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   Chapter 20 Suspicion Is Lifted

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After Ron and Eva recorded their confessions respectively, the police came to Damon.

"Is it my turn?"

Damon smiled gently, but the police didn't show kindness to this gentleman. He still replied coldly, "Yes, you used to say Garry in front of everyone (that brown haired man) is the murderer. Now please explain why you said he was the murderer?"

Mr. Damon didn't get angry because he was offended by this young policeman. His eyes were still warm and peaceful. It was obvious that he had been well-educated since childhood.

"As you know, I came here to see what happened because I heard some noise on the road."

"Then why do you insist that Garry is the murderer?" The policeman said as he took a deep look at Ron behind his gold rimmed glasses.

"Don't worry. Listen to me carefully." Damon patted the dust that did not exist on his hat and said, "At that time, I saw two women quarreling and a gentleman standing next to them. I thought two women were fighting for a man."

Speaking of this, Damon couldn't help laughing out loud. "Then I looked carefully and found a dead person lying on the ground. What a coincidence! I know the dead man. "

"Maybe it's fate. He lives in the same hotel with me. What's more, our room is exactly opposite. I often see a woman go out with him. Maybe she is too ordinary looking. I don't have a deep impression on her, so I didn't recognize her at the first sight. "

"Yes, it's the woman who claimed to be the witness and insisted on not letting you go." Damon turned around, glanced at the two, and finally stopped at Eva. "I'm sorry for this."

Shaking her head, Eva said, "We appreciate your help. It's not your fault that you didn't recognize her immediately."

Damon thought for a while and seemed to have forgiven his mistake. "Then I looked at him for a while and found that there was always someone in the crowd who incited them to arrest this gentleman, which aroused my suspicion. Because I have never seen this gentleman contact with the dead. "

"Later, through my observation, I noticed that every time Mr. Garry spoke, the lady would become particularly confident, which proved that they knew each other. In order not to add any burden and unnecessary harm to this gentleman, I secretly found Garry and caught him. "

Damon shrugged and said, "This is the whole process. I just did what I thought was right. Sir, please don't mind me robbing you of your job."

"If Garry is the real murderer, I don't mind." The policeman slammed the record book in his hand. "But now, please go to the police station with me. I hope you can cooperate."

After the three of them arrived at the police station, they were arranged in a room with only a white painted wooden table. Perhaps it was because the policemen forgot or deliberately, no one brought them a stool, and naturally no one came to serve tea.

Noticing that Eva's face was a little pale, Ron couldn't help but feel sorry for her when he thought of that the two of them hadn't had dinner yet, and they had been standing there for about two or three hours.

"How about we have a seat at this table? We don't

know how many hours we have to wait here. We have to save energy to deal with the following things. " As Ron spoke, he looked past Eva and directly looked at Damon.

Damon smiled knowingly. "Yes, you're right. I'm old, but they still let me stand. How ungraceful they are. Since they don't give us a stool, let's sit here. "

Then Damon jumped up slightly and sat steadily on the table. He patted the seat beside him and said, "You two come too."

Ron motioned for Eva to sit down too. Without hesitation, Eva sat down at the table. After a series of actions, she even raised her chin slightly and stared straight at Ron.

Seeing an evil and attractive smile on Ron's face, Eva was stunned and couldn't come to her senses for a long time. Seeing that Eva was in a daze, the smile on Ron's face deepened. He put one hand beside Eva and sat down next to Eva.

Perhaps four or five hours had passed, or perhaps only two or three hours had passed. In this closed environment, people's feelings seemed to be wrong, blurring out the concept of time.

Suddenly, heavy footsteps came from outside. Then the three people heard the key turn through the lock hole and the door opened. The policeman wearing gold rimmed glasses, who had taken notes for them, came in and said to the three with a cold face, "Your suspicion has been cleared. You can go out now."

"May I ask about the progress of the case?" Damon stepped forward and asked the police.

The policeman seemed to have a good impression of Damon, but his tone was still cold.

"We checked the surveillance video of the hotel where you and Garry were staying and found that the dead man lived with a woman. The witness confirmed that the woman was the same person as the previous woman. Then on the day of the dead man's death, we found that Garry had entered the hotel and took the dead out of the hotel. As for where they had taken the dead, we don't know yet, but it really has nothing to do with you. You can only blame your bad luck and be regarded as a scapegoat. "

"You are wrong, sir. If it weren't for my luck, I wouldn't have met Mr. Ron and Miss Eva and become friends. It's fate!" As Mr. Damon said, he winked at Ron and Eva, and finally patted the police on the shoulder when he went out.

"Nice to meet you. Although I don't want to leave you, it's getting late. Let's separate here." Damon put the hat on his head and was about to leave.

"Goodbye, Mr. Damon. I hope we can meet again." Eva suddenly said. Damon was stunned for a moment, then nodded and left with a smile. However, the gentle smile that had been hanging on his face disappeared in an instant, replaced by coldness and playfulness.

"What? Are you so reluctant to leave Mr. Damon? Is he so charming that even you are distracted? " Seeing that Eva had been looking in the direction of Damon's departure, Ron couldn't help but tease her.

Hearing this, Eva blushed. "No, I didn't. Don't talk nonsense! I just... "

Taking a furtive glance at Ron, Eva answered haltingly, "I'm just very grateful to him."

The night wind blew Eva's words into the air, so Ron didn't hear him clearly.

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