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   Chapter 24 Work Overnight

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In the car, Eva asked Sean, "Has Ron been busy with that matter recently?"

"Yes, boss has been in a meeting in the company recently, and sometimes he doesn't even have time to eat," answered Sean after thinking for a while.

Eva understood what Sean meant. Suddenly, she felt warm in her heart. He was so busy every day that he forgot to eat, but did not forget to remind her to eat. Eva felt that she must do something for Ron. She not only had to remind him to eat every day, but also had to sort out the corpse examination report as soon as possible.

On the second day, Eva stayed in the autopsy room for another day. In the middle of the day, she received a message from Ron reminding her to eat and replying that he should also eat on time. She received a call from Ron when it was time to get off work.

"Eva, I have to work overtime in the company these two days, so I won't go back. I'll ask Sean to pick you up on time these two days." Ron tapped the table gently with his finger.

Then Eva refused, "No. I have to work overtime recently. There is another room in the police station, so I can live here. I have to go now." Then Eva hung up the phone in a hurry. She knew that if she didn't hang up the phone, Ron must let Sean continue to pick her up.

Ron shook his head helplessly. How cute she was! He didn't look tired at all. During today's meeting, Ron smiled all the time, which was totally different from the atmosphere a few days ago. All the directors were secretly relieved.

In the next two days, both Ron and Eva lived in the company. Of course, the two of them texted messages each other every day. However, Eva didn't sleep for the past two days. She stayed up two whole nights and finally sorted out the corpse examination reports. There were dark circles round her eyes. Jaden and Hilary, who came to the police station one after another, were shocked to see Eva with dark circles under her eyes.

"Eva, didn't you go back yesterday? Work another night? " Hilary had never seen Eva working so hard in a previous case.

"You have never worked so hard before. What's wrong with you?" Without waiting for Eva's reply, Jaden asked what Hilary wanted to ask, but there was a hint of worry in his tone.

"No... I just want to help you find out the truth as soon as possible. " Eva became more and more unconfident in speaking. But she looked very haggard. After all, she didn't sleep for two nights. After work, she felt dizzy and staggered. Fortunately, Jaden held her in time.

As if thinking of something, Hilary said with a smile, "This time it's about Rosy's eldest cousin, the CEO of J Group, Eva. Are you interested in Mr. Ron?" There was a weird smile on Hilary's face. She thought of the case about Ron last time, and Eva was also weird. She felt that there was a connection between Eva and Ron, but she didn't know what it was.

The way Jaden looked at Eva also became strange, and no one knew what he was thinking about. Of course, Eva didn't want to admit it. If they knew her relationship with Ron, first of all, she couldn't get involved in this case. Second, she had a cooperative relation

ship with Ron. Without his permission, she wouldn't expose the relationship between the two.

This topic was over in this way. Jaden would give a day off to Eva and let her have a rest. Eva refused.

She planned to go home and have a good sleep tonight and come to work tomorrow.

When she got off work, her phone rang. It was Ron.

"Are you off duty? I'll wait for you at the door. " The voice of Ron came through the phone.

"I'll be there soon. I'll get off work after packing up." However, Eva didn't come out at once. She didn't come out until others had almost left. After what had happened this morning, she decided to be more careful.

Noticing at a glance that Eva didn't have a good rest, Ron frowned and said in a bad tone, "Haven't you had a good rest these two days?"

"I want to help you find out the specific cause of those dead people's death." Said Eva flatly.

Hearing this, Ron frowned more tightly. It turned out that it was because of him that she didn't sleep well. After a moment, he regained his composure. He fastened the seat belt for Eva and said gently, "You can sleep for a while. I'll call you when we arrive home."

The car was driving steadily. It took them an hour to get home.

When the car stopped in front of the gate, Eva didn't wake up either. With great care, Ron unfastened the seat belt and picked her up from the car. Feeling her weight, he decided to fatten her up in a month.

When they entered the room, Lauren came to greet them. Ron said first, "She has been too tired from work recently. She is just asleep. Don't worry."

Lauren nodded and went back to her room. Looking at Eva who was sleeping soundly on the bed, Ron felt very sorry for her. His eyes were shining as if he had made a decision. Yes, looking at Eva's dark circles, he decided to end it as soon as possible.

Ron found Jaden's phone number in Eva's phone and called him.

"Hello?" Jaden wondered why Eva called him so late.

"Hello, Eva needs a rest now. Give her a day off tomorrow." Ron came straight to the point.

Jaden was confused Wait a minute. Eva called him at this late hour. But it was a man who helped her ask for leave. So he questioned loudly, "Who are you? Where is Eva? Why are you holding Eva's phone? "

Hearing Jaden's calling "Eva", an inexplicable anger rose in Ron's heart.

"Eva is sleeping next to me. What do you think?" Ron hung up the phone and walked to the bathroom happily. Jaden obviously couldn't fall asleep tonight. He kept thinking who the man was. He knew Eva's ex-boyfriend. It was said that he cheated on Eva and was with Rosy. Then who was this man? If it couldn't be William, then who could it be? ……

The alarm clock rang. Eva had a good sleep and felt a little heavy in her chest. She looked down and saw a man's arm. Looking up along the arm, she saw a handsome face. Eva's brain went blank. After ten seconds, she came to her senses, gently picked up his arms on her chest and slowly sat up. With her clothes still on, she breathed a sigh of relief and carefully got out of bed. As soon as her feet touched the ground, a sound came from behind her.

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