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   Chapter 49 Enemies Are Destined To Meet

Count On Me, My Sweetie By Gong Zi Characters: 7708

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Although Wade was a little far away from Zoe when she was on the phone and he couldn't tell who she was talking to and what she had said to the person on the phone, his intuition told him that they must have mentioned him.

Otherwise, why did Zoe do something that disgusted him on purpose before, causing the two to break up? And now why did Zoe ask him to have a cup of coffee because of an encounter?

She could never lied.

These things were full of weirdness, as if the fog was blinding in front of Wade. He knew that as long as he took a step forward, he could see the real truth, but deep in his heart, he actually resisted the truth.

Wade had always been a man who followed his heart.

But judging from what had happened today, Wade believed that Zoe would still appear in front of him. He was not in a hurry to deal with these weird things.

It was hard to tell whether it was because of Wade's wit, or because Nancy and Zoe two were too eager to succeed.

As Wade expected, he met Zoe at noon on the second day when he had an appointment with his client.

However, Zoe was quarreling with Milly and didn't seem to notice the arrival of Wade.

The slender figure, dressed in the simplest uniform and with a clean ponytail, was trying to argue about something.

He didn't hear it clearly because it was too far away, but Wade was a little curious because Zoe's casual clothes.

After all, Nancy was the daughter of a rich family. After meeting her for several times, Nancy dressed more and more casually.

Wade didn't have any feelings for the so-called luxury brands, but as he had lived in them for a long time, it was inevitable for him to know what the brand and civilian things were.

Zoe was obviously the latter.

While Wade was thinking, he had already walked behind the two people. Zoe was facing him with her back, so she didn't notice that.

Zoe was filled with righteous indignation at Milly.

"Milly, you have broken your promise. Didn't you say that you wouldn't make things difficult for me in front of Nancy? Why are you still against me when you see me now?"

Zoe covered her chest with her hands and glared at Milly with her watery eyes.

Zoe was wearing the hotel uniform and her chest was wet, so she was in urgent need of leaving to change her cl

already seen through your little trick! You don't deserve Wade at all! You are just daydreaming. "

Zoe was about to turn around and leave, but finally she couldn't help but look back at Milly. "Whether I'm daydreaming or not is not up to you."

"Are you talking back to me?"


Milly poked Zoe on the shoulder and said, "Don't you know who you are now? Do you think that you are at school now?"

After hearing what Milly said, Zoe realized that she was embarrassed as a waiter. According to the hotel management, no matter whether she was right or wrong, as a waiter, Zoe had to respect the customers.

And it seemed that Zoe was wrong.

Zoe gritted her teeth and asked, "What do you want?"

"What do you think?" Milly's face gradually became complacent. She looked around happily and said, "Well, the decoration of this hotel is really good, but the waitress' attitude is a little bad, especially this one in front of me." She suddenly approached her with a smile, "Can I complain about you?"

"Milly, go ahead. I won't do this job at the worst!

"Well, I advise you not to brag. These hotels are all chain stores, and the Internet is so developed now. If they get angry, they will write some bad words about you on your resume, which will be recorded in your future work file."

"You!" Zoe trembled with anger, but what Milly said was reasonable.

Milly's identity was not as simple as it seemed. It was said that Milly's family was also a little powerful. It was easy for Milly to get in Zoe's way today.

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