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   Chapter 48 I Have Already Seen Through It

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Hearing the voice, Wade looked down and frowned at the coffee list at his feet.

"Sorry, sorry!" Zoe bowed her head and apologized. She held the table with one hand and bent down to pick up the coffee list. Unexpectedly, she slipped and lost her balance. In order to maintain balance, her hand on the table immediately swept the cup to the ground.

With a snap, the cup exploded at Wade's feet, and the coffee splashed on his trouser.

Zoe was stunned. At that time, the first thought in her mind was that Wade's clothes seemed to be customized abroad and cost a lot of money.

Her body stiffened in the air. She got up and lowered her head to maintain her posture, as embarrassed as before.

Zoe paused and picked up the list with her trembling fingers.

Ignoring the broken glass on the ground, she picked it up and deliberately glanced at Wade. "Ah, it's you!" Zoe opened her mouth slightly and pretended to be surprised.

Hearing the familiar voice, Wade slowly looked up from the bottom of his trousers and frowned at Zoe.

Zoe put down the coffee list in her hand, quickly took off her peaked cap and sunglasses, revealing her lovely face and watery eyes. "It's me. I didn't expect to meet you here. What a coincidence!"

'Bah, I really didn't know how to lie. Why did I talk about coincidence at this time? Obviously, I came to get back together with Wade!'

A trace of surprise flashed through Wade's eyes. He looked at Zoe and said indifferently, "Okay.".

He didn't say more words.

There was a trace of embarrassment in the air.

The waiter came over and quickly dealt with the coffee cup. Zoe sat aside and apologized. She wanted to find a topic to talk with Wade, but she didn't know what to say. She didn't say anything, and Wade just wiped his trousers with the tissue sent by the waiter and didn't find a topic.

Zoe couldn't help but criticize Wade in her heart. Wade was so cold. Although he was not very enthusiastic when meeting an acquaintance, he should have a smile on his face. Now his cold face was as if someone owed him hundreds of millions.

However, it seemed that Zoe had heard that there was a project before, and indeed a developer owed Wade a lot...

Although Zoe complained about him in her heart, she looked at Wade with a big smile and s

but because her family's matter, Nancy didn't want to persuade Zoe, which made Nancy feel that she was using her friend.


Nancy called out Zoe's name. Nancy was full of words to say, but in the end, she could not say a word.

"Oh, Nancy. I'm really frustrated."

Zoe's tone was full of resentment, which could be sensed even by Nancy on the other side of the phone.

After hesitating for a moment, Nancy asked what she was most concerned about, "Then what are you thinking now? Continue? Or... " Nancy didn't say the last two words "give up", but she was sure that Zoe could understand what she meant.

Sure enough, when Nancy's voice came out from the phone just now, Zoe expressed her attitude affirmatively, "Of course I want to continue. I don't believe that he will always ignore me!"

Hearing Zoe's words, Nancy felt much more relaxed. "I believe you. Come on!"

"I'm going back to recuperate now and continue tomorrow."


"Don't say those disgusting words to me. If possible, I hope you can tell me how you chased after Hayden back then."

Hearing Zoe's plaintive tone, Nancy was much relieved.

"When you come here one day, we will discuss the strategy together."

"Okay, I have something else to do. Bye!" Then Zoe hung up the phone, walked to the roadside, hailed a taxi and left.

Just as Zoe left, a handsome and cold man walked out from a corner. This man was not someone else, but Wade, who should have left.

Wade frowned as he stared at the direction where Zoe left.

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