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   Chapter 18 Preliminary Speculation

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Due to the limitation of the place and the surgical instruments, Eva was unable to dissect the corpse to further determine the time and cause of death.

Eva carefully checked the body from the head to the toe, "Except for the fatal wound in the throat, there is no injury on the dead body. His skin is still elastic when it is touched. His limbs can be bent, and his pupils haven't spread. It means that the he hasn't cadaveric rigidity, and the time of death is less than an hour. "

Looking at the dead, Eva suddenly stood up and walked around the dead, "This must not be the first scene of the crime! If the dead man's throat was really cut here, his blood could not be so little. "

After thinking for a while, Eva lowered her head and picked up the shoes of the dead. "The heel of the shoes is worn, and the wear on both sides is almost the same, which is more severe than the wear on other parts of the shoes. He was dragged here."

This was the only clue on the dead person. Through a simple examination, Eva could not find more clues. But in order to clear the suspicion of Ron, she had to do this.

Eva looked around the passers-by with her dark eyes, and then said calmly, "Through a preliminary examination, the dead person died because of the cut in the throat, and the time of death is less than an hour. However, according to the amount of blood loss on the spot and the wear of the shoes and feet, this alley is not the place of the dead person's death."

"The murderer." Eva suddenly looked at Ron standing next to her, "He probably killed the dead in a hotel or somewhere else, and then dragged him into this alley, waiting for someone to find the dead, and reasonably transferred his suspicion to the person who found the dead first."

After saying that, Eva looked at Ron with her dark eyes. The light of belief in her eyes made him stunned. Except for his parents, few people looked at him like this. It was the first time that he experienced it. It turned out that being trusted without any reason was so good.

Ron smiled at Eva. Seeing this, Eva couldn't help feeling hot in her ears.

Eva coughed slightly to remind Ron of the occasion. His suspicion had not been cleared yet!

"So you mean this man is not the murderer?" Following the sound, they saw the woman again. The woman was like a vulgar person, with one hand on her waist and the other pointing at Ron. Ron and Eva couldn't help but frown.

"If he was the murderer, how could he have time to kill the dead and leave the dead in the alley? And then he even pretended to be passing by and was inexplicably regarded as the murderer? If he is the murderer, he might be the stupidest one in the world. " Crossing her arms across her chest, Eva raised her chin slightly and looked at the woman contemptuously.

"But you, you said he was the murderer. Do you have any evidence? But you, why did you insist on not letting him go without any evidence? Why? Did you kill him? Do you feel guilty? "

When the woman looked into Eva's sharp eyes, which seemed to be able to see through everything, she couldn't help trembling, but she immediately raised her voice, which sounded a little pretentious. "Why do you say that to me? As you said before, that man's throat was cut. As a weak woman, how could I

have the strength to kill him? If I drag him here, I will be exhausted to death. "

It was the first time for Eva to meet such a shrew. Moreover, she was in a foreign country, so it was difficult for her to deal with it. At this time, she had to admit that what the woman said was reasonable, and there was no response for the time being. She could refute several times but in vain.

Noticing the expressions on Eva's face, Ron naturally knew that Eva was in an awkward situation. He stepped forward, faced the woman, and slightly leaned to block Eva behind her.

"Yes, what you said makes sense, but it can't rule out your suspicion." Seeing that the woman was a little angry and seemed to be about to throw a tantrum again, Ron calmly told her the case itself, "From the beginning of the autopsy, it has been found that there are no other injuries except for the wound in the throat of the dead, which means that the dead did not struggle before death."

After a pause, Ron looked around and said, "Please think about it. If your lives are threatened and the murderer wants to kill you, will you let him do it without struggling? I don't think anyone will be indifferent, of course, except the person who doesn't want to struggle. "

"In that case, why didn't the dead man struggle in the slightest in the face of the murderer? There is only one reason, that is, he was drugged in advance, and it is an extremely his intimate person. "

"The murderer drugged the dead first, cut his throat somewhere we don't know, and then transferred him to this alley, and then waited in the dark. When someone meets his or her ideal size for a murderer, he or she will immediately stand out, scream loudly, attract onlookers, and then try to directly convict him or her. "

Ron sneered, "It's better to be a passer-by from another city, so that she can be more credible. After all, no one wants the local people to be murderers? What do you think? "

Before Ron finished his words, he looked straight at the woman in front of him with his sharp eyes. The woman couldn't help but panic and looked away.

"You have no proof! Everyone knows that you know that forensic expert. What if this is a play played by you two in collusion! Now you want to frame the witness. Don't listen to him. He is the only one who has the condition to kill people here. He is the murderer! " A man's voice came out. Ron swept through the crowd and couldn't find the source of the voice. It seemed that what happened today couldn't be solved.

Ron couldn't help but feel a little irritable. Such bad luck happened to him on his honeymoon.

"Yes, he is the murderer. We can't let him leave! Send him to the police station! " At this time, another man's voice came in, which made the passers-by who had only planned to watch faintly restless, as if they really wanted to defend against injustice and send Ron to the police station.

This was not good. Eva thought for a while in her heart. Now they were abroad. If they entered the police station, it might take ten days and half a month to come out. During this period, Ron must suffer a lot.

Thinking of this, Eva couldn't help but stand out, "No, there is no evidence now. How can we say that he is the murderer? You can't send him to the police station! "

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