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   Chapter 22 A Wish

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Looking at the man's receding figure, Eva suddenly reacted and quickly caught up with him. The hot weather made them uncomfortable. Seeing the hotel gradually, she was finally relieved.

When they entered the lobby of the hotel, a gust of cold air came from the hall and they seemed to come back to life. The room was also booked by Lauren in advance. Since Ron didn't want to embarrass Eva, he proposed to change it to a double bed.

When the receptionist saw the note of the reservation, she smiled and said, "Sir, Ms. Lauren has told us that if this room needs to be changed or cancelled, we need to contact Ms. Lauren before we change or cancel the reservation for you."

"No, that's it. Help us check in as soon as possible." Eva held Ron's hand in a hurry. She didn't want Lauren to worry about them.

After entering the room, Ron went straight to the bathroom. He said to Eva before entering.

"I'm going to take a shower. You can have a rest first. Don't stand in front of the air conditioner. It's easy to catch a cold."

Eva was stunned for a while and then smiled, "How could he be so cute..." It turned out that it was not that Ron didn't feel hot in his suit, but that he left so hot that he quickly took off and even plunged into the bathroom when he arrived at the room.

"Beep, beep, beep..." Suddenly, the phone rang. It was Ron's phone. It was from Lauren. Eva answered the phone.

"Hey, son! Why don't you answer the video? Grandpa and I miss you. We want to see you! How's your trip there? Take care of yourself... " Seeing that the phone was connected, Lauren said a lot of concern words in a hurry, and grandpa's voice could be heard on the phone.

About several minutes later, Eva said, "Mom, I'm Eva. Ron is taking a shower. We just arrived at the hotel. Don't worry. We have a good time."

"It's Eva. Grandpa and I miss you so much. I'm sending you a video chat now. Answer it quickly." Then Lauren hung up the phone, leaving no chance for Eva to refuse. She and grandfather had something very important to tell the young couple. They had to communicate through video to show the importance of this matter.

The video came soon. Seeing Lauren and grandfather's two heads squeezing together, Eva couldn't help laughing. These two elders were like two children, very approachable and cute. Were the members of Jiang family all cute?

Soon a voice came from the other end of the phone, "Eva, Grandpa asked you two to make a great grandson for him as soon as possible." Eva instantly flushed. Before she could reply, she heard her grandfather say, "When did I say? You said you wanted them to have a grandson to play with you as soon as possible!" Then Eva heard Lauren coaxing grandfather in a low voice, and soon the two of them united again.

"Eva and I are working on it." All of a sudden, the face of Ron appeared on the screen. His hair was still wet and he was wearing a bathrobe. Seeing her son like this, Lauren didn't want to disturb the two of them anymore. She hung up the video soon, thinking that her beloved grandson would come soon.

At this time, Eva's mind was in mess. She felt that Ron was really against the rules. He even used

a honey trap to her and even used his voice to bewitch her ears. The two were partners. What if she really fell in love with him? So she couldn't fall into his trap. When she thought it through, she looked at him angrily, snorted, took her clothes and went into the bathroom.

Looking at her angry expression, Ron laughed and felt she was so cute. Her angry expression looked like a dolphin. Feeling that the room was a little cold, Ron turned the temperature up a little with the remote control on the table. Sure enough, she didn't listen to him and turned the temperature down so low.

Half an hour later, Eva walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing a very conservative and lovely Pajama, which was sky blue with a few clouds on it. She didn't wear the bathrobe prepared by the hotel, not worrying that Ron would do something to her. After getting along with him these days, she believed in his character very much, but the lady's bathrobe was indeed a little exposed. It was more comfortable to wear her pajamas.

Looking around the room, she didn't see Ron. Eva walked to the bedside, picked up her phone and was about to call Ron. At this time, the door was opened.

"You miss me so much? Mrs. Eva." As expected, Ron saw Eva's ears turned red.

"I just answered a phone call at the door. Why do you come out so soon?" Ron explained why he wasn't there just now. Looking at her wet hair, he picked up the hair dryer on the table and walked to Eva's side to help her dry her hair.

His fingers went through the soft hair, and the hair exuded a faint fragrance. No one in the room spoke, only the humming of the hair dryer. The distance between the two seemed to be closer.

Eva raised her head and looked at the temperature of the air conditioner. Yes, it was a low temperature. Why could she still feel hot? She didn't know if it was because Ron was getting more and more adept at flirting with girls, or because she couldn't resist him.

"My hair is dry. Thank you." Eva thanked him and slipped into bed quickly.

Looking at her who was only exposed above her head, Ron said helplessly, "Go to bed early and good night." His voice was full of affection.

Looking at the sleeping Ron, Eva had to admit that he was so handsome. She stretched out a finger to touch his eyebrows, his eyelashes, his lips, and then covered her mouth to snicker.

"Good night, Ron." Then she fell asleep. She didn't notice that Ron's eyelashes trembled.

Ron opened his eyes slowly. Eva's good night just now made his heart beat violently. A strange feeling filled his heart. He did not reject this feeling, on the contrary, he liked it very much. He pulled Eva into his arms and kissed her on the forehead.

The next few days' journey made the two more familiar with each other. A seed called 'like' fell into the hearts of the two, although they did not notice it themselves.

Today, when they were about to go to the last place, the two of them were waiting at the airport. Suddenly, the phone rang. It was from the assistant of Ron. He went aside and answered the phone, with a serious look on his face. At this time, Eva's mobile phone rang, and the caller ID was Jaden...

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