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   Chapter 8 A Warm Home of the Jiang's

Fatal Infatuation: You're My Final Dreaming By Jv Lingxian Characters: 6840

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"It's none of your business. But you..." Eva slightly bent over and said in a cold voice, "Why are you so abnormal when it comes to Adela?"

Feeling the tremble of Rosy, Eva chuckled, "I did a casual investigation, but I didn't expect that I have really found out something. Do you want to know?"

Rosy screamed, "Eva, don't expect that you can scare me!"

The woman tilted her head and curled her lips. "Let's wait and see!"

Then she turned around and left.

Staring at the back of Eva, Rosy came to herself after a long time. She took out her mobile phone with her trembling hand and dialed a number.

"What did you do when you went to see Adela that day?"

When Eva returned to the living room, the guests had already left.

Holding Eva's hand with a smile, Nicholas said in a soft and kind voice, "Oh, my granddaughter in law is so beautiful. This time, Ron has finally done the right thing."

Eva smiled shyly, "Thank you, Grandpa. I'm flattered."

"Eva, don't take those people's words seriously. From now on, we are a family. If you are wronged, the Jiang's will stand up for you. If Ron dares to bully you, tell me and I will help you!"

Hearing what Nicholas had said, Eva's eyes turned red. She didn't even remember for how many years no one had cared about her so much. She was not a sentimental person, but the betrayal and insult of her longtime friend and lover contrasted sharply with the care of the Jiang's, which made her feel a kind of warmth mingled with coldness.

"Grandpa, don't worry. No one dares to bully me. Ron is very good to me, and of course he won't let me suffer any grievance."

"My grandson is not as good as you said!" Although Nicholas said so, the pride in his eyes could not be suppressed. He glanced at Ron and asked curiously, "How did you know each other?"

Hearing this, Lauren also came up with a smile, "Yes, I heard from Ron that you fell in love with each other at first sight."

Fall in love at first sight? Eva looked at Ron in surprise. The man still had an icy face, but the moment their eyes met, he silently turned his face away.

"Well, let Ron tell you." Eva said shyly.

"You are a couple now. Don't be shy!" Lauren smiled and glanced at Ron, "Someone like him would finish it in a few words."

Eva felt like weeping but had no tears. How could she tell them that she was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend and got drunk until midnight? And on the way, she met Ron and pestered him?

Looking at Lauren's glittering eyes and Nicholas's pretended serious expression, Eva clenched her teeth.

Forget it. Make up a story.

"A few days ago, I met a thief on the street..." After Eva stumbled her words, Ron handed her a glass of water. After drinking it, Eva concluded, "That's it. I fall in love with him because of his courage."

"Wow! I didn't expect that Ron would be a hero to save the beauty!" "He is much better than his wooden father. He deserves to be my son," said Lauren, looking infatuated.

"Okay, mom." Then Ron stood up and said, "Eva and I have something else to do. We'll go upstairs."

Lauren came to herself and said, "Okay, okay. Don't worry. We won't go upstairs. We won't disturb the two of you!"

Eva was speechless.

After entering the study upstairs, Ron seemed to be relieved. He said to Eva helplessly, "My mother and grandfather are too enthusiastic. Did they scare you?"

"No, no, no." Eva

shook her head and smiled, "I was surprised at first, but now I only feel warm."

"That's good."

"In fact, I should thank you." Eva said sincerely. Thanks to Ron, she could pretend to be powerful in front of William and Rosy and show off their love in front of Jennifer.

"It's my pleasure." Ron continued, "Just as what grandpa has said, if you are wronged outside, the Jiang's will help you."

Eva was moved, "Anyway, I have to say thank you." Then, she seemed to think of something, pulled his arm and whispered, "I didn't have sex with William."

"Okay," said Ron calmly

"You believe me?"

"Of course." After saying that, the man turned his head to look at her and suddenly said with a smile, "But speaking of him, your taste in men was really bad before."

"You... You are right." Lowering her head, Eva admitted. Then she raised her eyebrows and teased, "But I have a good taste now, right?"

With his eyebrows slightly moving, a smile involuntarily appeared at the corners of Ron's mouth. He turned his head and stared at Eva's eyes. He didn't withdraw his gaze until the woman was at a loss.

"Yes, honey."

Being flirted instead, Eva snorted in order to cover up her shyness, and said in a low voice, "I need your help!"

"Go ahead."

"I want to find out the relationship between Rosy and Adela." With a serious look on her face, Eva said, "I suspect that she knows something about Adela before Adela died."

Ron nodded, "Okay, wait a moment." Then he edited a message and issued an order.

While waiting for the reply, the two of them chatted casually. Thinking of what Lauren had said, Eva asked curiously, "Where is uncle? Why didn't I see him?"

"He is feeding elephants in Africa."

"What?" Eva didn't know what he meant. "Do you mean 'doing charity?"

Ron paused for a while and said, "My mother made him angry, so he ran away from home."

Eva was speechless for a moment and asked worriedly, "Is your father easy to get along with?" Hearing his words, it seemed that his father had a bad temper.

"Not bad." Ron continued, "He only cares about my mother. He won't care about anything else."

As soon as he finished speaking, a message came through the phone. He turned on the computer and received an email from his assistant.

Seeing the email, they were really shocked.

It turned out that the night before the accident, in order to get a role, Adela intended to seduce the director, but accidentally walked into William's room. Coincidentally, William, who was drunk, checked in a room and contacted Rosy. As a result, Adela and William had sex in such a muddle.

At that moment, Rosy came and Adela ran away.

Unexpectedly, William couldn't forget the time with Adela. The night of the accident, he went to Empire Theatre to look for her. Perhaps Adela was afraid of being found out, she pulled him to a corner to avoid the monitor, so he was not found.

Looking through the pictures, Eva said seriously, "It seems that there might be a dispute between William and Adela. In my impression, William is extremely conceited and impulsive. If Adela said something to humiliate William, and she had a knife by her side that had been used to threaten you before, she might be killed by William out of carelessness."

Looking at the little woman in front of the computer with soft light shining on her face, Ron found her particularly attractive.

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