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   Chapter 9 A Piece Of Cake

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At half past five, Wade drove home from the company and saw this scene before he got off the car.

In front of the porch, the girl in a large baseball uniform shrank her head to avoid the rain. Most of her body was wet, but she was still carefully protecting the snacks pocket in front of her.

Wade couldn't help laughing at her persistence.

"Miss Nancy..."

After driving the car to the garage quickly, Wade trotted to Zoe and said, "Sorry for keeping you waiting."

"Not long, only half an hour."

As soon as the words came out of Zoe's mouth, she felt that her explanation was like a complaint, so she giggled at Wade.

She didn't know how pitiful she was when she looked up at him, her hair wet and her bangs sticking to her forehead.

Somehow, Wade raised his hand and put the dripping bangs aside subliminally.

"Why didn't you call me?"

"Phone... It's out of power. "

When he touched her bangs, his fingertips were a little cold. She shrank subconsciously and smiled foolishly. "Fortunately, the food is not wet. Look."

She was afraid that he would dislike the food, so she carefully held the bag in her arms.

Wade couldn't tell how he felt.

Every time the person in front of him met him, he would have a new feeling.

He just met her at the beginning, and he only thought this girl was interesting, so he played along with her until now in order to tease her.

It was not until he had known her for a long time that he realized that she was stupid.

Stupid and cute.

"Come in."

Wade opened the door and moved aside. Zoe didn't think too much and carried the bag into the house happily.

When she stepped into the porch and saw the interior decoration clearly, her body suddenly stiffened.

The whole apartment was a wooden staircase, skip floor. The decoration was clean and white. There was a flaxen sofa near the window, coupled with the wood floor, making people feel delicate and elegant.

It was clean, like a sample room on a magazine.

She couldn't even walk...

Zoe looked down at her shoes, which were still dripping, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

People like the legend god had a delicate life. Would he choose imported food to eat?

Would the cabbages she bought in the vegetable market be disliked by him?

Zoe looked back at Wade with embarrassment. "Wade, I..."

"Change your wet clothes first. You'll catch a cold."

Wade only paid attention to Zoe's clothes. Before Zoe could say anything, he went into the bedroom to get his bathrobe.

When he came out again, he found that the silly girl was still standing at the door and didn't move at all.

"Why don't you come in?"

He glanced at the slippers at her feet and said, "Sorry, no outsider will come here. They are all men's."

"No, no, it doesn't matter."

"That's good. You go to the bathroom and take a shower first."

'Take a shower?

Taking a shower as soon as I came in? It is raining heavily, and he and I alone in this house...'

Zoe blushed.

'Did my god ask me to make an apology to him on the phone by... My body? Then I don't need the cabbages anymore.'

While Zoe was lost in thought, Wade came to her and took the bags. "What are you waiting for? Wet clothes will make you catch a cold. "

Zoe was rendered speechless...

'Zoe, you are too lascivious! The evil spirits dispersed!'

Because the coat was still dripping water, in order to avoid staining the floor, Zoe took off the coat and held it in her arms. However, just half of it was taken off, she heard a "Click".

Zoe looked down and saw a box of Durex lying on the ground arrogantly.

Zoe was rendered speechless...

'What is it? Where did it come from? What should I do?'

Zoe wanted to cover her head and scream.

On t

he other side, Wade, who was about to take the clothes, raised his eyebrows and picked up Durex before Zoe could react.

He flipped the box and said, "This brand."

Zoe felt like weeping but had no tears.

Wade calmly put Durex into his pocket and said, "I advise you to take a shower first and tell me where it comes from after you figure it out."

Judging from his reaction, this matter couldn't be solved.

Zoe turned around and followed Wade's direction. She didn't know how she walked into the bathroom.

She turned on the shower, and the warm water fell on her face, as if it had helped her find a little warmth, and her thoughts returned.

She hung her bag and ball uniform on the dormitory hanger for three days, and each of them had a chance to put it in.

However, Zoe thought that Nancy was the most likely one. Nancy had always been in a state of loss, and recently Nancy was in a hurry to make things between her and Wade...

But it was not appropriate to tell Wade the truth. After all, she was a fake.

Zoe's mind was in a mess. She had taken a bath for more than half an hour. Seeing that the time couldn't be delayed any longer, she wore a T-shirt and a bathrobe of Wade and came out.

The rain outside the window had just stopped. Water drops fell from the eaves on the potted banana trees under the window. The leaves of the banana trees were shaking, and the green was in full bloom.

Wade leaned against the sofa with his legs crossed and looked out of the window absent-minded.

Zoe took small steps to sit opposite Wade. She had sorted out her excuses and decided to speak in front of Wade.

'We are all adults. What's wrong with some daily necessities in our pockets? Why are you still so conservative as a man?'

These lines were rolling in Zoe's mind.

'Zoe, you have to hold back. Be free and easy. Don't deny that it's not yours!'


One hundred and twenty percent that the Durex is not mine. I don't even have a boyfriend. Why do I buy it?"

However, she didn't say what she wanted to say and felt more remorseful.

Wade came to his senses and looked at her, "Then you have one now."


Taking a sip of coffee, Wade raised his head to look at her and asked, "Do you like it? It's extremely thin."

"Well... In fact, I don't care. It depends on my boyfriend and... "

'Wait, what are you thinking about? Now the point is to explain the origin of the thing, Okay?'

Zoe immediately sat up straight and asked, "Is it strange for a girl to bring this with her?"

"No, it's not strange. But it's said that the daughter of Li family is a straightforward person. But when we meet recently, I think you are a little different from the rumor. A box of Durex, I can see that Miss Nancy's character is a little shy."

"How can you believe the gossip? I'm Nancy."

Wade smiled and leaned against the sofa again. "Your parents have worked hard in the company. How are they doing now?"

Did she expose herself? Guerrilla Warfare? How could Wade meet Nancy's parents?

Zoe clenched her fists and said, "They are fine. Dad specially asked me to thank you for your help on the construction of the factory site."

"It's not a big deal."

Zoe stood up in horror and asked, "Are you hungry? It's late now. I'm going to cook for you. "

"Let me help you."

"No, thanks. I can do it myself. Fortunately, the dishes you ordered are not hard." To avoid being questioned, Zoe quickly went to the kitchen and put on his apron.

The kitchen of Wade's house was decorated in an open style. She could see the living room from the vegetable washing pool. When she cut carrots, she found that Wade had been staring at her on the sofa.

His dark eyes seemed to be able to see through everything.

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