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   Chapter 3 I Want To Marry You

Fatal Infatuation: You're My Final Dreaming By Jv Lingxian Characters: 6648

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'He's the CEO of J Group and he's here to defend his cousin?' thought Eva.

The smile on her face faded and was replaced with aloofness. She leaned back, crossed her arms over her chest, raised her chin slightly, and announced, "Tell your cousin that I'm not interested in William anymore, and ask her to keep an eye on him, lest all her efforts be in vain."

Being jilted was humiliating for her and the experience had erased all the love for William. She had gotten drunk to wipe off the memories of the past three years.

Now that she was sober, she had recovered from her blind love for him.

"William? Who is he?" asked Ron as he recalled how this woman was drunk and crying last night. He understood what she meant and moved on.

"I want to marry you," he said bluntly, getting to the point, ignoring the cousin that Eva mentioned. Maybe it was some shameless person who claimed to be his cousin to show off.

Eva was so shocked that she started coughing. She almost choked on her saliva. The speech that she had prepared in her mind died on her lips.

Staring at his flawless face, she stuttered in disbelief, "Marry? Me?"

Did she hear it right? The most eligible bachelor in J City wanted to marry her? Wasn't it too fast? After all, they only met last night!

There didn't seem to be any romantic connection between them. It was not like she got drunk and lost her virginity to him, and he was forced to take responsibility. Why should they get married for no reason?

"Yes," confirmed the man, who was looking at her expressionlessly. He frowned, apparently dissatisfied with her reaction. "Have you forgotten what you said last night?"

Eva suddenly shivered. Although she was drunk last night, she was not so reckless as to blank out completely. She tried her best to recollect what had happened and a voice popped into her head. "How about we follow the latest trend and have a flash marriage?" she had asked him flirtatiously.

She realized it was she who had proposed the ridiculous idea first!

Eva couldn't help but feel guilty. When she looked into the man's deep eyes, she felt like she was sitting on needles. She squeezed out an awkward smile and said, "Well, I was drunk."

Was he going to force her to marry him as a punishment? It was too big a sacrifice for him to make! After being dumped by her boyfriend, she couldn't believe that a marriage proposal from the most eligible bachelor in J City would just fall into her lap!

"It's good that you still remember!" said Ron, nodding with satisfaction. He gave his assistant a look and the latter handed over a document. Ron took it and pushed it in front of Eva. "Sign the prenuptial agreement if there is no problem."

Was this really happening? Even the prenuptial agreement had been prepared in advance.

Eva looked through it carefully. There were a lot of terms in the agreement: no coercion in marriage; no restriction on each other's freedom; if one had a crush on someone, they would divorce...

After reading more than ten pages of the agreement, Eva nodded and confirmed, "There is no problem with the agreement." It was very professional and especially beneficial to her.

"Good, then sign it!"

Without giving it further thought, Eva signed it. When she looked up at Ron, she felt something was

wrong. "Mr. Jiang, I..."

'Wait a minute! No problem? It is a big problem!

Am I still drunk? Why did I sign it so easily?' screamed a voice in her head.

It was the wrong time, the wrong occasion, and the wrong way to get married. Why did she sell herself out impetuously? She was behaving like a brainless woman!

"Call me Ron," he interjected. "Have you brought your residence booklet?"

"What? Yes," Eva replied subconsciously. She was supposed to marry William yesterday so she was still carrying her ID card and residence booklet along with her.

"Okay, let's go." Ron stood up and walked out.

Eva didn't realize that he had been leading her around by the nose.

After getting in the car, Eva wondered how she could explain her abnormal behavior to Ron, but she couldn't even convince herself with the lame excuses that she came up.

Standing at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau, all the words she had prepared mentally were stuck in her throat.

Eva followed him around in a daze, taking photos, signing, swearing, and obtaining the marriage licenses.

Eva looked at the photo on the marriage license and couldn't believe what she had just done.

Was she Mrs. Jiang now?

Yesterday, she was a heartbroken drunk, who was betrayed by her boyfriend and bestie, and today, she became the wife of the CEO of J Group.

'Am I in a dream?' she wondered.

Looking at the stunned woman beside him, Ron's heart melted a little. He turned away feeling uneasy and asked expressionlessly, "Where do you live? Let's go and get your luggage."

This was one of the terms of the agreement. The couple must live together. The corners of Eva's mouth twitched. Still in a trance, she gave him the address. She was on a pirate ship now!

The driver drove the car to her address and both of them got out of the car outside her apartment. Ron instructed the bodyguards to stay there and accompanied Eva to her apartment.

In her apartment, Eva hesitated to pack. Seeing that Ron was about to carry her bags, she quickly stopped him. "No, no, no. I don't have that many things. I can do it alone," she urged.

She couldn't possibly ask a CEO to help her carry her luggage! What if others knew it? They would tear her up!

However, to her surprise, Ron frowned with a strange look in his eyes and said unhappily, "Are you doubting my role as a husband, Mrs. Jiang?"

If he stood aside and watched his wife carrying so many things, what would others think of him? Even if it was just a contractual marriage, there was absolutely no reason to treat her harshly.

As he spoke, he pushed away Eva's hand, picked up two huge suitcases, and pushed the door open to go downstairs.

Eva's eyes got wet as she watched the scene. It warmed her heart.

Perhaps it was because she was an orphan, she had to shoulder everything alone. Even when she was with William, she had never relied on him. Although William was a big talker, he was more of a dwarf when it came to action.

As they carried her luggage downstairs, Eva received a phone call from Hilary. For some reason, Eva felt a little guilty. She walked away from Ron to answer the phone. The girl on the other end of the phone said excitedly, "Eva, I've got earth-shattering good news! Adela's murderer has been found. It's Ron Jiang!"

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