for a while, Jonas said in a low voice, "By the way, Eva, Ron has a stomachache and can't eat spicy food."

He winked at Eva and then ran away. Eva blushed.

"What did he say to you?" At this time, Ron was in a very bad mood. He just watched the two people chatting and couldn't get in the conversation. Now, what did the gut say to make his wife blush?

"I want to eat the pot which is not spicy." Looking at the red hot pot, Eva felt a little embarrassed.

Ron understood that she knew he couldn't eat spicy food. For his sake, she even said she wanted to eat another pot, which made him a little proud. So he ordered another clear pot.

Jonas called his friends out for drinking and gossiping.

"You know what? Ron has a wife. " Jonas looked forward to seeing other brothers surprised.

"What? Really? Does Ron really have a wife? " The guys looked at Jonas excitedly, waiting for his answer.

"Maybe he is just kidding us!" A tall man sat on the sofa and shook his glass.

"I'm serious." Jonas shouted. Humph! He was so angry that no one believed him.

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