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   Chapter 13 Mrs. Eva, Men Are Jealous

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Without replying, Marlon just smiled and quickly took the book from Eva's hand. He held the book tightly in his arms as if he had regained the most precious treasure.

"This book... Is it important to you? "

Marlon nodded hard. He looked seriously into Eva's eyes, with fervent admiration in his eyes. "This book is written by Wyatt. He is my idol!"

"Wyatt... The name sounds familiar. "

"Of course! He is a famous psychologist in J City! "

When Marlon said this, his eyes were shining, which made Eva laugh unconsciously.

She suddenly envied such a boy. He had his idol and goal, and he had what he wanted to do and who he wanted to be.

But what about her? She was not qualified to have a dream at all How could she envy him?

All of a sudden, Eva, who was standing next to him, didn't say anything. Feeling a little embarrassed, Marlon regained his submissive manner and whispered, "Eva... Did... Did I scare you? "

"No, I just feel that. Maybe one day you will become someone like Wyatt. "

After getting Eva's approval, Marlon felt warm in his heart. He had never told anyone about it, and he always felt that it would attract ridicule. After all, that person was too far away.

"Well, Captain Jaden asked me to go there. You should go back now."

Eva waved her hand and left. Then she turned around and devoted herself to her work.

"Are you tired today?"

After work, Ron drove to the police station and picked up Eva. She opened the door and got on the car. As soon as she sat down, a cup of hot coffee was put in her hand.

"Not bad. But I found a young man in our interrogation department. He is excellent, but he is too shy to speak loudly or get close to others."

Somehow, Eva was in the mood to tell him something interesting.

"Well," said Ron gently. He reminded Eva to fasten the seat belt and then stepped on the gas.

"He is so powerful. Why is he still reading a book? It's said that the author of Criminal Psychology is a very powerful person. I'll find his book to read it someday... "

Before she could finish her words... The car screeched to a halt in front of the zebra crossing. Eva grabbed the handrail and involuntarily leaned forward.

After she steadied herself, she raised her head and saw the red light in front of her. When she turned her head, she met the cold eyes of Ron.

The silence in the car made people feel a little nervous. Eva hesitated, but she still opened her mouth, "You... What's up? Am I talking too much? Next time, I... "

"No, I'd like to hear you share with me what happened to you every day, but Mrs. Eva, men are jealous!"

His tone was a little awkward.

Eva couldn't help laughing and said, "Mr. Ron, do you fall in love with me? Why are you jealous? "

"It's about dignity, not love." He explained coldly.

Eva agreed. After all, they had engagement.

"Okay, I know. I won't mention another man in front of you next time." She couldn't help laughing.

The coldness in Ron's eyes faded a little, but he still pulled a long face. "It's good that you know."

After returning home and entering the room, he asked casually, "By the way, what is the book you just mentioned?"

"Criminal Psychology." Sitting in front of the computer desk, Eva was about to search for it.

All of a sudden, Ron leaned forward and took a book from the small bookshelf on the wall and put it in front of her.

Feeling the sudden approach of Ron, Eva could feel her heart beating fast in an instant. She turned her face slightly, her back tightened and she was at a loss.

As if Ron didn't notice it, he calmly raised his hand and pointed at the cover. "Well, the books you want to read are all dirty here."

After waiting fo

r a long time, no one answered. At last, Ron felt something wrong. He lowered his head and the sudden appearance of his face startled Eva, but it also helped her to think back to now.

"What are you thinking about? Why don't you say anything? "

"I... I was just absent-minded all of a sudden... " Blushing, Eva turned around, pushed away Ron and stood in front of him. "Why do you have this book?"

"Because of this author, we are going to see him soon."

Eva put down the book, opened her eyes wide and asked Ron in disbelief, "Really? Do you know him? "

"Classmate!" His words were brief and to the point.

"What classmate? How long have you known each other? How about introducing her to Marlon? It's the one I just said... "

"Eva, I advise you to shut up!" Ron turned his face away and glared at her angrily. Seeing that she was stunned, he thought whether his tone was too harsh.

After thinking for a while, he said in a low voice, "The nanny is not here today. I'll take you to have some food!"

Confused, Eva was put into the car. When she realized what had happened, she had arrived at the destination.

"Get off the car!"

As Ron opened the car door, Eva looked at the tall building in front of her and asked in confusion, "Why are we here for lunch?"

"Didn't I just say that I would take you to see Wyatt?"

Eva was suddenly enlightened and said with a smile, "I thought you were just kidding."

Ron rolled his eyes at her and pressed the button of the elevator to protect her. Then he answered, "Why do you think I'm joking?"

"Why are you and Wyatt classmates? He majored in criminal psychology. You are the president. "

"The president also studied."

Eva thought it seemed to make sense?

"Don't think too much. Come here and ring the doorbell."

"Why do you want me to press it?"

Ron didn't explain, but Eva did as he said. Soon, she saw a man in home clothes, disheveled and dirty from the video window at the door.

"Who is it?"

Before Eva could answer, Ron said, "Come out to see your sister-in-law."

"Ron! You brought your wife to see me and chose the time when I sleep! You despicable man! "

Hearing a roar, the room became quiet. After a while, the door opened. Although the man who came to open the door was still the pajamas, at least the buttons were neat, and his hair was tidy.

"Is this my sister-in-law?" He excitedly circled around Eva for two circles.

"Yes. Is there any other woman here besides her? Get out of the way! "

Wyatt was so anxious that he stood in front of Ron and left a place for Eva to enter.

"I'm asking her, what are you talking about? Go away. "

Standing in the room and watching the two quarreling, Eva couldn't help smiling.

"Why are you so mean? I just won your car last time. "

"Just one car? That's a limited edition! Limited edition! And you cheated me. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have lost. "

"You are not good at that."

Wyatt was speechless and pushed away by Ron. He could only stand at the door and watch Ron enter the room with Eva in his arms, looking depressed.

Wyatt made tea for the two people obediently. As soon as he sat down, he took out his phone and began to order takeout expertly.

"Don't forget us."

"Did you come here without eating?" Wyatt looked up at him in disbelief.

Ron nodded and looked calm.

"How did you know Ron? I was scared by the flash marriage between you two. I didn't expect that Ron was still a flash marriage. " After grumbling for a while, Wyatt ordered the more takeout and moved closer to Eva.

Eva took a look at Ron and didn't reply. She just smiled, while Ron coughed and warned Wyatt with a frown, "Why do you talk so much?"

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