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   Chapter 2 I Have A Girlfriend

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"Okay, thank you," Hilary responded. With the official business out of the way, she began to gossip. "Eva, how do you feel after getting married?"

Hearing this, Eva's eyes turned misty and she replied weakly, "I'm not married."

"What?" Hilary's jaw dropped in disbelief. She wondered what on earth would cause a problem so big that Eva had to call off the wedding. She knew just how important the relationship and the wedding were for Eva.

With a wry smile at the corners of her mouth, Eva announced, "Well, I was stood up." Then she related what had happened that morning to Hilary and concluded, "It's just that my boyfriend has always been in love with my bestie, understand?"

Hilary nodded blankly. She was dumbstruck. Snapping out of the shock, she said angrily, "I knew that Rosy is not a good person. Every time she came to our autopsy department, she turned her nose up like a fake princess."

Eva was amused by her words. "What are you talking about? Rosy is from a rich family. Her distant cousin is the CEO of J Group," she reminded Hilary.

"Of course I know. She has shown off to us countless times. Distant cousin. Who knows how distant it is?" Hilary spat, rolling her eyes. "I think you have the temperament of a lady from a rich family. Maybe your biological parents are rich."

Hearing this, Eva laughed. "I agree with you!"

She knew that Hilary was trying to lighten the atmosphere to cheer her up. The result was as expected. Eva was feeling better. She suddenly thought of the man she met on the roadside. He appeared cold but he was a good man inside.

Meanwhile, Ron stopped the car at his family's villa and the butler came over looking sullen.

"Mr. Jiang, your grandpa lost his temper again."

Ron was used to it. After handing the car keys to the butler, he stepped into the room, barely avoiding a teacup that came flying his way.

Nicholas Jiang was so angry that his beard was trembling. "You brat! Did you insult the girl at the blind date today?" he asked angrily.

Ron felt a little helpless in the face of his grandfather's accusation. Thinking of the woman with a one-inch thick foundation on her face, he felt a little nauseated. "No, I just asked her to smile less or else her face would crease," he quipped.

Ron's mother, Lauren Qin, burst into laughter. Her son was stoic but he had a sharp tongue. His biting comment proved that he must have been impatient with the blind date.

"Dad, don't worry. Sooner or later, Ron will get married," she comforted her father-in-law.

Nicholas Jiang finally stopped scolding for the sake of his daughter-in-law. He snorted arrogantly and complained, "Who knows when he will get married? Ron, if you don't bring a girl home within a month, I will force you to get married!"

With this warning, the patriarch frowned and glanced at his eldest grandson with disappointment. "Alas, you are already thirty-two years old. When I was your age, your father was old enough to help with housework..."

Seeing that his grandfather was about to start nagging and lecturing him again, Ron interrupted him. "Grandpa, I have a girlfriend."

"Really?" Nicholas Jiang's eyes lit up and Lauren Qin also came over at once. "What's her name? Where is she from? How old is she? What does she do?"

All of a sudden, th

e drunkard woman appeared in Ron's mind. "She might be from J City and she looks like twenty-five or twenty-six," he mused.

"Might be? Looks like?" Nicholas Jiang's expression soured.

Lauren Qin comforted him with a smile and asked gently, "Ron, do you really have a girlfriend?"

"Soon. We just met today and soon she will be my girlfriend," he assured them.

After saying that, he turned around and went upstairs, ignoring the withering looks both of them gave him.

Downstairs, Nicholas Jiang and Lauren Qin were still fretting and fuming about their discussion with Ron. She suddenly noticed something on Ron and asked, "Wait, are you hurt? Why do you look a little..."

Ron paused and replied calmly, "Yes, but nothing serious."

Lauren Qin didn't pursue the matter further but Nicholas Jiang took the girlfriend thing very seriously.

"Lauren, is he telling the truth?"

"It seems to be." Lauren Qin shook her head incredulously. "I didn't expect him to fall in love with someone at first sight. I wonder what the girl's impression of him is."

The next morning, Eva handed over the autopsy report to the captain. After resting a while at the station, she was ready to go home.

Today was the weekend and it was her day off. After last night's drinking and the new case, which kept her up late, she was exhausted.

As soon as she got out of the police station, she saw a black Lincoln pulling up in front of her. A man in a suit got out of the car and strode over to her. "Miss, are you Eva Lu?" he asked politely.

"Yes, I am."

The man signaled towards the car and said, "Our CEO wants to see you."

"I don't know any CEO," replied Eva curtly. She wanted to walk away.

Forensic experts could often make the corpse speak and find the key to the case, and that was just what Eva could do. According to the reports, Adela had been in relationships with many rich people. Perhaps some CEO got the news and wanted to bribe Eva.

Eva felt a little helpless. She was only responsible for the autopsy, not for solving the case. The CEO had found the wrong person.

However, when she proceeded to move, the man blocked her path. "Sir, look around you. This is a police station," Eva threatened icily.

The man was about to retort but stopped as if he had received some instructions. He turned around and stood aside. Eva was about to leave when she saw a familiar figure emerging from the car.

"It's you?" She was a little surprised. It was the man who comforted her last night.

"It's me," Ron nodded. "I have something to discuss with you."

Eva hesitated. Although she had a good impression of this man, she would not help him if it was about the case. As a forensic expert, she had her professional ethics.

Reading the woman's mind, a glimmer of appreciation flashed through Ron's eyes. "Don't worry. It's not something that would embarrass you," he reassured her.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Eva nodded. "Okay."

They were sitting in a cafe and their cups were already empty, but the man showed no signs of opening his mouth.

Eva couldn't stand this kind of atmosphere, so she smiled politely and asked, "Sir, may I have your name?"

"Ron Jiang," he answered.

Eva narrowed her eyes. She had heard this name before. He was Rosy's distant cousin.

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