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   Chapter 7 Zoe Blew it

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Zoe just wanted to be polite, but unexpectedly, her god looked at her seriously and said, "Why did it take so long? Because there is no speech draft, I forgot what to say in the middle and my speech was over ahead of time."

"Then, what should I do?"

"Anyway, it's too late. The media will broadcast it directly. It can't be saved." Wade sighed and felt depressed.

"It's all my fault."

"I feel terrible now. You know that I have always been regarded as a genius and have to bear a lot of pressure. This time, my speech is delayed because of you. I don't know what impact it will have on my company in the future."


Zoe was speechless. She didn't notice the expression on Gary Bai's face when he heard what Wade said. Gary Bai was Wade's assistant.

"I'm sorry."

"I have hypoglycemia now." Wade rubbed his temples.

"Ahem..." Gary Bai clenched his fists and coughed. Although in his opinion, Wade was in a better mood than usual, in order to cooperate with his boss, Gary Bai nodded shamelessly and said, "Boss, you are under too much pressure at work. And you have an empty stomach from this morning until now. It's inevitable for you to feel dizzy."

An empty stomach?

Hearing that, Zoe finally came to a conclusion that she could make amends. She quickly looked at Wade with her bright eyes and said, "My god, shall I invite you to eat hot pot to apologize to you?"

Zoe promised to help Nancy with the blind date and got a handsome reward, which was enough for all her dinner this semester.

However, everyone needed to pay for what he or she had done. The money finally died in Wade's order such as small fat sheep, ham sausage, fried wheat vegetables... Under the pot.

Zoe was overjoyed in vain. She not only spent a lot of money, but also got involved in the matter of Wade. It was that went for wool and came home shorn.

After Gary Bai drove Zoe and Wade to the place, he left sensibly and did not come back, which caused Zoe and Wade to look at each other and Zoe felt uncomfortable.

In the face of Wade, it was the first time that the foodie Zoe had known what it was like chewing wax and she was suffering from indigestion.

She put the withered leaves into her mouth like feeding herself grass. When Zoe was worrying about how to get rid of the trouble, the waiter came to add soup. Zoe's eyes lit up and came up with an idea.

After weighing the pros and cons, Zoe pretended to put the vegetables in the pot. When her wrist shook, she happened to touch the small pot that had just filled the soup. The thick soup spilled out and wet Zoe' sleeves.

Fortunately, the soup was not hot. While feeling lucky, Zoe looked at Wade anxiously.

However, he was concentrating on dealing with the mushroom.

Zoe pulled her sleeve and reminded him, "Ah, my clothes are dirty."

Seeing that Zoe's voice was full of worry, Wade could not hide his joy. He replied calmly, "Okay.".

Zoe was a little angry. "My clothes are dirty. I'm sorry that I can't stay with you any longer. I'll pay the bill for the hotpot. You can go back by yourself after eating it. There is No. 19 bus across the road..."

As soon as she finished speaking, she realized that Wade was driving over. She looked a little embarrassed.

"My head hurts."

It seemed that there was a snowstorm in Zoe's heart. She thought to herself, 'My god, your illness came in time!'

Wade put down his chopsticks, held his temples with one hand and began to close his eyes for rest.

Perhaps it was not the time for the meal, there were few people in the restaurant and the atmosphere was quiet. Wade closed his eyes and his long eyelashes cast a shadow on his eyelids. The quiet appearance reminded Zoe of the first time she met Wade two years ago.

At that time, Wade hadn't left the school. The school community was recruiting new students. Wade was forced to be lured by his classmates. In a white shirt, he sat quietly at the table under the tree, with one hand supporting his forehead and pretended to sleep.

The trees above his head were mottled and sprinkled on his body, making him look quiet.

In front of the table, there were a ro

w of students coming. Finally, a bold girl walked out of the line and came to him with a stack of love letters that people didn't know how long did she write them?

The girl said shyly, "Wade, I've liked you for a long time." With the soft voice at the end that the girl was obviously a gentle southern girl.

If it were an ordinary boy in this situation, he would have been happy, but Wade frowned and was a little impatient.

But when he saw the girl clearly, his eyebrows finally relaxed.

Wade took the love letters and thanked her politely.

Just when everyone thought that the two would become a couple, Wade bent down and calmly put the love letters under the table legs.

The limping table stopped shaking.

The girl was stunned. When she realized what had happened, she left while crying loudly.

Since then, Wade had been on par with his talent. He didn't understand amorous feelings.

In Zoe's opinion, it was too coincidental that he didn't understand amorous feelings.

Zoe had been curious about gossip for many years, so she went to the class with Nancy to see the girl. That girl was absolutely outstanding in appearance, known as a school belle, and was an elegant beauty.

In contrast, Zoe wisely stopped thinking about Wade.

Some people were suitable for love, and some people were suitable for admiration.

Zoe sat next to the glass window of the hotpot restaurant. The hot air of the hotpot pounced on the window, forming a layer of hazy water vapor. When she turned her head and looked out of the window, she could only see the blurry figures on the street.

Every time it rained, it got colder. The water vapor on the window was wiped away, and Zoe came back to her senses by the coldness from her fingertips.

If she continued to delay like this, her identity would be exposed, which would be bad for the three sides, including herself, Nancy and Wade.

Zoe took a deep breath, curled up her fingers under the table, clenched her sleeves and said, "Wade, we should not see each other anymore."

Hearing this, Wade paused for a moment and slowly opened his eyes. "Why?"

"We are not meant for each other. You... You just look like a toy boy and I've told you that I like those who are strong! Besides, I like spicy food. You eat like a rabbit. We can't live together! "

After staring at Zoe for a while, Wade looked away when her forehead was sweating. "Okay."

Zoe was stunned again.

She thought he would ask her to stay.

But it was good. The two of them slowly distanced themselves from each other and said goodbye silently.

Zoe grabbed her coat and stood up awkwardly. "Won't see you next time!"

Without giving Wade a chance to say goodbye, she turned around and left.

It was almost five o'clock in the evening when Zoe returned to school. It was a sunny autumn day and it was getting dark early.

Zoe put on her coat and hung on the street. The setting sun behind her sank into the horizon, dragging her shadow long.

The lights were turned on unconsciously.

With the last "Okay" from Wade in her mind, Zoe felt sad and not in the mood to see the beautiful scenery. She took a shortcut back to school and passed through the dark alley, where a loud bang came, which woke her up.

At a dead end of the alley, a young man with a cigarette in his mouth approached the young man in blue who was against the wall.

"Didn't I tell you to bring more money to lend us? Just these dozens of dollars. Are you going to send the beggars away?"

The young man in blue retreated. Seeing that there was no way out, he simply leaned against the wall and said, "There are only so many."

"Look at this coward."

"This is my meal money. Pay me back the day after tomorrow." Be neither lowliness nor pushy.

The young man with a cigarette in his mouth was stunned. Then he sneered and sprayed the smoke on the young man in blue's face. "Who gave you the courage?"

"I gave it to him!"

At the entrance of the alley, Zoe's heart raced wildly. "I'm the teacher of XY High School. Which class are you in?" She pretended to make a phone call.

"Teacher? What a bad luck! …… Let's go! "

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