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   Chapter 21 2.5 Meter

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Ron didn't hear clearly what Eva said, but he had a rough idea of what Eva wanted to say.

It was late at night. The foreign country was not as prosperous as it was in the daytime. There was only loneliness and loneliness.

The night wind was so cold that Ron was reluctant to tease Eva again. "Let's go back quickly. We haven't had dinner yet! I even booked a candlelight dinner. What a pity! "

"Why did you order a candlelight dinner? It's a waste of money! We can eat other food. " Eva complained in a coquettish manner. It was undeniable that she was still happy.

With a slight smile, Ron got close to Eva and asked, "Your husband is rich. But Mrs. Eva is really a frugal woman. I'm glad that I can marry such a good woman. "

Eva couldn't help but blush.

"What are you talking about? I'm hungry. Let's go to eat! " Eva changed the topic stiffly, turned around and walked quickly towards the restaurant.

Looking at Eva leaving quickly, Ron touched the tip of his nose and couldn't help laughing.

Ron took a few steps forward, put his arm around Eva's shoulder and walked towards the destination together.

Under the street lamp, the two figures gradually shortened the distance and finally integrated into one.

The two of them strolled around the streets. Except for the 24 hour store which was still on, there was no store open.

Helpless, Eva pulled Ron into a store and found the place where the instant noodles were. She raised her head and asked, "Which flavor do you want?"

"Well," said Ron, turning his head to the other side and looking a little embarrassed, "I want the same flavor as you."

Seeing that Eva was about to stretch out her hand to the red package instant noodles, Ron thought for a while and said, "Don't be too spicy."

So Eva turned her hand and took the green package beside her, "I think it's not bad."

After looking up and down, Ron finally said, "It looks good."

Eva stared at Ron for a few seconds and burst into laughter. "You have never eaten instant noodles. Don't worry. There is no poison in it. Besides, I've been eating for so many years, and now I'm still standing here safe and sound? Trust me, the taste will never be bad! "

Although Ron was a little embarrassed by Eva's words, he still kept calm as usual. "I think there are still eggs over there. I want two."

So the two of them simply finished the dinner with eggs and instant noodles. However, to Eva's surprise, it seemed that Ron liked instant noodles.

As the dinner was cooked by Eva, it was reasonable for Ron to wash the dishes. When Eva came out of the bathroom, Ron was reading by the bed.

Hearing the door open, Ron raised his head from the book and said, "You go to sleep first. I'll take a shower."

However, Eva was in a dilemma when he saw the only bed in the room.

Noticing Eva's embarrassment, Ron said, "You can sleep on the bed. I'll sleep on the floor later. You must be tired. Go and have a rest. "

At first, Ron thought that Eva would be relieved, but he didn't expect that she didn't reply for a long time. She didn't want to stay with him in the room.


king at the whirlpool at the top of Eva's hair, Ron hesitated and said, "There is no sofa in the room which my mother booked this time. Just bear it and make do with it for one night. When we go to Malaysia tomorrow, we will book another suite, okay?"

Raising her head abruptly, Eva said, "No, I'm just thinking that this bed is 2.5 meter long, isn't it?"

Ron, who had been waiting quietly for Eva's reply and even a little nervous, suddenly didn't know what to say. He had been worried about her for so long, but she was just thinking about how long the bed was?

"I think so. After all, it's a big hotel."

"Well, since it's so big, we can sleep together." Eva lowered her head again shyly.

Therefore, she missed the dilated eyes of Ron and his thin lips that had opened slightly because of shock.

Ron uttered the word "Okay", but he smiled.

"I'm going to take a shower. Dry your hair before you go to bed." Seeing that Eva kept her head down, Ron went into the bathroom with the toiletries.

When Ron came out of the bathroom, Eva had already been lying on the side of the bed, reading a book with the table lamp on. It was the one that he had taken before.

After drying his hair hastily, Ron walked to the other side of the bed, lifted the quilt and lay down, turning off the table lamp on his side.

After waiting for a while, Eva thought that Ron was asleep, so she breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed her body.

However, Ron suddenly said which made Eva startled. "It's so late. Why don't you sleep? We have to go to Malaysia tomorrow. Reading at night will hurt your eyes. Go to bed early."

"Okay," said Eva, staring at Ron. After saying that, Ron turned his back to Eva, and then he didn't move any more.

Eva put down her book, turned off the bedside lamp and tucked herself in. She was so tired today that she fell asleep soon.

Listening to the steady breath of Eva, Ron slowly opened his eyes, turned over and looked at her with the moonlight penetrating into the window. At last, he smiled and fell asleep.

The second day, when the two of them woke up, it was almost noon. After a hearty lunch, the two of them boarded the plane to Malaysia.

As soon as they got off the plane, Eva felt a wave of heat coming to her. The temperature in Malaysia showed that it was a real Southeast Asia country.

"Are you feeling hot?" Noticing the sweat on Eva's face, Ron took out a silk white handkerchief and handed it to Eva.

After expressing her thanks, Eva took it and wiped her forehead. After wiping, Eva looked at Ron in a formal suit and was confused, "Isn't it hot for you to wear so much?"

"Well, I'm used to it." But Ron didn't tell Eva that his back was almost wet.

"Anyway, let's go to the place where we live and change our clothes." Holding the suitcase, Ron leisurely walked to the roadside to hail a taxi.

But somehow, Eva felt something weird. It was not until she got into the taxi that she realized.

Just now, Ron walked too fast! Usually, he would slow down deliberately to take care of her.

At the thought of this, Eva turned her inquiring eyes to Ron.

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