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   Chapter 30 Black And White

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As a whole, Wade looked gentle and elegant, but after getting along with him for a long time recently, Zoe found that he was indifferent in his heart.

Although Wade didn't say much words but Zoe knew that he had a strong sense of control, she had a deep understanding of it when they met two times. Every time he needed her, he would come to her.

Perhaps it was because he came from a rich family and was surrounded and admired by children since he was a child that he had developed the habit of leading others.

When the dress was nicely packaged and sent to the school, Zoe was looking at the sky by the window, waiting for the message from the awkward Rory. Unexpectedly, after half an hour, there was no message from the young man. Instead, her roommate helped her bring the dress back.

When Zoe opened the box, her roommate couldn't help laughing at her. "Zoe, are you in love?"

"What? No... " Embarrassed.

"A classmate said that he saw you take a car to leave in the evening."

"Just an ordinary friend. Take me a place on the way." Zoe didn't know how to lie, so she had to lower her head.

"Why are you shy? Oh my God... Givenchy's limited edition! Have you been hooked up with a rich man recently? "

Zoe was stunned. "Who is so blind to want me to be his girlfriend... It's just a fake one. "

Zoe was very nervous. Her roommate was just kidding, and she didn't pay attention to it. She went to bed directly and turned on the tablet, leaving Zoe staring at the dress.

The water blue sleeveless dress was neatly folded without any wrinkles on it. Zoe flipped it over and found that there was no label.

Maybe it was because Wade didn't want to put pressure on her that he cut the label off.

The color of the dress was very clean, which should match the color of Zoe's skin. The moment she picked up the dress, there were matched jewelry under it. Zoe didn't know the goods, but they were delicate and had gilded logo, she felt that they were must very expensive.

What was Wade going to do?

When Zoe was confused, her phone rang. She opened the screen and found it was Wade.

As soon as the clothes were in her hand, the phone rang. The time was accurate.

Zoe hesitated and picked up the phone. It seemed that Wade was still working. She could vaguely hear the sound of typing, accompanied by beautiful voice. "Have you received the things?"

"Evening dress? Very beautiful. "

"Well, that's good. I'll pick you up tonight."

"What are we going to do?"

"Didn't your father tell you that I'm going to attend the party that The Sea Real Estate Company holds today?"

Zoe was confused. How could she have the chance to attend the dinner party? Even if they were going to attend a high-class party, it should be Nancy's father took Nancy there. It had nothing to do with Zoe.

Thinking of this, Zoe lied, "Of course I know. But I've been busy with my graduation thesis recently, so I ignored it."

"Well, that's good. The party will begin at eight o'clock in the evening. You should prepare early."


"I have something else to do. Call Linda if you have any questions."

Zoe wanted to say something more, but the man didn't give her the chance. The next moment, Zoe heard someone greet Wade. She didn't want to delay people, especially Wade, who was waiting for her to hang up gracefully. She had to force a smile and said, "See you tonight."

After hanging up the phone, Zoe hurriedly contacted Nancy, but the other party disappeared at this critical moment.

Zoe was very anxious. She looked back at the clock on the wall and found that it was almost five o'clock. According to Wade's character, he would pick her up in advance. There were still more than two hours left. She had to find Nancy and ask her what was going on!

Since Zoe knew Wade, her life had undergone great ups and downs, which scared away the courage she had accumulated in the past twenty years.

It was not early. After receiving the dress, Zoe ran from the library to the canteen, from the canteen to the self-study room, and she couldn't find Nancy every


Zoe lowered her head and walked towards the dormitory. She was anxious and confused, but Zoe couldn't avoid her enemy. Two people came over and deliberately bumped into Zoe's shoulder when they passed Zoe.

Zoe stepped back, rubbed her shoulders and raised her head. She frowned, but before she could say anything, the latter was angrier and had already taken the initiative to scold Zoe.

"Are you blind?"

"It's you?"

Zoe had prepared to fight back, but when she saw the domineering look of the other party, Zoe immediately swallowed her words.

Zoe couldn't afford to offend the campus belle.

Because of Zoe's hazy relationship with Wade, that woman couldn't stand it. Previously, the woman had believed that Zoe had cheated Wade a lot, but the woman hadn't found any evidence. Now that they met, that woman wouldn't easily let go of this opportunity to ridicule Zoe.

Milly raised her chin and looked down at Zoe, "Are you in a hurry to lie to others again?"


"Don't think that I don't know how you be with Wade. If you are sensible, you should leave Wade now. Don't wait for me to expose you."

Zoe couldn't figure out what Milly wanted to do, so she asked, "When did I offend you?"

"I just don't like you. What's the matter?"

Zoe clenched her fists and bit her lips. Seeing Zoe like this, Milly thought Zoe was going to have a fight with her. When Milly took half a step back, Zoe suddenly smiled and said, "Only mad dogs will bite people for no reason."

A clear voice with a trace of complacency and ridicule.

"Who the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm sorry." The admiration in Milly's eyes flashed through Zoe's mind when Wade gave a speech at their school that day. Zoe knew Milly's weakness, so Zoe suddenly raised her little face and said brightly, "I'm busy dating with my dream lover, so I won't stay with you any longer."

After saying that, Zoe left with pride and straightened her back. Only Milly and her female companion were burning with anger. If Milly hadn't held her identity, she would have pounced on Zoe and grabbed Zoe's hair.

"That Zoe! Who did she say was her dream lover? "

"Who else can it be? Of course it's Wa..."

Milly glared at her, and the female companion immediately stopped talking. After a while, she said cautiously, "Maybe Wade just her classmate. Zoe lives at the bottom of the society. How can she have the chance to contact the upper class?"

"I will teach her a lesson one day!"

Milly's voice was full of hatred and curses.

Due to the disturbance of Milly, it was almost seven o'clock in the evening when Zoe returned to her dormitory. Without thinking more, she rushed downstairs after washing and putting on light makeup.

Zoe was worried that her classmates would see her strange appearance, so she specially wore a black jacket. Along the way, no one noticed her.

Therefore, no matter how shiny the gold was, it was afraid of being buried by sand.

Zoe was pleased with her wise move, but she couldn't smile anymore when she saw Wade at the school gate.

The night had fallen. Under the sycamore tree, the street lights were dim. Wade was leaning against the car door, smoking with his head down, half-dark and half-bright.

A faint light flashed on his slender fingertips, and a moment later, it gradually dimmed.

The cigarette butt was put out and Wade threw it into the trash can casually. When he looked up, he saw Zoe wore a black clothes and she looked like a witch who was staring at him.

Wade was surprised, and then smiled gently, "You're here?"

In a daze, Zoe walked up to Wade, glanced at the trash can, and said involuntarily, "It turns out that you can smoke."

She thought that Wade would refuse all the unhealthy and dark things, such as the smoke that hurt his lungs, the addiction to staying up late, and the beer in the alley...

But just now, Wade had mastered one of them perfectly.

"I failed many times when I just established my company. I learned it at that time." Wade went to the back seat and opened the door for her.

Zoe got in.

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