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   Chapter 14 Go Back To The Beginning

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Zoe had a feeling that her husband caught her cheating on him.

What was wrong with his eyes?

"Adults speak. Child is not allowed to interrupt curiously." Zoe imitated her mother's lines to scold Rory.

However, Rory didn't respond and still stared at her.

Zoe felt uncomfortable being stared at. She swallowed unconsciously and said, "It's not puppy love at my age. You don't have to do that, do you?"

At first, Rory wanted to ask Zoe when she had a boyfriend, but when he saw that the two people were staring at him, he knew that he was overreacting. After thinking for a moment, he finally picked up the chopsticks, but did not eat anything. He sat up directly after a while.

"I'm done. Bye, sisters."

He even bent down and made a bow. The obedient look on his face was totally different from that when he was alone with Zoe.

He lowered his head and his long hair covered all the emotions flowing in his eyes, just like the first time he was accosted by Zoe.

The relationship between the two seemed to be back to the past.

Zoe stared at the back of Rory until the young man pushed the door open and disappeared.

Nancy poked Zoe with her arms, "Hey, what's wrong with that cute little brother? I've never heard that you have such a relative. Look at his sullen face. I'm really worried that he will tell your mother. "

"No, he won't. He is weird and eccentric. We have lived in the same building for so many years, but I haven't seen him talking to anyone."

"Lonely? How could it be? He is very obedient. " Nancy didn't take it seriously. She picked up a piece of mutton and put it on Zoe's plate. With a flattering smile, she asked, "How are you getting along with Wade? Yesterday, my cousin suddenly called me and said that she wanted me to have a baby early. "

Zoe didn't know what was going on, so she echoed, "Your cousin is so forward thinking."

"Yes, her family has a real estate company. She talked about the contract with Wade in person before and said that she was shocked by his courage. She almost thought that he had a mind reading skill, and now she agreed to let me marry him without hesitation." She was so excited that she poked Zoe with her arm and said, "Well, Wade just looked at her up and down. He even guessed that my cousin's boyfriend was from a normal university. He is a real god or not?"

"Okay." Zoe's cheeks were bulging, and her eyes were rolling. Her attention was completely on another dimension.

The hotpot was prepared for the naughty boy named Rory, but now he ran away. It would be a waste if she didn't eat up so many things. 'HMM, the sesame paste was really good...'

Holding her chin with one hand, Nancy watched Zoe fill her mouth like a hamster. Nancy shook her head helplessly and sighed, "Wade is such a shrewd man that he could see through my cousin at a glance. Why doesn't he see through you?"

"What do you mean?" Zoe was chewing the food and couldn't speak clearly, "You mean I'm stupid?"

"No, I just doubt... Forget it. I am overthinking. "

Nancy was born in a rich family. She was used to all kinds of duplicity and was good at hiding. She was more insightful than Zoe, but now it seemed that there was no problem with Zoe. Perhaps she was suspicious.

"Anyway, what do you say in front of Wade... I've read his information, but even the private detective didn't find anything useful. "

"That means Wade is honest and clean."

"You are really brainwashed by the halo of him. Normal people shouldn't have reacted like this. The more excellent Wade is, the more suspicious he is... Alas, anyway, he is not a shallow man. I've inquired about the people around me and they said that they couldn't see through him. Be careful. "

"Okay." Zoe nodded perfunctorily.

In fact, even if Wade was not simple, so what? People who were destined not to know each other knew too much and would be more unforgettable in the future.

It was better to be in a daze like now.

The hot pot made Zoe's

gloomy life suddenly enlightened again. In the evening, the two of them went back to school together. With Nancy's speech, the dorm keeper let the two in with tears all over her face.

The light in the girls' dormitory had been turned off. Nancy was using her mobile phone as a flashlight in front of them. The two of them were in darkness. The sound of footsteps echoed, making Zoe more timid. When Zoe was thinking about a female ghost in white, the mobile phone in her pocket rang.

"Master, the dishes that you ordered such as steamed lamb, steamed deer head..."

Zoe was almost pissed off. She hurriedly took out her phone, and answered the phone in a trembling voice under the disdainful sight of Nancy.

"Hello? Hello. "

"Are you asleep?"

The three words were as clean as the wind and stream in the mountain, flowing from Zoe's ears to her heart. Zoe held the phone tightly.

"Wa...Wade?" She gave a signal to Nancy in panic. "What should I do that Wade calls me at this time! "

Nancy shrugged and widened her eyes. "I haven't contacted him yet. How could I know! Anyway, listen to him first!"

Then Nancy put her head on the back of Zoe's phone.

In the dark corridor, two little heads were close to each other, and there was a mobile phone in the middle, carefully dealing with the sound of the man.

"Sorry to call you so late."

"What's up, Wade?" Zoe said in a trembling voice.

"Do you have class tomorrow afternoon?"

"Yes, I do. It's an optional course. But I want to get a good result in the school, so I have to go!"

"What about the day after tomorrow? Weekend. "

"I'm going to the milk tea shop to wo..." Zoe wanted to say that she had to work. Nancy poked Zoe with her elbow quickly, and the latter realized that the rich second generation didn't need to work part-time. She immediately straightened her back and said, "Go to the milk tea shop to wait to meet my friend."

The euphemism was ingenious, and the tone was high. Zoe couldn't help but chuckle. She was getting smarter and smarter.

On the other side of the phone, Wade suddenly chuckled. His voice was not loud, but he could see through everything. "So you don't have time the day after tomorrow, right?"


Zoe frowned and felt a little embarrassed to be exposed. But on second thought, she was now replacing Nancy, and she was a little shameless. "Oh, I have an appointment the day after tomorrow."

Hearing Zoe's answer, Nancy couldn't help but glare at her and complain, "I'm not that frivolous. I don't want to destroy my body!"

Zoe glanced at the dark circles under Nancy's eyes and shook her head.

"In that case, Miss Nancy, we can make an appointment next time. Miss Kathy had given me two tickets to the concert and I wanted to see it with you."

Zoe didn't respond. On the contrary, Nancy widened her eyes in surprise. Zoe found something wrong and immediately found an excuse to hang up the phone.

"What's wrong?"

Nancy scratched her hair with her hands and couldn't help crying, "It's not a good thing. Did my cousin see anything? That woman! Kathy! She must be a spy who is sent by my family! "


"Yes, she is a famous female devil. It must be a trap. No way!" Realizing what had happened, Nancy grabbed Zoe's shoulder and said, "I'm sure Kathy will ask me about it. Or maybe she'll ask me to write a disgusting comment. Zoe, you must go to see Wade on weekends! I'll go with you! "

"But I just refused him. I have to work part-time in a milk tea shop on weekend." Zoe picked up her phone and was about to knock on the door. Unexpectedly, her hand was grabbed by Nancy, who straightened Zoe's shoulder and faced her.

"I'll find someone to replace you in the shop for two days. You can go to see Wade the day after tomorrow." With a pitiful look, Nancy almost knelt down and begged Zoe, "Zoe, we have a deal of two months. Zoe, I will repay you as a maid in my next life, okay?"

"Those who say next life will be bastards."

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