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   Chapter 10 Who Is The Rich Man He Mentioned

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The result of the fingerprint and blood test came out soon. According to the comparison of the Data Department, the suspect was William.

On the way to the interrogation room, William pointed at Eva and shouted in a sharp voice, "Eva Lu, you must have framed me! You can't get me, so you want to destroy me. You are really a bitch! Damn it!"

Eva turned a deaf ear to him and even rolled her eyes, continuing to sort out the things in her hands.

Seeing this, William was so angry that he kept struggling under the control of the policeman. "Bitch, sooner or later that rich man will be tired of you. At that time, you can only regret it..."

One of the policemen picked up an apple and put it into William's mouth. He said apologetically, "Eva, just take it as a bark of a dog."

Eva chuckled and turned around, only to see the enlarged face of Hilary. Hilary was staring at her with a pair of dark eyes, which made her involuntarily feel creepy.

"What rich man?" Hilary asked slowly.

"Oh, you scared me to death." With a sigh of relief, Eva patted on the shoulder of Hilary and said, "Hilary, you're back."

With a snap, Hilary shook off Eva's hand and stubbornly asked in a cold voice, "What does William mean by these words?"

Facing Hilary who was a little strange now, Eva frowned and explained casually, "No rich man. He thinks I'm taking revenge on him and deliberately slander me!"

Hearing this, Hilary still stared at her fiercely. "What about the luxury car yesterday?"

Facing her questioning, Eva's attitude was also a little colder, "My friend's. He was just to give me a ride home."

"What friend?"

Eva was dissatisfied, "Hilary, you..."

"William is too stubborn to admit anything."

The words of a policeman behind Eva immediately distracted her attention. She thought for a while and said, "Wait a minute. I'll borrow someone from the Criminal Psychology Department."

Then she turned around and patted on the shoulder of Hilary. "Hilary, I won't be with those disreputable people. Don't worry."

Squinting at Eva's back, Hilary pursed her lips. There was dark red light in her eyes under the glasses, as if something was brewing. After a while, she closed her eyes and opened them again, taking on her lively and lovely look again.

Eva soon brought someone here. He was a new intern in the Psychology Department, a more than 20 year old boy named Marlon Xi. Marlon Xi was introverted and shy. Due to his personality, he was not put in an important position. At this time, only he had time in the whole Psychology Department before he was taken here by Eva.

"Young man, this is your first independent task. Come on!" Eva gave him a thumbs up to ease his tension.

With a slight blush on his face, Marlon Xi lowered his head shyly and whispered, "Don't worry, Eva."

"Okay, go ahead." Eva nodded.

After they left, there were only Hilary and Eva. Squinting at the corner of her clothes, Hilary walked up awkwardly and said, "Eva, I'm sorry. I just..."

"It's okay. I know you don't mean to harm me." Eva didn't care about it at all and then changed the topic, "The case is finally settled, but it's a pity that Adela died so young. Alas."

Thinking of the death of Adela, Eva still felt pity.

"She? She deserves it!" With a long face, Hilary said through gritted teeth, "She wanted to sleep with a married director for her own interests. Although she didn't succeed, she deserved more than death!"

Eva felt a little awkward, but she sensitively grasped the key point, "How do you know that she failed to sleep

with the director?" The police didn't receive the information until this morning. Hilary didn't come in the morning. How could she know so much?

Hearing this, a hint of darkness flashed through the eyes of Hilary, and then she said as usual, "I heard it from others in the police station." Looking into the suspicious eyes of Eva, she said calmly, "After the case is settled, let's go to have dinner to celebrate. I know a newly opened shop and they are offering a discount recently."

As soon as she finished speaking, Marlon Xi walked out of the interrogation room. He peeped at Eva and said in a low voice, "Eva, the suspect admitted it. He had a dispute with the dead and killed her by accident. In order to create an alibi, he put ice cubes around the corpse, causing a temporary temperature decline."

After knowing the whole story of William's crime, Eva sighed deeply, "Impulse is a devil."

"Fortunately, you didn't marry him at that time, or you would be the family of the murderer." "The case is settled. Let's go and have dinner to celebrate," Hilary said jokingly. Then she turned to look at Marlon Xi and asked, "Young man, will you go with us? Eva is still single now."

Hilary even blinked her eyes, as if everyone knew what she meant.

"What are you talking about? Don't flirt with the intern." Eva quickly explained, and then raised her vibrating phone, "I have to answer a phone call first."

After saying that, she turned around and sneaked to a corner. She answered the phone, "What's up?"

On the other side of the phone, a smile appeared on the corners of Ron's mouth. He was looking through the documents sent by his assistant on the table, and his eyes stopped on William's ferocious face.

"Are you tired?" He asked softly.

"Not at all." Eva said excitedly, "Thanks to your prompt yesterday, the case is settled, and the replacement of low temperature is ice!"

"Well, you are also very smart." Hearing the woman's joyful voice, the corners of his mouth continued to rise.

Eva continued, "Alas, I didn't expect that the murderer was really William."

Hearing this, Ron's heart suddenly rose, "Are you regretful?"

"Of course." Eva didn't notice that there was something wrong with the man's tone at all. She grabbed the plant in front of her and said angrily, "It turns out that I really had a bad taste in the past. The only man I dated turned out to be a murderer. I feel stupid at the thought of it!"

Hearing this, Ron calmed down and comforted her casually, "It doesn't matter if you are stupid, as long as I am smart."

Eva burst with anger, "You mean I'm stupid?"

Ron was stunned, "No, no..."

"That's good." Eva smiled, "I'll have dinner to celebrate the end of the case after work."

"Call me after dinner. I'll pick you up."

"No, thanks." Eva felt sweet and said, "I can go back by myself. Don't bother." On the other hand, she didn't want Hilary to see Ron.

Hearing her so determined words, Ron didn't insist. He casually exhorted her a few words and hung up the phone.

Staring at the call log for a long time, Eva kept smiling. It was so good to be cared about by someone!


Hilary came over from behind and wanted to grab Eva's phone. Seeing that the woman quickly put away her phone, a trace of dissatisfaction flashed through Hilary's eyes. Then she smiled and said, "Who are you talking to on the phone? Your smile is in full bloom."

Eva answered vaguely, "Friend, friend."

"Boyfriend?" Hilary held her arm and asked, "When will you take him out and let me have a look?"

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