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   Chapter 46 Ready To Attack

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After a long time, Nancy said something to Hayden. When Nancy turned around to talk to Zoe, Nancy smiled happily again.

"Zoe, are you there?"


Perhaps in this world, only Hayden could subdue Nancy, the little devil. Nancy's voice on the phone was full of joy.

"Zoe, thank you so much for your help."

Zoe deliberately snorted arrogantly, "I made things difficult at that time, and it's my responsibility now. As long as you don't blame me!"

"Of course not. It's too late for me to thank you."

"Then telling me Wade's schedule tomorrow now." Zoe was afraid that she would forget to ask about it when she talked to Nancy for a long time.

Although Zoe had said that and refused Nancy in every way, in fact, she did not resist because of the trap of Nancy. Instead, Zoe was doing it with all her heart.

Not only for Nancy, but also for her own expectation.

Hearing this, Nancy was suddenly enlightened. She quickly asked Hayden beside her to find a document from her handbag, and read the content of the document, "Zoe, listen carefully, and begin to get to the point."

"Wade, the most handsome man of J University, runs a company by himself after graduation. He is gentle and elegant..."

"Get to the point." Zoe stopped Nancy from being an anthomaniac in time. At the same time, Zoe sighed in her heart that Nancy's information was not reliable.

Wade seemed to be easy-going, but in fact, he was very cold in his heart. Generally, people who didn't have deep contact with him were easily attracted by him.

"Okay." Nancy agreed. Then Zoe heard the sound of paper turning, "Wade will arrive at the company on time at eight o'clock tomorrow morning, have a meeting at ten o'clock, then have lunch and take a nap. He will meet a client at two o'clock in the afternoon, and the meeting will over at four o'clock."

"That's it?"

"Yes, that's all!" Nancy replied. "I already knew it before four o'clock in the afternoon. Although it's not clear after four o'clock, I think he will just go home after work or work overtime until late at night. I can't stand such a boring and unemotional life. And I have a foresight that the pers

whole day. Wade wouldn't come out until off duty!

"Alas!" Zoe sighed, shook her head and left.

In the morning, she was defeated!

Sure enough, the plan was not reliable. Zoe rubbed her belly and prepared to go to the roadside stall to eat more breakfast.

In the afternoon, Zoe came to the gate of Wade's company again at about three o'clock. However, she wandered around the gate, but did not intend to walk in. She went back to the blind corner where she was in the morning and squatted until four o'clock. She did not receive any call from Nancy, so she took the initiative to inform Nancy.

But as soon as she found Nancy's number, her phone rang.

Zoe took a look at the screen and was overjoyed. Zoe lowered her voice like a thief and said, "I just wanted to call you. We have mutual affinity!"

"Zoe, I love you!" Nancy said coquettishly.

"Don't make me sick. If you want to make someone sick, you can just make Hayden sick. Is that all you want to tell me?"

"Of course not. I've got the news that Wade is going to a coffee shop. I don't know exactly why, but this is an opportunity for you to create a coincidence with him!" Speaking of business, Nancy became serious and told Zoe about the information that she got.

In the end, Nancy added, "You can take No.169 bus to go to the coffee shop."

"Or you..."

Before Nancy could say something more, Nancy said slowly, "But it seems that time is running out."

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