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   Chapter 26 Misunderstanding

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It was time to get off work. As soon as Eva walked out of the police station, she was shined by the sunlight outside, trying to look around to adapt to the light. It was a sunny day today. Eva's tiredness was swept away after she breathed the fresh air. She suddenly felt dizzy and heard hurried footsteps behind her. Eva looked up and found that it was Jaden who held her.

"Captain Jaden, are you looking for me?" Eva looked at Jaden in confusion.

Jaden didn't know what was wrong with him. When he was working, he saw Eva walking out with a pale face. He was worried about her, so he followed her out and saw her slightly shaking.

"What's wrong with you?" Jaden didn't answer her, but asked her with concern.

"Nothing. I just haven't had a good rest these two days." Answered Eva, rubbing her forehead.

"Pay more attention to your rest recently. You can leave the work to Hilary. If you get sick, the loss in the police will be greater." Jaden said in a serious tone. He felt a little distressed to see her work so hard. He couldn't understand why she worked so hard?

"Thank you, Captain Jaden. I'll take care of myself."

"You've been working hard recently. I'll treat you to dinner tomorrow evening!" This was his temporary dinner, because he found that he seemed to have nothing to do with Eva except for work.

"Okay, as long as you won't work too late tomorrow." Eva teased him with a smile.

At this time, Jaden reached out his hand to touch her hair. His expression was unusually serious, which confused her. She wanted to avoid contact, but was stopped by this man.

"Don't move. There is something on your head." As Jaden spoke, he took a bug off her hair and smiled.

Realizing the misunderstanding, Eva blushed and nodded to express her thanks. The two smiled at each other.

At this time, a black car was parked on the roadside hundreds of meters away. The air in the car was very cold. Sean wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and looked in the direction of his boss' gaze. He was so frightened that he took a deep breath and almost fainted.

Who was the handsome man beside Mrs. Eva? What was wrong with the two of them?

Did boss see that? He hesitated whether he should tell the boss that the destination had arrived, but before he could come up with a result, he heard the cold voice of the boss.

"Go back to the company." Sean immediately executed the order of Ron, not daring to look at Ron.

At this moment, there was no emotion on Ron's face, but there was a little danger in his eyes. No one knew how angry he was now.

He had been absent-minded the whole day. He had been looking at his cell phone all the time. Today he even got off work ahead of time. He wanted to wait for her before she got off work. But what did he see? He saw Eva chatting with a man, talking and laughing. What pissed him off most was that the man touched her hair and she didn't dodge.

A fool who had never been in love went back to the company in anger and forced himself to calm down by working overtime.

When Eva returned home, she didn't see Ron, so she thought Ron worked overtime tonight. Without thinking too much, she lay on the bed for a while and felt sleepy.

Ron was having a hard time. Didn't she ask him why he didn't come home so late? Didn't she have his phone number?

But she should be asleep at this time, so he didn't want to disturb her. He searched for

Eva's WeChat through his mobile phone number, and after he clicked the add button, it was not passed for a long time. He comforted himself that Eva should be asleep, and she would pass tomorrow.

After thinking it through, he was in a better mood, so he dealt with some work.

On the second day, when Eva saw the friend application on WeChat, the profile picture was blank, and the name was Ron. She guessed that it must be Ron, so she edited and sent it, the content was: Ron?

Ron replied yes. Eva curled her lips. Normally, they wouldn't continue to talk in this kind of situation, so Eva didn't reply to him.

A busy day always passed quickly. When Eva returned home after work, she still didn't see Ron. Today, the dinner that Captain Jaden had booked was cancelled temporarily. The murderer they had been looking for finally had the clues. They went to arrest him.

It was so quiet in the room that Eva couldn't fall asleep. She had gradually been used to the existence of Ron. Now that he was not by her side, she was a little disappointed. She looked at the ceiling blankly, and gradually lost her consciousness. She fell asleep...

"Beep!" As soon as she changed her work clothes, she heard the sound of messages from her mobile phone.

She was attracted by the title "J Group" and read it patiently. The stock of J Group continued to fall a lot, especially under the attack of the Internet. There were also comments saying that they were going to ambush the boss of J Group and wanted to kill Ron. The more she read, the more shocked she became. When she came to her senses, she had already dialed a phone number.

"Are you okay? I just saw the news. " It could be heard from Eva's tone that she was worried.

"I'm fine."

"My recent work is about this. I will try my best to help you."

"Thank you. I don't need your help." Ron's voice was still cold.

No matter how obtuse Eva was, she could feel the change of Ron. She couldn't figure out what she had provoked him. She had planned to discuss with him how to deal with this matter, but she was so angry that she hung up the phone. She ignored the sadness in her heart and decided to never care about it again. He would do whatever he liked!

The phone call made Eva in a bad mood all the time. She was absent-minded at work. Anyone could see that her mind was not here today.

"Eva, come out." Jaden suddenly said.

The two of them stayed at the roadside for a while and didn't notice that there was someone in the black car next to them.

"You're not in a good mood today. Pack your things and I'll drive you home. I'll give you a day off today. "

"No, thanks, Captain Jaden. I'll get back to work as soon as possible. Thank you." Eva refused and returned to the police station. Jaden stared at her back blankly...

Forgive her. She was really in no mood to speak, and she was very upset. As for why she was so irritable, she attributed it to Ron.

In the black car, as expected, Ron was sitting there. He had been very angry for the past two days, and he hoped that Eva could coax him. He was surprised that she took the initiative to call him today, but when he remembered the scene that the man touched her hair, he deliberately replied in a cold tone.

After hanging up the phone, he regretted, but he was too embarrassed to call back, so he got off work early and waited for her in front of the police station.

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