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   Chapter 6 The Noisy Woman Is So Ugly

Fatal Infatuation: You're My Final Dreaming By Jv Lingxian Characters: 7195

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Eva couldn't help laughing and stole a glance at Ron. She did marry a rich man, but not a bald one. Instead, he was handsome and young.

"Nervous?" Seeing her silent for a long time, Ron suddenly broke the silence, "Don't worry. Everyone in my family is easy to get along with. You just need to be yourself. They will adapt to you."

Hearing this, Eva didn't say anything. 'Why?

Why did he choose her? Why did he get married in such a hurry? With his status, wouldn't it be better to marry a daughter from a famous family?'

Looking at her nervous little face, Ron was inexplicably nervous and hesitant. Finally, he decided to tell the truth. "I need a simple wife, and you are very suitable."

'Because he needed her, because she was just the right person for him?''

Although it was a little embarrassing, Eva felt that it was more convincing than falling in love at first sight.

The Jiang's house was a retro building, which covered a large area. When Ron parked the car, Eva was waiting for him.

All of a sudden, a car came to her at a very fast speed and stopped in front of her. Under Eva's unpleased gaze, Rosy and William got out of the car.

"Eva, why are you here? Are you here to badger William again?"

Hearing Rosy's words, William looked at Eva and said seriously, "Eva, leave here. It's not somewhere you can come!"

"That's right. You'd better leave now, or I will ask my cousin to drive you out!" With her arms crossed over her chest, Rosy looked arrogant, as if this was her territory.

Seeing this, Eva suddenly remembered the words of Ron, "Who is Rosy?" She couldn't help laughing.

"Okay, ask your cousin to drive me away." Raising her eyebrows, Eva sneered.

"You!" Pointing at her angrily, Rosy seemed to think of something and asked, "You want to take the opportunity to see my cousin, seduce him, and marry him, right?"

Eva smiled slightly. She was really sorry that she had already become the legal wife of Ron.

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Rosy thought she had hit Eva's point, so she sneered more disdainfully, "Eva, stop dreaming."

"Whether it's daydreaming or not, let's put it aside first." Eva tucked her hair behind her ears, looked down at Rosy and said sarcastically, "Looking at you, always show off how much Ron spoils you, but why are all the famous brands on you fake?"

She pinched Rosy's so-called leather luxury bag and said casually, "I'm afraid it was picked up from the wholesale market."

This time, not only Rosy, but also William was a little embarrassed.

"What do you know?" Rosy glared at William, then she put her handbag behind her with a guilty conscience and explained loudly, "You are just an inexperienced bumpkin. Always say it is fake whenever you see someone has a luxury. Ridiculous!"

When Eva was about to speak, a deep voice suddenly came from the corner.

"What bumpkin?"

Eva turned her head and looked into Ron's dark eyes. She couldn't help smiling, "You're back." She walked up to him and naturally held his arm.

"Yes." Replied Ron in a soft voice. He held back Eva's hand, turned around and looked at the two people beside him with cold eyes.

Before he opened his mouth, Eva gloated and introduced, "She is Rosy, and the man next to her is called William."

It was not until Rosy heard her name did she come to her senses. She looked incredibly at the hands of the two people, and fear gradually spread, "Cou-cou..."

Before she finished her words, William suddenly asked in righteous indignation, "Eva, who is he? !"

Hearing this, Ron raised his eyebrow

s, "I'm her husband. Who are you?"

William frowned and looked at the man.

He wore a black tailored suit, which was of good quality and showed the man's dignity. His delicate and handsome face was like an elaborate sculpture from God. The two slanted eyebrows were as sharp as swords, and the pair of dark and cold eyes seemed to be able to see through people. The nobility and reserved manner engraved in the bones made people involuntarily feel inferior.

William frowned. A strong unwillingness rose from his heart and suppressed the inferiority complex.

Why? Why could Eva leave him and find a better man? Shouldn't she humbly beg him to come back? Shouldn't she cry every day?

She got married so soon. Had she already hooked up with this man?

Yes, that's it!

After figuring everything out, William shook off Rosy, pointed at Eva and shouted, "You bitch, how dare you betray me!"

"Betray?" With an expressionless face, Eva asked, "William, how dare you say that I have betrayed you?"

"Isn't it?" Then William pointed at Ron, "Haven't your parents taught you what shame is? How dare you meddle in other people's relationship? "

Hearing this, Ron moved his eyes and looked at William coldly, which made him shiver.

Seeing this, Rosy quickly stopped William, "William, stop it. He is..."

"Why should I stop? He has the face to do it, but doesn't allow others to comment on it?"

Eva sneered and stood in front of Ron, motioning him not to speak.

For a loser like William, he didn't need to end it himself. Besides, it was her own business and she didn't want Ron to get involved.

"You'd better learn the word 'shame' by yourself and teach it to Rosy."

Being sensitive to Eva's protection, William was even angrier. "Good for you, Eva. I was wondering why you didn't come to me. Now it turns out that you have hooked up with a better person." He continued, "How did you hook up with him? By sleeping with him?"

He turned to look at Ron and said proudly, "Speaking of this, isn't this bitch good in bed? I trained her. You don't have to... "

"Clap!" A loud slap fell on William's face. With a cold face, Eva said with a cold, dead voice, "William, you really make me sick!"

Caressing his swollen face, with his eyes wide open, William raised his hand and said, "Eva, you..."

"William, stop!" Rosy held William. With a trembling voice, she said, "He, he is Ron."

As soon as she finished speaking, William's face turned pale and his legs became weak.

As the CEO of the biggest Pharmaceutical Group in the country, Ron was a man of action and was known as the yama of the business world.

Facing such a man, he had actually...

"Mr.... Mr. Ron..." When William looked into the man's cold eyes, great fear overwhelmed him. He begged bitterly, "I'm so blind that I can't recognize you. Please forgive me for my wrongs. Please spare me this time."

Looking up at the man in front of him, Ron sneered, "I'm not the one you're sorry for."

Hearing this, William finally understood what Ron meant. He looked at Eva, clenched his fists and slowly knelt down. There was a little unwillingness in his hoarse voice, "Eva, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I'm a bastard. Can you forgive me?"

Frowning in disgust, Eva didn't reply. She just looked at Ron and said indifferently, "Let's go in. We've made your mother wait too long."

As soon as she finished speaking, the iron gate behind her was opened. A middle-aged woman in luxury clothes walked out. She seemed to be surprised at the situation in front of her. "Ron, what happened?"

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