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   Chapter 23 Ron's Father

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"Hello, Captain Jaden..." Jaden interrupted Eva before she could finish her words.

"Eva, let me make a long story short. Recently, a group of people have died one after another. Their only connection is that they all have bought the medicine of J Group before they died. Your holiday will be replenished later. You must come to work tomorrow." When Eva heard the name of J Group, she was shocked. She didn't believe that Ron would sell bad medicine to harm people. She wanted to ask Captain Jaden clearly, but she vaguely heard someone calling Captain Jaden on the phone. Knowing that it was not convenient to ask him on the phone, she was about to end the topic.

"Captain Jaden, I will be on duty tomorrow. You can go ahead with your work." Jaden said yes and hung up the phone.

What Ron got was that the situation had expanded and affected other shareholders. The stock fell, and the police would occasionally come to search. Everyone in the group was panic and urgently needed him to go back to take care of it. He thought for a while and saw Eva walking towards him. It could be seen from her expression that she was worried at the moment.

"Let's go back today. I have some work to deal with in the police station." Eva didn't mention J Group's medicine to him. He must have known the situation just now. She was really worried and wanted to go back to the police station to investigate and help him as soon as possible.

"Okay." Ron didn't say it out. He liked the care of his little wife very much. He felt warm in his heart. After replying, he changed the ticket to the nearest flight.

On the second day, Eva began to work very early. Except for the time for lunch, she was analyzing the corpses all day long. It took about 5-6 hours for a person's corpse analysis report. After a busy day, Eva only made two corpse reports. The cause of the dead was the same, both of them died of drug poison. She still believed in Ron. Thinking of him, she found herself so busy that she forgot the time. She found a missed call and dialed it.

"Eva, I've been waiting for you at the gate of the police station for a long time." There was a little grievance in Ron's tone

"Okay, I'll be right out." Eva replied with a smile

As soon as Eva entered the room, she heard the laughter of Lauren, and occasionally came the voice of a strange man. Eva looked at Ron in confusion.

"Dad came back from Africa today. Don't worry." Ron whispered in Eva's ear, and Eva nodded.

As soon as Ron finished speaking, a gentle voice came from afar, "Eva is back. Go to have a rest. It's time for dinner." Following the direction of the voice, Eva saw a gentle woman walking towards them, followed by a tall man who was somewhat similar to Ron. She immediately knew who he was.

"Okay, Mom." Eva replied Lauren with a smile. Then she looked up at Jimmy and nodded slightly, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Jimmy. My name is Eva, and I'm Ron's wife."

"Hello." With admiration in his eyes, Jimmy thought that this girl was graceful, cultivated and loved by his wife. Of course, it was the most important thing for his wife to like her. Then he said to Ron, "You go upstairs and have a rest. Come down when the dinner is ready."

"Yes, Daddy." Then Ron took Eva's hand and went upstairs. In fact, Eva was a little nervous. She had read the novels about rich families. The parents of the hero were both girls from families of equal social rank. After get

ting along with Ron's family for a period of time and feeling the warmth of home, she was afraid that Ron's father did not like her. After all, if his father did not like her, it would also affect Lauren and his grandfather. Fortunately, Jimmy was a good man, so Eva was finally relieved.

After having a rest, they went downstairs. Eva went into the kitchen to help Lauren, while Ron watched his father and grandfather play chess. However, his grandfather couldn't defeat his father, so grandfather always acted shamelessly. About ten minutes later, the dinner began. Most of the time, Lauren was talking. Occasionally, Jimmy was talking, while the voice of grandpa was bickering. Occasionally, Ron would pick up food for Lu Eva. Only Ron and Eva were eating quietly at the table. Everyone was happy, as if nothing had happened to the medicine of J Group. After dinner, Eva was going to wash the dishes. Lauren wanted to stop her, but when she saw that her son also began to pick up the bowls and chopsticks, she didn't care about it anymore. She pulled Jimmy back to her room, leaving the two people alone.

"Are you okay?" Ron broke the silence and asked.

"Grandpa and Lauren are very good, and so are Jimmy. Thank you." After saying how nice Lauren and Grandpa were, Eva also mentioned Jimmy. Thank Ron for letting her feel the warmth of home. He helped her when she was in trouble and made her feel cared.

Without saying anything, Ron looked at the back of Eva more and more gently.

"You can go upstairs first. I have something to talk with my father." After the two washed the dishes, Ron asked Eva to go back to her room first. Suddenly, something occurred to Ron and reminded her, "Go to bed early." ....

Eva looked at Ron downstairs, nodded, opened the door and went in. A few seconds later, the door opened again, and he heard her voice, "You too." Then the door was slammed shut. On the other side of the door, Eva was leaning against the door, with her hand covering her heart and feeling her own heartbeat. She blushed. Oh my God! What was she doing? Why did her brain and body seem to be out of control just now? She decided to read "Criminal Psychology" to calm down.

In the study, Jimmy had been waiting for his son for a long time. Seeing his son come in with a happy face, and thinking of his hard life a few days ago, he suddenly felt that his son was somewhat annoying. Jimmy became serious and asked, "What happened to J Group recently?" His expression was a little serious, but there was no sign of blame.

"There are some hidden traitors in the company who have tampered with the medicine. The staff in the company are being reorganized. Now we are waiting for the fish to take the bait." With an indifferent look on Ron's face, he said as if it was not a problem of his own company.

"Then I won't ask more about it." Jimmy suddenly became a little embarrassed. He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, "You... Let your mother have a grandson as soon as possible. " Then he ignored Ron and walked out of the study arrogantly.

Ron who was with the slightly stunned expression stood still. He couldn't help smiling and thought, "It seems that I have to work hard."

In the next few days, Ron was very busy. He went out early and came back late. Every day, he still reminded Eva to have meals on time. In the evening, the person who picked Eva up was the assistant of Ron, Sean Ye.

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