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   Chapter 19 The Situation Reversed

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"Since he is not the murderer, why don't you let him go to the police station? If he didn't kill someone, there was no need to be afraid of these. " The male voice suddenly sounded again.

"Yes. I just accidentally saw the corpse when I passed by. He said I was the murderer and wanted to frame me. In my opinion, not only is this man the murderer, but also that woman an accomplice! " The man's words seemed to have made the woman confident, and her tone was much more forceful, not panic as before.

"Catch him! He must be the murderer! We can't let him escape. Maybe he will kill one of you! "

Hearing the man's words, the people around were a little restless. Seeing that the situation was not good, Eva quickly shouted, "You can't arrest him casually. It's against the law! The murderer is someone else. If you catch him, you will fall into the murderer's trap! Are you going to let the real murderer get away with it? "

Said Eva, gnashing her teeth. She seemed to hate their foolishness. Of course, it was undeniable that Eva was a little scared of the fact that Ron was caught.

"Cut the crap. We will know whether he is the murderer or not after he goes to the police station. Everyone, catch him. Don't give him a chance to kill anyone again! Think about your relatives and friends. As long as this person is here, they are in danger at any time! " The man's voice began to urge the crowd again. "Don't be afraid. We have more people."

Eva nervously stared at the onlookers and found that under the man's words, those people's eyes were faintly vicious. Seeing that someone couldn't wait and was about to step forward, Eva suddenly grabbed the corner of Ron's sleeve.

Looking sideways at the worry in Eva's eyes, Ron gently patted the back of her hand and comforted her silently with his soft eyes. He looked firm and calm, as if he could get Eva back.

Somehow, tears welled up in Eva's eyes. Growing up in an orphanage, she had never experienced the love of her parents, nor had she experienced the protection of her family.

At this time, the image of Ron exactly met her imagination of her father. This man was her husband. How lucky she was.

Gradually, the anxiety in Eva's heart dissipated and she calmed down.

"Ah! What are you doing? Let go of me! " Just as Eva was ready for them to arrest Ron, an angry roar burst out from the crowd.

Judging from the voice, it seemed to be the person who had been instigating.

The crowd looked over and saw a middle-aged man in a suit with golden hair and black eyes catching the hand of a man with brown hair.

Because of this change, people's attention were attracted by the two men, and they did not continue to move for the time being, but consciously surrounded Ron.

Seeing that Ron's movements were restricted, Eva had to go forward alone. "What happened?"

The man with golden hair and black eyes raised his head and smiled at Eva. He said in London accent, "This person is the real murderer. Let's send him to the police station first. As for the reason, I will tell you later."

Everyone was a little confused about this sudden turn. In just more than ten minutes, why the murderer changed to another?

"By the way, I forgot

to tell you that the woman who pretended to be the witness is actually an accomplice. We can't let her go." Perhaps it was because the man's age and appearance didn't seem to be a person who would lie, people subconsciously began to look for the woman according to his words.

However, when they looked around, they found that the woman had disappeared, which made the man's words more correct.

"Ask one to call the police. The rest of the trouble will wait here for a while to prevent the murderer from escaping, and also to be a witness. Thank you. " The man said politely. At last, he made an ancient gentleman salute, like an aristocrat from an ancient family.

Out of deep respect and reverence for the nobility, two people ran away quickly to look for the police. The rest stayed where they were as promised, and even a young and strong man took the initiative to help the gentleman suppress the murderer.

The gentleman seemed to be very satisfied with the scene and smiled at everyone in relief.

At this time, Ron stepped forward and stretched out his right hand to the gentleman. The gentleman held it and the two made a brief handshake salute.

Then, Eva heard that Ron also spoke to a gentleman in a standard London tone, "Hello, sir. Thank you so much for what you have done today, or I will definitely not be able to take off the identity of the murderer."

"You're welcome. Since the murderer is not you, it doesn't matter even if we go to the police station. I'm just telling the truth, which saves you unnecessary trouble. This is what I should do. " A gentleman said in a gentle tone and a warm smile, making people feel warm and intimate.

"Anyway, I should thank you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ron, and this is my wife, Eva. "

Ron's left hand bent slightly to a certain angle and tilted in the direction of Eva.

"Hello." Eva nodded to the middle-aged man politely.

"Hello." The middle-aged man chuckled, "I just thought you were a couple before, but I didn't expect you to be married!"

"I forgot that I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Damon, a Chinese and British mixed blood. Nice to meet you, half of my compatriots."

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. Damon. Thank you very much for standing out to speak for us!" After saying that, Eva bowed to Damon, which startled the other two people present.

"No, no, no. Miss, don't be so courteous." As Damon spoke, he was about to help Eva, but was stopped by Ron on the way.

Damon looked at Ron in surprise. Ron just shook his head silently, but his eyes were fixed on Eva, as if he wanted to keep her in his heart for the rest of his life.

When Eva stood up, Ron walked over and wrapped her hand with his big hand.

"Could you please give me a statement?" The uniformed policeman came straight to the direction of Eva with a statement book.

"Of course. It's my honor to provide you with information." As the only foreigner, Damon expressed his will on behalf of the three of them.

The policeman pushed the gold rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, "Well, first of all, please tell me what happened at that time. Well, it seems that there were only this gentleman and lady at that time."

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