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   Chapter 12 A Beautiful Vampire

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"I didn't persuade her. We just talked for a while. If she wants to know the ability of our company, I will let her know." Wade unbuttoned his shirt and rolled up his sleeves and revealed his thin arms. Then he looked at Felix slowly and said, "Is Kathy's boyfriend in the normal school?"

"Yes." Taking a glance at Wade through the rearview mirror, Felix asked, "Didn't you read her information? How do you know?"

"She is wearing a low cut shirt, spraying perfume and looking at her watch during working hours. Obviously, she is on a date."

"Oh, god! How do you know what his boyfriend does?"

"It's a literary style to give girls small potted plants. Only gentle and high-level people like to do it. Kathy can be proud. Her boyfriend can only work in the most famous normal school." Wade rubbed his temples and said, "You will be in charge of the negotiation in the future. Unless necessary, don't let me meet with Kathy directly."

"Have you fallen in love with her with your cold heart? Are you afraid of being a mistress? "

"I'm afraid that her perfume will give me a headache."

Felix clicked his tongue and said, "You will be single for ten thousand years. Where are you going?"

"Go home."

Felix was born in a rich family and had been racing since he was a child. It took more than half an hour for him to drive, but it was half shorter when Felix drove.

Wade was already dizzy, and with Felix's driving, he felt nauseated when he got off the car.

With one hand on the front door, Wade stared at Felix with a somewhat intimidating momentum. "Hire a new driver for me tomorrow."

Then he turned around and left, leaving Felix in the driver's seat in a daze for a long time before he realized that he was disliked.

Felix was slightly injured, but he was not the kind of person who would make things difficult for himself. He turned his streamlined red sports car around, and soon disappeared in front of Wade's house.

Bearing the nausea, Wade reached out to open the door. At the corner of his eyes, he saw banana trees at the door. The new green color after the rain suddenly made him flash the scene that Zoe stood under the door to take shelter from the rain.

She shrank her shoulders and carefully protected the snacks pocket in her arms. Her hair had been wet, but she was stubborn not to move at all.

When she saw him, her bright eyes were full of joy, and expectations were written on her face. The corners of her mouth rose, and then she showed her little white teeth and greeted him, "You're back."

At first, he didn't think there was anything special. His first reaction was that this girl was silly. She had to wait so stubbornly in the rain.

Now that Zoe was not here, he felt a little warm when he recalled this scene.

When he pushed the door open, the inner room was as clean as a new one. It was as clean as a sample room.

The food on the table had been cleaned up by the hourly workers before. This time, Zoe came here without leaving any trace.

All his friends, including Felix, were unwilling to come to his house. They said his house was too cold. He didn't care about it before and thought it was good, but today he suddenly agreed with Felix.

Well, the room was spacious and it was indeed too quiet.

It was getting late. Zoe sat on the bench in the corridor, looking at the medicine over her head. Drops of medicine slowly fell down. She felt like weeping but had no tears.

When she came out, Nancy had discussed with her that Nancy would go back to school with her after the transfusion. Unexpectedly, after Zoe was tied up, Nancy went directly to a street with snacks near the hospital.

This was not over. When Zoe regretted trusting her easily, the other party sent a series of delicious food to Zoe.

Zoe licked her lips and began to doubt the purpose of Nancy taking her out.

"Nancy, I hate you..."

"Hate whom?"

A mocking voice came from above her head. Zoe raised her head slowly and saw a slender young man standing in front of her. In late autumn, he only wore a white T-shirt. His clothes was very thin. But he still put his hands i

n his pockets leisurely.

If it weren't for the gauze on his forehead, Zoe would have thought that he was here for a walk.

"Fighting again?"

Why did she always see him with wounds on his body, gloomy and helpless? What was it this time? Unruly sunshine?

Young people were really changeable.

Rory gave a smile and moved his long legs and sat down beside her, "I didn't expect you to get sick with your strong body."

Zoe was rendered speechless...

'What do you mean by my strong body? How can this child speak like this? I hate him!'

Zoe moved aside quietly to express her dissatisfaction with her body, but the young man next to her didn't notice it. He even turned his head to look at her and said, "You are the weakest when you are sick. How about we go to eat after the injection?"

"Where is your pocket money? Was robbed again? " Zoe sighed and looked at him seriously, "A boy can't be so coward. If you act like this, that girl will not dare to trust you for the rest of her life."

"I'm so beautiful. I just need to find someone who can be trusted for the rest of my life."

When the young man spoke, his eyes were bright, and his eyes were very beautiful. He slightly raised just like the ancient charm of the eastern ink painting, which made Zoe speechless for a moment.

It was the first time that she had come into contact with him so closely. She didn't expect him to be in such a situation when she always saw his messy half long hair.

Noticing that Zoe was speechless, Rory continued, "Everyone has dreams. You can't look down upon me just because I want to be a toy boy!"

His voice was not loud, but he had a unique clear voice. In addition, the corridor was empty, and his voice spread far away, making the people around look back at them.

During this period, the aunt who was holding the child by the door glanced at Zoe and looked at her inquisitively. It was obvious that they had misunderstood the relationship between Zoe and Rory.

Zoe felt wronged.

On the other side, a mischievous smile appeared on Rory's face.

Busy with covering her face, Zoe didn't notice the dimples on the corner of the boy's mouth. They were bright and touching.

"I haven't seen you for a long time. Where have you been?"


"Are you angry?"


Seeing that it was useless to coax her kindly, the young man raised his eyebrows and shouted, "It's okay that you don't keep me as your mistress. How can you find another man outside? You... HMM... "

Zoe covered the boy's mouth in a hurry and said in a low voice, "What are you talking about?"

'My innocent! I have lost my innocent in one day.'

Zoe covered the boy's mouth so hard that the wound was inevitably torn at the same time. She winced in pain.

"My classmate will pick me up later. You can go back by yourself." She couldn't deal with him, so she had to lead the trouble to disappear itself.

"Classmate, boyfriend?" A hint of coldness flashed through his eyes.

"You don't talk so much nonsense. You are as proud as a peacock. What's wrong with you today?"

The young man was silent and looked at her sadly.

Noticing that something was wrong, Zoe softened her tone and asked, "What happened?"

"Will you accompany me for one day if something happens?"

He gazed at her earnestly, with hope in his eyes. Zoe took a deep breath and asked, "Is it your birthday?"


The young man nodded and Zoe regretted saying that.

This bottle of transfusion cost more than 50, plus the money for buying food for Wade before, and the treat to this boy... It was only half a month, and her living expenses had been used up. How could she talk to her mother?

Zoe scratched her hair awkwardly, but Rory looked really pitiful. After the transfusion, she pulled out the needle and gritted her teeth. "Well, I'll invite you to eat hot pot on the street."

The needle hole on the back of her hand and her heart were bleeding at the same time.

Zoe couldn't help but sigh, 'Beautiful things are really dangerous. This young man is not a human. He is just a vampire, who only drinks blood and sweat money.'

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