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   Chapter 16 Helplessness Of The Hidden Rule

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Ron was sitting on the bed and looking at his mobile phone. It was the investigation material sent by his assistant, which said that the injured person was just an ordinary passer-by.

Besides, the wound was not very deep. It was not a big deal.

He was finally relieved. He suddenly felt that he should... Make it clear to her? Otherwise, wouldn't it show that he was narrow-minded?

Forget it... Just let her think so Ron shook his head and went downstairs.

Sitting on the sofa, Lauren noticed that the expression on Ron's face was much better. She coughed slightly to indicate him to look over.

"What's up?"

"You brat, how could you talk to your mother like that?" Lauren patted the empty seat beside her and whispered in the ears of Ron, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. Why do you have to know this? "

"I'm just concerned about you. You haven't touched any girl since you were a child. Finally, a girl is willing to be with you. I have to take good care of her. I can't let her run away in anger."

Ron ignored his mother. It was more interesting to see Eva cooking.

So he stood up and walked to the kitchen. Leaning against the door, he looked at her cooking and nodded approvingly.

"I hope it tastes good."

"Of course it won't be too bad. Go and sit down. I don't want to make you angry again I have to find a way to coax her... "

Ron smiled and said, "Then you can continue."

Lauren sat on the sofa and watched the two. She found that her son laughed more and more recently.

But there was no movement in their room these two nights, which made Lauren a little confused.

Lauren sneaked up to Ron and dragged him to the yard outside. She looked back at Eva and asked after making sure that she didn't follow them.

"Son, you and Eva have been married for several days, right? Although it's a flash marriage. I think you like her very much... "

"Mom, what do you want to say?" Ron knew what his mother was going to ask him!

"I just want to ask you... Nothing... As a human's instinct... "

"Mom, do you know what you look like now?"

Lauren, who was in high spirits just now, became vigilant at once.

"Just like... A gossipy middle-aged woman. "

After saying that, Ron turned around and left, leaving Lauren standing still. She really didn't know who he looked like...

When Lauren adjusted her mood and walked into the house as if nothing had happened, she smelled the aroma of the food as soon as she entered.

She walked towards the dining room. The table was full of food. Although it didn't look so good, it smelled good and appetizing.

After filling a bowl of rice, Eva put it on the table. When she was about to call Nicholas, she was stopped by Lauren. "Your grandpa went to the appointment today. There are only three of us."

"Grandpa is going to attend the appointment?" Eva sat down and asked in confusion.

"Yes, an old classmate of him. Anyway, let's eat. Let me try my daughter-in-law's cooking. "

The dinner didn't end until midnight. When Lauren was telling Eva the embarrassing story of Ron when he was a child, he pulled Eva away with a dark face.

It was not until then that Eva knew that there was stabbing incident at the gate of the police station after she got off work yesterday.

Fortunately, the victim was not seriously injured, and the perpetrator was well controlled. However, many policemen were injured in the process of grabbing the knife, which made the atmosphere in t

he police station a little heavy today.

"Why didn't you tell me anything about the new case?" Eva was furious.

"Didn't you just finish two cases? I just want to make you relax. "

Of course, Eva didn't believe it. She snapped, "In the past, I had so many cases to deal with, you didn't want me to relax. At that time, you didn't even give me a day off. Why do you change your mind this time? "

Jaden closed the folder in front of him, took a deep breath and stood up. He walked up to Eva and whispered, "Otherwise, why do I not let you take over the case?"

"Because he needs this case to enrich his working experience."

After snorting, Jaden shook his head and said, "Eva, don't be too smart sometimes. Since you know it, why do you ask me?"

"Why? I can get the best project this year with only one case! Captain Jaden, you should know how much I have always wanted to get that title! "

"I know, but you know, I can't control anything."

Jaden appreciated Eva very much and thought she was a rare talent, but he couldn't control what happened today.

Looking at Eva's clenched fists, Jaden didn't know what to say.

"Now that you want me to relax, just give me a half month holiday."

Jaden kept silent for a while and nodded, "Okay. I'll call you if anything happens."

Without any reply, Eva turned around and walked out of Jaden's office. God knew how angry she was when she heard from others why she was so idle!

She carried her bag and walked out of the police station. She didn't even respond to the inquiry of Hilary. She just walked straight out of the police station without hesitation.

Seeing Eva leave and Jaden standing not far away, Hilary immediately understood why she was so angry...

She angrily walked to the side of the road and saw the message from Ron, saying that he wanted to drink chicken soup today. Looking at the time, he was off duty, so she called him to pick her up.

While waiting, she also calmed down. She also knew that these things were not controlled by them. Wasn't this the way in the workplace?

"Why did you get off work earlier today?" Ron bent over and fastened the seat belt for Eva, but he didn't leave quickly. Instead, he stood in front of her and stared straight at her.

Embarrassed by his stare, Eva slightly turned her head and tried to push him away, but was caught by him in the back. "Tell me what happened."

"Nothing... Let go of me first... " Although Eva didn't reject the sudden intimacy of Ron, she was still not used to it.

He just stared at her without saying anything. The atmosphere in the car was heavy.

Under the pressure of Ron in front of her, Eva told him everything from beginning to end. Then, he released his hand and sat back in the driver's seat.

"Yes, there are a lot of such things. But do you know the specific identity of that person?"

Eva shook her head and said, "I don't know, but Captain Jaden can't refute it. He must have a powerful background."

"You don't have to care too much. As long as you want, I can give you as many as you want."

Hearing this, Eva was stunned. It occurred to her that Ron was the president of the J Group!

"So I can also rely on my husband?"

While Eva was making fun of him, Ron chuckled and said, "You can even joke with me. It seems that you are much better. Let's go home for dinner."

"Didn't you say that I cook it tonight?"

"I'm afraid you'll make the terrible dishes when you're in a bad mood."

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