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   Chapter 14 Wyatt's Agreement

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Wyatt didn't care about it at all. He talked to Eva with great enthusiasm, which made Ron almost hit him.

The three of them played with each other and waited for the takeout. Looking at the full table of dishes, Ron couldn't help but tease, "Are you willing to buy so many dishes? Every time you invite me to have a meal, you only order a few dishes. "

"Stop! You've wronged me. It's impossible for me to invite you for a meal!"

Ron gave Wyatt a hard look and put the food into Eva's bowl, stopping talking to Wyatt.

After a while, Eva was full. She put down her chopsticks and sat quietly in her seat, looking at the two people.

It seemed that Wyatt noticed the look in Eva's eyes. He asked seriously, "What do you want from me?"

"Ah... I... "

Wyatt smiled and said gently, "Just say it. Don't be so formal with me."

Seeing that Eva couldn't speak for a long time, Ron said on behalf of her, "In fact, there is a boy in the police station who likes you very much, so she wants to let you two see each other."

"Sorry, I can't help you with that. I will fly to France tomorrow. We can talk about it after I come back."

Eva nodded, "Okay." Marlon had helped her a lot, which was also her reward.

"But I'm really curious about how you know each other? I have never seen Ron treat a girl like this before. "

"Hasn't he been in love?"

Eva had been curious about this question. Since they got along well with each other. She guessed that he might know something about it.

"You asked the right person! I know everything about Ron's past love story... "


Without any expression on Ron's face, he just called out Wyatt's name with a cold face and made Moore shut up.

"Eva, if you want to know, I'll tell you when I go back. Don't believe what Wyatt said."

Blinking her eyes, Eva looked at the aggrieved look on Wyatt's face, chuckled and stopped asking.

After the three of them finished their meal, the two men went into the study to discuss business, while Eva stayed in the living room alone.

Wyatt said that she could do whatever she wanted, but Eva looked at the living room and could only pick up the book on the table to read.

As soon as the two of them talked about something, they forgot the time. When they walked out of the room, it was almost dusk. Ron slowly walked to the sofa and saw that Eva had fallen asleep on the sofa.

She fell asleep with the book in her hand. When Ron looked at her, the book slipped from her hand.

Ron caught the book quickly. He put the book on the table lightly. Then he took off his coat and put it on Eva. He gave a hint to Wyatt not to make any sound with his eyes.

After a short while, Eva opened her eyes. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw that Ron was sitting in front of her with his long legs crossed, which made her a little dizzy.

"Are you awake? I thought you would sleep for a long time. "

Shaking her head, Eva said, "I just felt a little bored reading. Have you finished your talk?"

"Yes. Let's go back."

Eva nodded and said goodbye to Wyatt with Ron. Before leaving, Wyatt didn't forget to remind Eva.

"Eva, don't fall into the trap of Ron. He is a playboy. He is good at girls."

With a darkened face, Ron turned around and was about to punch Wyatt. But he was stopped by Eva with a smile. Eva waved goodbye and went downstairs.

As soon as their car stopped in the yard,

Lauren's voice came from the gate, "Hey, where have you two been? Why do you come back so late?"

Eva got out of the car first, walked to Lauren and answered with a smile, "We went to Wyatt's house. We chatted for a while after dinner and then came back. Mom, haven't you gone to bed yet?"

"No, your grandpa just went to bed. I think you haven't come back yet. So, I waiting for you."

Eva felt warm in her heart. It felt so good to have someone waiting for her to go back home. It would make her feel warm and dispel the occasional feeling of loneliness deep in her heart.

"Let's go. I'll help you to your room."

"No, thanks. I'll go back by myself. I'm relieved to see you come back. Go upstairs and have a rest."

After that, Lauren let go of Eva's hand and turned around to go back to her room. After parking the car, Ron walked to the side of Eva and the two went upstairs together.

The next day, it was another sunny morning. Eva put on her clothes in a hurry and went downstairs. She sat at the table and wolfed down her food.

"Slow down. Don't choke. Did you get up late?" Lauren asked as she handed Eva a glass of warm milk.

"I'm in a hurry."

"It's okay. It's still early." Lauren comforted, but her eyes met with the eyes of Nicholas, who was sitting at the main table. She pursed her lips but did not speak.

Finally, Nicholas coughed and said, "Well, Eva, you have been married to Ron for a few days. The wedding party hasn't been held yet, but you and Ron... Should you go on a honeymoon? "

"Ahem... Ahem... " Eva picked up the milk and took a big sip. After a while, she calmed down and looked at the two people in front of her with embarrassment.

Looking at their expectant eyes, Eva felt a little regretful that she didn't wait for Ron to go downstairs together just now. At least he was there, so the situation wouldn't be so embarrassing now.

Both Nicholas and Lauren thought the same. Fortunately, Ron didn't come down. Otherwise, it would be too shameful if his proposal was rejected by Ron as soon as it was proposed?

They couldn't be embarrassed!

"Eva, what do you think? You two don't need to worry about your work. We just told here. You just go out to have a good trip. Just take it as a relaxing trip. "

Lauren followed Nicholas's words and asked again. Now Eva didn't know how to answer.

"Well... Well... I think I'd better discuss with Ron before making a decision... " She smiled awkwardly. The police station was in a mess, and the murderer of the dismemberment had not been found yet. Maybe he would continue to commit murder. How could she have time for a honeymoon?

"It doesn't matter. Just tell me. Where do you want to travel? You have been working for such a long time. There must be a place you want to go, right? "

Lauren continued to tempt her, waiting for Eva to give in. When she was about to lose, Ron finally went downstairs.

"We are so busy with our work now. Let's talk about our honeymoon later. I'm driving Eva to work now. Grandpa, Mom, enjoy yourselves. "

After that, Ron pulled up Eva, held her waist and walked out of the house.

Lauren and Nicholas, who were still sitting at the table, just looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly. It was really difficult for anyone to do anything to Ron.

"It seems that it's still a long way to go to have a grandson..." Nicholas couldn't help but sigh

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