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   Chapter 47 It's Very Embarrassing

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"Okay, I see." Zoe gritted her teeth and hung up the phone quickly. She walked to the roadside and hailed a taxi to the cafe that Wade was in.

Half an hour later, Zoe came to the cafe and her heart was in pain because she spent a lot on the taxi, but she didn't rush in. She observed through the glass outside for a long time and found that Wade was sitting in a booth. Her eyes lit up.

Just like when they met in the coffee shop, she was busy scaring him away at that time, but now she wanted to coax him back.

Therefore, there was retribution in the world.

Zoe sighed in her heart. Then she looked around and found that the shop next to the cafe was a shop for hats and sunglasses. She rolled her eyes and walked quickly towards that shop.

Two minutes later, a woman with a cap on her head and a pair of sunglasses on the bridge of her nose came out of the shop. She stopped at the door for a second and went straight to the cafe.

Zoe, who wore sunglasses, swaggered into the coffee shop. She looked around intentionally or unintentionally, as if she was choosing a seat, but in fact, she was looking at Wade.

She found that he was talking to the person opposite him, and his behavior was elegant. The person opposite him was obviously a successful woman, with exquisite makeup and beautiful and generous, but obviously not as beautiful as Wade. The topic had been led by Wade all the time.

Zoe took a deep breath, lowered her head and sat in front of Wade and others, with her back to Wade.

Zoe had just sat down. She was so nervous that she didn't even hear clearly what the waiter who followed her asked her.

Until the waiter asked her again, "Miss, what can I do for you?" Zoe finally came to her senses, but the waiter's interruption made Zoe less nervous.

Zoe smiled awkwardly at the waiter, took the list from him and said softly, "Let me have a look."

Although she said so, she covered half of her face with the list and didn't look at the drink.

The waiter looked at Zoe and Wade, guessing that Wade's girlfriend was following him. He had seen a lot of such kind of person, but most of the time, the person like Zoe was in no mood to drink anything. In the end, if she quar

Zoe recalled the conversation between the two people. Apparently, they were brother and sister. Zoe blamed herself for her woolgathering.

Zoe quickly spat at herself and covered her face with the list. She didn't show it until Lynn Su walked past her. Zoe looked at Lynn Su's back with a pair of smart eyes.

After Lynn Su left, Zoe secretly glanced at Wade. Lynn Su and Wade were not on the same way. Wade took a sip of coffee slowly and didn't get up.

The opportunity finally came!

Zoe was excited and nervous.

She recalled the way she got along with Wade and guessed what kind of girl he liked and how she should greet him. Later, the more Zoe thought about it, the more nervous she became. Her hands trembled and her brain went blank!

'At this critical moment, Zoe. Calm down!'

Zoe straightened her clothes and clenched her fists to warn herself. But before she could take action, she heard Wade call the waiter and he wanted to pay the bill.

How could this be? Why didn't he sit for a while?

'No matter what, I'll try my best!'

Without thinking it over, Zoe put the coffee list on the edge of the table and deliberately swept it down with her hand. With a crack, the coffee list fell, and Wade happened to walk to her.

Zoe had planned to create an encounter. She wanted to fall leisurely and elegantly, like a lady from an eminent family covering half of her mouth, pretending to be frightened.

However, changes always went beyond plans.

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