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   Chapter 1 What Do You Think Of Me

Fatal Infatuation: You're My Final Dreaming By Jv Lingxian Characters: 7247

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It was a clear night with a bright moon and just a few stars.

Eva Lu was staggering along on a desolate road. Suddenly, she stumbled and fell to her knees. She propped herself up and cursed, "William, you bastard!"

She was in a sorry state. She had been happily waiting for her boyfriend at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the marriage licenses on their third dating anniversary. However, he had never showed up. At last, she had gotten a message from him, which shattered her heart into a million pieces.

"Eva, I'm sorry. I think I have always been in love with Rosy. Let's break up!"

'Let's break up!' The three words ended their three-year relationship in an instant.

Eva Lu deleted all his contact information at once and went to a bar to drink away her grief.

A car screeched to a halt one centimeter away from Eva Lu. The man inside rolled down his car window and said coldly, "Get out of the way."

The strong headlights made her eyes hurt. She squinted uncomfortably and stood in front of the car. With a bottle of wine in one hand, she pressed down on the hood of the car with the other. Whistling casually, she remarked, "Dude, good driving skills!"

Looking at the drunkard in front of him, Ron Jiang suppressed his impatience and repeated, "Get out of the way."

Detecting the forbearance in his tone, Eva Lu raised her eyebrows and burped loudly. She waved her hand and shook her head. "The road is so wide. Where can't you go from there? Why do you have to go from my side?"

Looking at the narrow passage, Ron Jiang pressed his lips into a thin line and decided not to argue with the drunk woman. Starting the car, he began retreating, but she unexpectedly walked around the car, leaned into his window, and stared straight at him.

"Why am I so unlucky?" Eva Lu sighed and the strong smell of alcohol filled his nostrils. With a frown, Ron Jiang reached out to raise the window but was stopped by her.

"Hey, stranger, let's chat for a while," Eva Lu said, looking at him seriously.

Ron Jiang stared into her eyes, which were deep and melancholy, like the most brilliant river of stars in the universe. Intrigued, he turned off the engine and nodded. "Go ahead."

Eva Lu said with a smile, "Then come out of the car. It's tiring to stand like this!"

Ron Jiang's face darkened and he replied curtly, "I don't have time to talk to you. Let go of me."

"No way!" Alcohol made people foolhardy. Eva Lu felt the man's coldness but she still tugged his sleeve, trying to drag him out.

"Crazy woman!" roared Ron Jiang angrily. He was a neat freak and didn't like to be manhandled. Twisting his arm, he easily escaped her clutches and drove away.

Eva Lu fell to the ground awkwardly. Hugging her knees, she buried her head between her legs and sobbed softly.

How could she not be sad?

She was an orphan and went to college when she was eighteen years old. She got into a medical college purely on merit and there she met her only friend, Rosy Jiang. After graduation, she fell in love with William Yu. They had been together for three years now.

But the eight years of friendship and three years of love collapsed in an instant.

It was heartbreaking.

After she had cried to her heart's content, she wiped her tears and found a pair of shiny leather shoes in front of her. "Why are you crying?" asked the man calmly.

Eva Lu, who was in a trance, faintly smelled blood but she ignored it. Smiling bitterly, she said, "My boyfriend is in love with my bestie. How can I not cry?"

Ron Jiang was silent. He had a happy childhood, his parents

were in love, and he had a good relationship with his brother. He hadn't been in love yet, so he was unable to empathize with her. If the Jiang family found out that he was kindly comforting a heartbroken drunkard on the roadside, they would be shocked.

After a moment's silence, Eva Lu smiled drunkenly and said, "I'm so stupid crying for a man. Why can't I find someone else? There are so many men in the world. Right?"

Ron Jiang squinted and nodded, "Yes."

"By the way, are you married? Do you have a girlfriend?" asked Eva Lu, changing the topic.


Eva was surprised. "You look like you're more than 30 years old but you are still unmarried?" Ignoring the man's sour expression, she staggered to her feet, put her hand on his shoulder and blinked. "What do you think of me? How about we follow the latest trend and have a flash marriage? I have money, a car, and a house, enough to support you," she gloated.

Ron Jiang, the CEO of J Group, the leading pharmaceutical company in H Country, was over 30 years of age. No one had ever told him that they would support him. Hearing this, Ron Jiang laughed out of anger. He was about to respond when he heard a blaring ringtone.

Eva Lu waved her hand and answered the phone. He didn't know what the person on the other end of the phone was saying, but her face suddenly became serious. She suppressed her drunken state and said, "Okay, I'll be there soon."

After hanging up the phone, she patted his shoulder and said gratefully, "Thank you. I have to go to work now. You'd better go home quickly. It's dangerous outside."

With that, she turned around and left, ignoring his darkened face again.

The Empire Theatre in J City was five hundred meters away from where Eva Lu was.

There was a hubbub at the place. There was a barricade tape near the backstage area. The staff had gathered there and the atmosphere was tense.

"Excuse me, please." Putting on her lab coat, Eva Lu squeezed through the crowd and walked over the barricade tape. "Hilary, where is the corpse?" she asked.

Hilary Chao, a short-haired girl with black-rimmed glasses, led the way for her. "Eva, the corpse is disgusting. I hope you can bear it!"

Hearing this, Eva Lu chuckled. "I've been a forensic expert for three years. I've seen all kinds of corpses. Don't worry," she assured.

Her major in college was forensic science. When she was in the fourth year of university, she was chosen to work at the J City Police Station due to her excellent grades. She interned there for a year, and after graduation, she started working full time at the police station. When she had started dating William Yu, he had admired her for being brave and meticulous. He had called her his muse. In less than half a year, he had begun to dislike her and complained that she always had a strange smell on her body, reminding him of those rotten, stinky corpses that she had dealt with. She was no longer his muse.

Eva Lu came to her senses as soon as she saw the corpse. She squatted down to inspect it.

Just as Hilary Chao said, the corpse was in a horrible state.

The white cloth covering the dead body was pulled open, revealing a pale face. Eva Lu closed her eyes for a while, suppressed the sadness in her heart, and asked calmly, "Have you found the identity of the victim?"

"The information is here," Hilary Chao replied. "The victim is Adela Song, a 28-year-old actress..."

Eva Lu nodded and stood up. "I'll do a preliminary examination first and send the corpse to the station later. I'll hand over the report to the captain tomorrow morning."

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