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   Chapter 11 The Winner Is Decided

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The calm appearance was full of ups and downs, making Zoe confused.

Which card was Wade playing? If she had to die, she wanted to do it quickly. If he slowly worn her out, she would be weak in spirit sooner or later.

Women were born with ups and downs because of trifles, and the truth was that men really didn't have time.

What Felix Feng said was right. The real estate female devil Kathy came for Wade.

The reason was ridiculous, she just wanted to see the genius Wade.

In order to get this order, Wade personally went to the SY Company. The office on the 18 floor was neat and even a little empty. Everything was simple and elegant, except for the pink butterfly orchid on the computer desk, which was the only color decoration.

Wade sat on the sofa with his legs crossed. He looked down at the white porcelain cup in front of him, not knowing whether he was in a daze or appreciating it.

He didn't say anything or do anything else, but his aura was already intimidating.

He just like a god. Kathy couldn't help but think of such a description.

In terms of appearance, Wade was indeed a good lover, but unfortunately, she had a task today.

Kathy withdrew her peeping sight, looked around for the documents, pretended to be busy, and tapped on the keyboard with her flexible fingers.

Every time she tried to drive people away silently like this, it worked. But this time... She was frustrated.

Wade didn't even raise his eyelids, perhaps because he was insensitive in love or because he had a perfect psychological quality.

About ten minutes later, she had no work to do. She quickly glanced at her watch and took the initiative to speak.

"Mr. Wade, don't you have anything to say to me?"

She had planned to give him a cold shoulder on purpose, waiting for him to be anxious and she could take the upper hand directly. However, Wade seemed to be at ease as if he was in his office and didn't even look at her.

Kathy was confused by his calmness. In the end, she had to close the file and take the initiative to speak.

Wade seemed to be absent-minded. After a long time, he looked back at her. His dark eyes seemed to contain the stars of the night, and Kathy quickly looked away.

"Mr. Wade, you are also a busy man. If you have anything, just tell me."

"I heard that Miss Kathy's America coffee is unique."

"That's why you come here? Huh, it's ridiculous. "

"In order to verify the so-called intelligence, someone has made hundreds of millions of investment at any cost. Is it strange that I come to Miss Kathy's company for a cup of coffee?"

"I know Mr. Wade is smart. I can't win you in argument." Then she looked at Wade up and down, trying to analyze him, "Mr. Wade, you look dignified. There must be many girls chasing you, right?"

"It's a pity that Miss Kathy is not included. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been sitting here today."

"Mr. Wade is as handsome as a jade in the field and unparalleled in the world, but it's a pity that Mr. Wade speaks a little..."

Taking a sip of coffee, Wade looked at her with a smile and asked, "Do you like writing poems, Miss Kathy?"

A hint of astonishment flashed across Kathy's delicate face.

"Miss Kathy, you are so talented. I wonder if you will recite poems with your beloved one at night? Your boyfriend, a high-level student from a normal school, when he wins you once in a while, will you have a cold war with him? Haven't you made it up yet? "

"What, what nonsense are you talking about?"

Kathy couldn't help slapping the desk.

Wade glanced at her indifferently, "Miss Kathy is waiting for him."

Wade lowered his eyes and glanced at the but

terfly orchid in front of her. "Since you are ready to make up, why are you so reserved? …… The flowers are so beautiful. "

A trace of shock flashed across Kathy's face. She searched her mind, but couldn't find any memory about the meeting of Wade in the past.

How did he know she was in love? How did he know the details about her!

"You investigated me?" Thinking of this, Kathy regained her confidence. She slightly turned her almond shaped eyes, pursed her red lips, stood up and came to Wade. She put her arm on Wade's shoulder and said, "Since you like me so much, why don't you just say it directly and go to the Stars Hotel together tonight?"

Her tone was tempting.

Wade looked down at his watch and said, "I'm afraid we can't make it today." He looked at the phone on Kathy's desk. When she looked at it with confusion, her phone rang.

Kathy was stunned. She glanced at Wade in shock and answered the phone immediately.

She couldn't help but complain. No one knew what the person on the other end of the line answered, and Kathy gradually revealed a beautiful smile.

"Okay, I'll be there soon."

After hanging up the phone, Kathy turned to look at Wade. With a cold and helpless face, she said, "The contract will be sent to your company as usual tomorrow. As for the rest details, you can talk to the lawyer's representative of our company."

Wade stood up with a smile and straightened his collar, "I hope we have a pleasant cooperation."

"Mr. Wade, you have a pair of sharp eyes. I wonder what kind of woman you will be with in the future since you are so smart."

"Ah Choo!"

In J University's dormitory, there were many cotton quilts on Zoe's body and a thermometer in her mouth, who would be with Wade in the future. Her eyes were red and swollen like silkworm pupae.

Nancy, who was standing next to Zoe, shook her head and handed Zoe a glass of hot water. "I didn't expect that you would have such a long brain response and even such a long body function! It can go around the earth three times! "

Zoe looked at the angry Nancy without any energy and said, "I said that I kicked the quilt last night..."

"When did you kick the quilt? You've been trembling since yesterday. It's obvious that you didn't take care of yourself when you went to see Wade and caught a cold in the rain. Now that it broke out, when you're obsessed with his handsome face, you should also treat yourself well, okay?"

When Nancy mentioned Wade, Zoe felt even more aggrieved. "I did these for whom?"

Knowing that she was in the wrong, Nancy snorted and pulled out the thermometer of Zoe.

"Okay, 38.5. Let's go to the hospital to get an intravenous drip."

"No. just take two pills."

"Please remember what I said just now. It's a notice, not a negotiation."

"Then go to the infirmary."

"The dose of the two quacks in the infirmary are too light. I don't believe them."

Three minutes later, Nancy brought back two sturdy female students and took Zoe away without demur.

When Zoe was stuffed into a taxi, she suddenly began to doubt her life. Since she met Wade, her life trajectory was getting more and more out of her control.

The sky was high and blue, dotted with a few clouds.

When Wade came out of Kathy's company, Felix Feng, who was in charge of picking Wade up, just arrived. Seeing that Wade looked calm, Felix Feng gave him a thumbs up.

"It seems that you have made it. Half an hour, not bad at the expected time."

Wade opened the door and sat down in the back row. "But Kathy didn't intend to break the contract. She just pretended."

"Then what is this woman doing? And how did you persuade her?"

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