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   Chapter 17 Honeymoon Trip

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As soon as Eva entered the house, she saw Lauren playing chess with Nicholas.

"Come on, Eva. Come and help me. What should I do now?" Lauren happened to see them and turned to Eva for help with a sad face.

Eva walked over, sat on the chair beside Lauren and began to whisper. Looking at the two people smiling kindly, Nicholas didn't care about Eva's guidance at all.

Standing aside, Ron suddenly felt a little jealous. Why did they look like a family?

"This step is not right. It should be here."

The sudden voice of Ron attracted the attention of the three people. Ron turned around with embarrassment and was about to go upstairs. "I don't want to see you being defeated by grandpa. I'm going to work."

"That's exactly what Ron is like. He is stubborn. He just wants to be with us, but he always pretends to be unwilling."

Lauren continued to play chess and analyzed the thoughts of Ron. Hearing that, Eva nodded repeatedly.

"But Eva, have you two reached an agreement on our proposal last time? If you think it's Okay, we will decide the schedule for you two."

When she was suddenly asked about this, Eva thought of the result she discussed with Ron that day. She smiled awkwardly, but didn't know how to answer.

"If Ron doesn't want to, we can help you persuade him. How can you not go out for a honeymoon?"

While they were talking, Ron went downstairs. Eva quickly looked at him for help.

"We've agreed to go on a honeymoon, but we'll arrange the schedule by ourselves."

As long as they were willing to, Nicholas achieved his goal, happily asked someone to pack up their things, and couldn't wait to push them out of the house.

When the two of them were about to get on the plane, Lauren, who came to see them off, was a little reluctant to leave. "Eva, you must take good care of yourself. Ron doesn't know how to care about others. Don't get sick, okay?"

Eva nodded vigorously and replied, "I know. I will take good care of Ron and me. You and grandpa can rest assured."

"We'll just go out for a trip. Let's go. We're boarding. " The reluctance of the two was interrupted by the voice of Ron.

Holding Eva's arm, the two walked towards the boarding gate.

Since Wyatt was in France, they didn't have any intention, so their honeymoon was decided in France.

After eight hours' flight from J City, the two of them finally landed.

"It's more comfortable to step on the ground. Flying in the sky is too insecure."

Ron was completely used to taking the plane, he didn't say anything but nodded silently to show his agreement.

"You two are so slow. I thought you would be the last one to come out." Wyatt complained.

"Have you arranged the accommodation?" With a small suitcase in his hand, Ron held Eva's hand with the other hand.

Wyatt squinted and touched his chin with one hand, lost in thought.

"You two... You two seem to be getting along well with each other recently... "

"Shut up and lead the way." Ron was annoyed.

The airport was a little far from where they lived. As soon as they got on the car, Eva fell asleep, leaning on the shoulder of Ron.

"How many days are you going to play this time? Is there anywhere you want to go? " Asked Wyatt.

"We don't have any specific arrangement and we don't want to go there. I came to France because you are here. We don't have to worry about it."

Wyatt thought so and made some plans enthusiastically. In less than half an hour, the three of them got off the car in front of the booked hotel.

It was a two storey building with a sense of design.

"It's a good location. You can see the Seine River. The

night view is beautiful. It is bustling around. But there is one more problem There are so many visitors living nearby. Be careful. "

Ron looked around the house carefully and then looked at Wyatt and asked, "Why don't you let us live in your house?"

"I just came to France for business. My house is smaller than yours. After all, I'm alone... "

Eva was focusing on the style of this small building, which was exactly what she liked.

"Shut up. Give me the key."

Wyatt threw the key casually, and Ron firmly caught it. Then Wyatt continued, "The owner of this house is next to the house, and most of the houses nearby are used by her for rent, so you can ask her when you go out."

"Why don't you come with us these days?" Ron was confused.

"I have to work. Besides, you two are on your honeymoon. I don't want to be third wheel? Enjoy the two person world. "

After saying that, Wyatt said goodbye to Eva and left

After dinner, Eva and Ron saw many small stores along the way back. The delicate things always made girls unable to take their eyes off them. As Eva strolled carefully one by one, Ron didn't have that patience.

After memorizing Eva's location, he went out of the shop alone. When he was about to leave, he heard a sharp female voice not far away from the alley.

Following the voice, Ron walked over. Eva, who was not far away, just noticed that Ron had disappeared and walked out of the shop to look for him. She also heard the sound.

She rushed over and stood beside Ron.

A man fell to the ground with his face down, and there was a large amount of blood around his neck.

He fell down naturally. It seemed that he was cut in the throat.

It was dark and windy at night. A murder had happened in an alley, which was located in the more prosperous central area. The woman's scream had attracted many passers-by. ...

Everyone was talking about it, and Ron didn't want to talk about it, so he took Eva's hand and was about to go back.

"Wait! The man over there, please hold on. " It was the woman who screamed and stopped Ron.

Confused, he turned around and asked, "What's up?"

"When I found the body just now, you were the first one to come here, so I think you... Do you know something about the murderer? "

"I don't know anything, but you should be the first one to see the corpse." Somehow, Ron felt that this woman had a hidden meaning in her words.

"There is a man lying here and he looks very strong. How can I kill him without making any sound?"

Ron frowned. He didn't know why this woman was so against him, but he knew that her words had attracted the attention of the people around.

Now it was impossible for him to leave.

"Besides... If I were the murderer, why would I scream? Why did I attract so many people here? "

However, there was still no reply from Ron. Instead, with a cold face and expressionless face, he was thinking quickly about how everything happened here.

Only by knowing the process of the crime could he find the real murderer.

"I'm a forensic expert. Let me see the corpse first. Otherwise, when the police arrive, many things can't be observed at the first time."

Eva let go of Ron's hand and took out her forensic certificate from her pocket. Because of her professional habit, she never left this thing.

It turned out that in such a situation, fortunately, there was such certificate, otherwise how could these people believe Eva?

Squatting down, Eva began to check the corpse. "Cut his throat. One cut is fatal. The murderer was so quick and ruthless that the dead had no time to react before he lost his life. "

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