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   Chapter 13 The Disadvantage Of IQ

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When Rory was about to throw the transfusion bottle away, Zoe trotted to the corner of the stairs and immediately called his brother, Oscar Xu.

The phone rang for a long time before it was lazily connected. In an instant, there was a noise of DJ playing dishes on the phone. Zoe put the phone far away and frowned, "Brother..."

"No money."

Zoe froze.

What was killing people in the invisible?

This was.

Zoe took a deep breath and tried to flatter him, "I'll cook you a month's sausage rice!"

"Two months."

"Even if you order takeout, it won't be so cheap!"

"Then I have to order take out."

"Okay, okay. Deal. Send it to me."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

Zoe blushed and said, "What are you talking about?"

Boyfriend? She did want to be Wade's girlfriend, but how could he take a fancy to her?

"That's right." Oscar Xu signed and said to himself, "My sister is so ugly. Who wants her?"

"Give me the money!"

Zoe hung up the phone quickly and looked out of the window at the leaves. Suddenly, she felt a little confused.

Her life was so dark.

God, please give her a chance to change the situation!

Zoe opened her arms, closed her eyes and earnestly prayed to the sun. When she was devoutly repeating the words, her shoulder was patted unexpectedly. Zoe was so scared that she trembled. She looked back and found that it was Rory.

Zoe quickly withdrew her arm and said, "What are you doing? There's no sound when you walk!"

"You are so serious to pretend to be sculpture. Let's go. I know a very delicious hotpot restaurant."

"Wait a minute."

Zoe took out her phone to make sure that the money was sent to her by Oscar Xu. Zoe chuckled.

'Does this guy also fall into my hands?' 'A mere verbal statement is no guarantee. I won't cook for him since I have received the money. I want to see what he could do.'

When Zoe had a tail up in the sky at the moment, it wouldn't have been long before she received new messages. "Zoe. I've recorded our conversation just now. Do you want to fight me with your single cell brain?"

All of a sudden, a basin of cold water poured down.

So aged ginger was more pungent.

Zoe took back her phone sadly. "Let's go." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the crook of the boy's arm. "Why do you have one more dress? Do you still have a friend here? " Then she didn't want to give up and looked around, "How about you go back to school with him?"


"So you are determined to ask me to treat you today, aren't you? Why don't you ask your friend to treat you? "

"Because you are stupid and easily fooled."

With a serious look on Rory's face, he didn't make fun. The more he acted like this, the sadder Zoe was.

Rory didn't notice the pathetic look on Zoe's face. With his hands in his pockets, he led the way. There was complaint Zoe behind him, but Zoe couldn't refute.

The two of them just walked out of the hospital through two alleys and saw a hot pot restaurant with neon lights in front of them.

It was very lively.

It was completely dark, especially in the autumn. The night fell early and the lights were on, but the orange street lights were not warm enough for Zoe.

"Cold?" Asked Rory, glancing at her.

Zoe thought he was going to warm her up, and took off his clothes and gave it to her. When she was about to praise him for being sensible, the young man suddenly showed his little white teeth. "Fortunately, I'm wearing too much. You must be frozen silly, ha ha."

Zoe was rendered speechless...

So it was better to help herself than to beg for help!

Taking a glance at the young man who was gloating, Zoe rushed into the hot pot restaurant. The rest of the young men stood in the dim light alley, staring at her back in a trance.

'Get angry?'

He looked down at the dry brown blood on his sleeve and frowned.

He was afraid that he would frighten her. She was a long winded woman. If she saw the bloodstain, he might have to spend the hot pot time in her nagging.

They had lived opposite each other for more than ten years. Why didn't he notice this

stupid woman before?

He put his hands in his pockets and covered the blood on the inner side. The young man staggered to catch up with Zoe.

When the door was opened, the warm air of the hotpot restaurant came to his face. As soon as Rory glanced around, he saw Zoe holding the menu and wearing a sad face and a white sweater.

When he was about to go over, he suddenly heard a scream from behind, "Wow, is that Rory?"

Another woman said with pity, "It's him. He's so beautiful, but unfortunately he's too childish. I heard that the hooligans in grade three are raised by him."

"So what he is a coward? If he is willing to date with me, I will protect him in the future. "

As she said, she flipped her curly hair and strode to him. "Hi, my name is Rose Xiang."

She was always confident, but Rory didn't move. He just moved his eyelids a little and looked at her up and down.

His eyes looked at her just like that she was a cheap cabbage in the market, which made her heart cold.

Yellow curly hair, lavender makeup, ten fingers, nine metal rings, worn jeans... Well, she had taken everything he hated.

He ignored her and walked past her, leaving the girl in a stiff posture.

"Rose Xiang, what did he do just now?"

Realizing that she had been ignored, Rose Xiang couldn't help but ask coldly, "Who said he was soft? This guy is very arrogant. "

"Rose Xiang, shall we not cause any trouble today?"

The girl in more formal clothes next to her tried to pull her, but was directly pushed away by Rose Xiang. She came directly to the table where the two of them were sitting. "Hello!"

Zoe raised her head from the menu, looked at the girl, and then glanced at the calm man opposite her. Zoe knew that it was a debt of love of Rory. Zoe sighed that it was good to be young, so she lowered her head again and asked, "What do you want to eat, mushroom?"

"Well, I want white fungus."


The two of them talked to each other, completely ignoring Rose Xiang.

Rose Xiang was powerful at her school. It was the first time for Rose Xiang to meet such a calm person like Zoe. She was not sure where Zoe came from for a while, but when she saw Zoe in plain clothes, she became more confident.

"Are you his girlfriend? I'm talking to you! "

When she was about to grab Zoe, Zoe's phone rang. She turned to grab it, and Rose Xiang missed it.

As soon as the phone was connected, the yawning glass door of the hotpot restaurant was pushed open again. In a short Chanel dress, Nancy, who was barefoot, came in with a shiver.

"I'm here."

Zoe waved her hand. Nancy walked to the table and was about to sit down with her high heels. She looked at Rose Xiang, who was as firm as a nail, and asked, "Who are you?"

The three words intimidated the girl.

Nancy was usually forthright and unrestrained. She said this out of greeting, but her aura was a little oppressive. The little girl touched her nose dejectedly, turned around and left.

When they walked out of the hotpot restaurant, the two of them were still studying whether Nancy's Chanel was real or not.

"Rory is from a rich family. Look at the two women sitting next to him. They are not simple."

"Don't mess with him in the future..."

At the same time, in the restaurant, as the topic center, Rory was concentrating on dealing with the little fat ox, without raising his eyebrows.

Nancy had always been a sociable person, and she had heard a lot about Rory from Zoe. After greeting, she didn't treat Zoe as an outsider. With a smile, Nancy patted Zoe on the shoulder and said, "It seems that the effect of the transfusion is good, you are good now. You will be fine if you sweat after eating this hot pot."

Zoe glanced at Nancy and complained to her in silence.

"Don't worry. I appreciate your kindness for me this time. As long as you are with Wade for another two months, I promise..."


Rory's chopsticks fell into the hot pot, and the soup splashed out, but he didn't intend to get it. He looked straight at Zoe with his black eyes.

"What kind of relationship do you talk about?"

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