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   Chapter 25 Being Found

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"I've already asked for leave for you." It seemed that Ron had just woken up. Looking at the puzzled look in Eva's eyes, Ron explained, "You have been too tired recently and need a day off. I have already asked for a leave from your captain."

Eva was slightly stunned and suddenly felt a headache. It was busy now. She wished she could work every day. If she asked for leave now, everyone would be in a mess.

Thinking of this, Eva decided to go back to work.

"Thank you, but I have very important work to do today." Eva looked at him firmly.

"Well, if you can't hold on any longer, remember to call me and I'll pick you up." Ron wanted to persuade her to have a rest, but when he saw the firm look in Eva's eyes, he compromised and chose to ignore the little unhappiness in his heart.

Eva smiled at Ron and thanked him for his understanding. She turned around and went to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. She didn't know how sweet her smile was, but Ron was flipped...

As soon as Eva entered the office and sat down for a while, she saw Jaden who was in a hurry. He looked a little tired. It seemed that he didn't sleep well yesterday.

"What's wrong, Captain Jaden?"

"Didn't you ask for leave today?" At this time, Jaden had stood in front of Eva's desk, and beside Eva, Hilary was cleaning up the table. Her ears were indeed pricked up, for fear of missing any wonderful gossip.

Eva was thinking about lying to others that Ron asked for leave for her. But Jaden asked another question.

"Are you okay? ... It was a man who helped you ask for leave last night. What happened? " He said this in a low voice, afraid of being heard by the people around him. He was not suitable to question Eva who the man was, so he could only ask her in a low voice.

"He is my cousin. He has something to deal with in H Country recently and lives in my home. He picked me up after work yesterday. I happened to fall asleep in the car. He saw that I was too tired, so he used my phone to help me ask for leave."

Eva admired her ability to lie more and more. Could she be so calm now? Not wanting Jaden to think more, she added, "I didn't know him to ask for leave until I woke up this morning. But I directly came to work. The police station is short of hands now, and I can't leave my work."

Knowing that the man was Eva's cousin, Jaden was relieved. Although he still felt something wrong, he didn't want to think about it anymore. Now that Eva said he was her cousin, then he must be. There was no need for Eva to lie to him. The two chatted for a while, and then Jaden began to work.

Hearing the conversation between Eva and Jaden, Hilary kept silent. As soon as Jaden left, she approached Eva with a smile.

"Eva, who is that man! He must not be your cousin, right? " Hilary stuck out her tongue and looked a little naughty. She didn't feel guilty about her eavesdropping.

The man must have a very close relationship with Eva since he could unlock Eva's phone. How could a cousin, who had just been here for less than two days, know about it and accurately call Jaden to ask for leave. She suddenly thought of the luxury car that picked up Eva from work that day, and her eyes became unclear.

"You heard it. He is my cousin!" Eva refused to admit it. She pretended to be very busy and focused on the report in her hand, fearing that the smart girl would find out something, so she didn't see the change of


"Eva, just tell me the truth. I won't tell anyone else!" Back to her usual carefree manner, Hilary pestered Eva and didn't intend to let her go.

Although Jaden was easy to be cheated, it didn't mean that she was so easy to be cheated. A man called specially to ask for leave. How could he just be her cousin?

The more Hilary thought about it, the more suspicious she became. She took two steps forward and asked curiously.

Eva remembered that when she was just betrayed by William and Rosy, Hilary was standing beside her, and when Rosy came to the police station to make trouble and asked for the bracelet, Hilary was also standing beside her.

She had always been a softhearted person. After getting along with Hilary for a long time, she was more like her sister. She also felt that she shouldn't hide anything from Hilary, so she told her something.

"Hilary, I'm married."

With her eyes wide open, Hilary looked frightened.

"He is very kind to me, making me feel the warmth of home. It was him who helped me ask for leave last night. " Eva continued.

"Then who is he? How long have you known each other? " Hilary didn't realize that she had crossed the line. Seeing the change of Eva's expression, Hilary realized that her question was stupid. If Eva wanted to say it, she would have said it earlier.

Eva didn't answer her, nor did Hilary ask more questions. At noon, Hilary happily took Eva to have lunch, and during lunch, she kept talking about the gossip about J Group.

Eva listened to them silently. The general content was that the stock price of J Group had fallen seriously, and the hot search on the micro-blog would last long. The Internet public opinion was attacking J Group, saying in order to raise interests, J Group had done fake medicine to harm people. The more Eva listened, the less appetite she had. The food on her plate was still untouched.

In the afternoon, Eva went straight to the autopsy room and re examined the corpse. The previous report only marked drug poisoning, so she needed to find more specific things. After entering the autopsy room, Eva looked at the rows of cold corpses. She skillfully picked up the scalpel, and the cold blade cut inch of skin. Looking at the corpse's skin open and flesh split, she was still calm.

Since she had chosen this industry, she had made up her mind to deal with cold corpses every day. Sometimes corpses were the most honest. With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Eva took out the gastric juice from the dead's stomach, and her forehead was full of sweat.

"Eva, how's it going?" Hilary walked quickly to her and wiped her sweat.

"It has been extracted. We don't know the result yet." Eva handed the gastric juice to Hilary.

"Hilary, send this to the laboratory for inspection as soon as possible. Remember to be careful."

"Got it!" Hilary answered with a smile and then turned to the laboratory.

After changing her clothes, Eva also went to the laboratory. When she saw that Hilary gave the gastric juice to Mr. Albert, she walked quickly to the side of Hilary.

"Mr. Albert, the gastric lavage is very urgent. Please help me test it as soon as possible." Mr. Albert was the senior chief of the laboratory department. He had been doing the test in the police station for more than 10 years. Eva respected him very much.

"Okay, I'll inform you as soon as the result comes out." Mr. Albert nodded with a smile.

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