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   Chapter 12 Wyatt Bai Is His Idol

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Eva was stunned. He was awakened by the sound of her turning over. He must have a light sleep, right?

"Did I wake you up?"

"No, I'm not asleep either." He replied.

Hearing this, Eva no longer felt awkward. She cleared her mind and said, "It's not a big deal, it's just... The case of Adela, it was William who killed her, but the person who dismembered her body... "

"Actually, you don't have to worry about this. The murderer of dismembering the corpse will not take any action in the near future. You can't find him before he takes the next action. "

Eva suddenly sat up and asked in confusion, "Why? Why hasn't he taken any action recently? "

"First of all, this case has just calmed down. The police station has been monitoring the case the most recently. He won't commit a crime again."

Eva thought for a while and agreed with what Ron said.

"Secondly, Adela is a public figure. The reason why the murderer didn't dismember her body until she was killed is that he is not strong enough to escape from the police's investigation and chase, so he chose to make others to take the blame."

Eva touched her chin, thought for a while and said, "Then why doesn't he take action recently?"

"Idiot, the whole city is heavily guarded. He is so cautious. How could he commit a crime again?"

Eva suddenly realized whether she had been too tired recently? She actually walked into a dead end unexpectedly.

"Well, now have you figured it out? Go to bed now. Don't you need to go to work tomorrow? "

He always cared about her in such an awkward way. Eva closed her eyes and fell asleep.

This was the second night she had slept here, but she didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, she slept soundly...

Early in the morning, Eva, neatly dressed, went downstairs with Ron. Seeing that Lauren and Nicholas were already sitting at the table and waiting for the two of them, Eva felt a little embarrassed.

"Good morning, Mom and grandpa."

"Okay, okay. Come and have breakfast. Did you sleep well these two days? Is there anything uncomfortable? "

Lauren asked with concern. Eva shook her head. Then she sat beside Lauren.

However, the breakfast time made Eva know Lauren's chatting. If it weren't for the interruption of Ron, Lauren could have said at least half an hour.

Sitting on the passenger seat of the car, Eva breathed a sigh of relief and heard a chuckle on her left.

"What do you think? Do you like my proposal of moving out last night? "

Eva nodded her head and added, "But we have to discuss with grandpa and others. We can't act on our own."

"Okay, it's up to you, Mrs. Eva!" Ron teased.

Not surprisingly, Eva flushed. She turned around and looked out of the window. What had happened to Ron recently? For fun?

It seemed that Ron was in a good mood. He drove her to the police station with a smile all the way. Eva got out of the car and urged, "I'm here. You should go to the company now."

He nodded. When Eva was about to turn around, he said, "I'm going here to pick you up in the afternoon. Don't contradict me."

After saying that, he drove away in a flash, leaving Eva standing there in a daze. A moment later, she couldn't help laughing, "So domineering."

In the morning, Eva was so busy. When it was time for lunch, Hilary was gone. There were only two people left in the empty police station, Marlon and she. Marlon was standing in front of her.

When did he come? Why didn't she find it at all?

Eva stood up and asked with a smile, "What's wrong? What can I do for you? "

"Eva... Eva... I... I want to invite you to lunch... "

Eva asked in confusion, "Why do you want to invite me to lunch all of a sudden?"

"Hmm... There was no special reason... But... I just want to thank you... "

"Well, let's go. Of course I'm willing to have lunch with someone."

Although Marlon invited Eva to lunch, he had been following behind her all the time. It was her who decided what to eat and where to eat, and he didn't seem to have ideas.

When all the dishes were served, Eva picked up her chopsticks and asked. "Tell me, why did you invite me to lunch?"

"Actually... In fact, there was really no special reason... I just want to thank you... "

"But why do you want to thank me?"

Being asked by Eva, Marlon just lowered his head to eat and did not answer, which made her very confused. Why was this boy not as calm as he was when he interrogated William yesterday?

"Then... Yesterday, it was so busy in the interrogation department. You were the only one who had nothing to do in your seat? "

"I... Because I don't like talking... So no one asked me for help... "

Eva put a piece of beef into her mouth and chewed it slowly. Then she continued, "That's to say, it's lucky for me to get your help yesterday. You are so powerful. If there are too many people asking you for help, won't I know you?"

Hearing Eva's words, Marlon blushed. He put down his chopsticks and waved his hands, saying, "No..." He couldn't say anything.

"All right, all right. Let's have lunch now. We don't have much rest at noon. Don't waste it on blushing."

Hearing that, Marlon's face turned even redder

After lunch, the two of them walked towards the police station. Eva was still walking in front of Marlon. Marlon followed her.

If Eva hadn't known that he didn't pretend to be embarrassed just now, she would have thought that this man was a freak who specialized in tailing after others?

As soon as they entered the police station, Eva was called away, while Marlon went back to his seat with his head down. Since no one asked him for help, he was still the most leisurely person in the interrogation department.

Since Marlon had nothing else to do, he took out the book in the drawer, which had been marked a lot.

As soon as he turned a few pages, he heard Eva's voice, which sounded a little hasty. "Marlon, come and help me ask. This person is very stubborn. I can't get any useful information from him!"

Being dragged into the interrogation room by Eva again, Marlon had to put the book in Eva's hand, which had not been put back to the drawer yet.

With a serious look on his face, he said in a low voice, "Eva, you must keep this book. Don't lose it. I'll go."

What kind of book could make Marlon, who was always shy and couldn't speak well in front of her, dare to stare at her and speak?

Driven by curiosity, Eva flipped through the book of criminal psychology in her hand. She found that every page was carefully written with notes, and some parts were even repeated with different colors of pens.

Perhaps Marlon was in a hurry to get the book or something else, the interrogation took more than ten minutes faster than yesterday.

"Marlon, you're good. You only spent a little time dealing with such a difficult criminal today?"

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