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   Chapter 6 You Should Be Responsible For It

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"The party is about to begin. Let's go."

Zoe raised her head to look at Wade. For a moment, she seemed to see a meaningful look in Wade's eyes. He was like a spectator standing at a high place, proud, but when she looked at him again, he looked indifferent and easy-going again.

Was it an illusion?

Zoe was taken to the viewing area before she could figure it out.

Perhaps it was because of Wade's eyes shocked her at that moment that Zoe had been absent-minded for a long time. The bride and groom exchanged rings and made a vow, and accepted the guests' blessings, as if a lot of things happened in front of her eyes, but she did not notice them at all.

The party was a whole day's ceremony. They played in the villa at night. Wade took care of Zoe in the evening. She kept smiling all day long until her muscles twitched.

A beautiful and useless girl was called a vase beside a man.

Zoe thought she should call himself a flowerpot and it was made of soil.

In the evening, when the lights were on, the guests shuttled back and forth with wine glasses in their hands. The rich ladies' wore beautiful clothes, their shoulders and back were beautiful that made Zoe experience the upper class for the first time.

It was too expensive!

Zoe watched a lady wearing a diamond necklace go away and said, "This is not a person."

"Then what is it?"

"It's the walking money!"

She probably didn't know that her dress was more expensive than that woman's necklace.

Wade didn't mean to point it out.

"It's late at night. I'm afraid the school is going to close. Let me drive you back."

Zoe's eyes lit up.

"Are you upset with me?"

Of course, Wade knew what she was thinking. "You can stay a little longer, or stay at my home."

Zoe turned around and left the party directly.

The god was good in everything, except that his EQ was too low. Why didn't he understand what she was thinking since she had showed him like this!

At the wedding party, Wade drank some wine, but he insisted on sending Zoe back to school. When he got off the car, Wade stood by the roadside and naturally adjusted Zoe's clothes for her. His familiar and modest posture made Zoe feel like that they were an old couple.

Old couple? A chill ran down Zoe's spine, and this terrifying idea was thrown out of her mind in an instant.

"Be careful on the way."

Zoe turned around and didn't know which foot she should move first since her god was looking at her.

"See you next time."

Zoe staggered and almost fell down.

See her... Next time?

'No, Zoe! If it goes on like this, you will fall into the enemy's camp. It's time to end it!'

Zoe took a deep breath and shouted in a high spirit, "My god!"

'Let's break up! Because you are like a toy boy!'

With his hands in his pockets, Wade looked down at her and said, "I have a speech at school tomorrow. Will you come?"

He didn't even give her a chance to speak.


Although it was a question, it was obviously a tone of notice. The man in a suit stood under the moon. She would be bewitched even if he wanted her to go to the mountain full of traps, let alone an invitation to see a speech.

Fortunately, Zoe had seen how scheming this man was and had trained her willpower.

If she refused too directly, would her purpose be too obvious? After thinking for a while, Zoe asked sincerely, "What time is it?"

"At nine o'clock in the morning in the gym."

"Okay, I will be there."

Zoe said with a sly smile on the corners of her lips.

When Zoe returned to her dormitory with resentment, Nancy had already pretended to be dead but literally fell asleep.

Zoe wanted to take revenge on Nancy, but she couldn't destroy the whole dormitory. After all, the boss in this dormitory was a good fighter.

Worried about being beaten up, Zoe went back to bed, pulled the quilt and fell asleep like a little dog.

The next day, Wade was giving a speech in the school, so Zoe didn't set the alarm on purpose.

Her plan was like this. She woke up naturally in the morning and she could be late to go to the gym. She proved to Wa

de that she had come and successfully escaped the disaster. Then she went to the canteen to eat braised pork ribs at noon.

Zoe thought her plan was perfect and saw the ribs waving at her. When she saw the throng of people in the gym, her first reaction was to be stunned.

Didn't Wade say nine o'clock in the morning? It was already eleven o'clock. Why were there so many people?

When Zoe came to the backstage in a daze, he saw Wade talking and laughing with a group of university professors, many of whom were stereotyped, proud and harsh in the school. At this moment, in front of Wade, they were smiling like flowers.

Wade didn't talk much. Most of the time he just responded, but everyone felt that he was talking to them.

"What a cunning fox!"

Zoe turned around and found a tall and straight man in black was holding Wade's coat. He should be Wade's assistant.

It seemed that the company was very large and Wade even had an assistant.

Zoe looked at Wade in silence for a while. Perhaps it was because her eyes were so passionate that Wade, who was in the middle of the crowd, could not help but look back at her.

After saying goodbye to the professors around him, Wade walked slowly to Zoe and asked with a light smile, "Why are you so late?"

"Why isn't it over yet? Didn't you say nine o'clock in the morning? " Zoe lost her patience.

"It's eleven o'clock."

"I remember it was nine o'clock in the morning." Frowning, she added stubbornly after a while, "I have a good memory."

"You know it's nine o'clock, and you still arrived at eleven o'clock."

Zoe was rendered speechless.

She finally knew what it meant to dig a hole for herself!

"Well, I was too tired last night, so I overslept."

Wade nodded, as if he could pretend to believe her.

"What? Is that Mr. Wade? "

A cheer broke the embarrassment of the two.

Not far away, a few beautiful girls came over, talking and laughing. Zoe glanced at the school belle who was in the lead, and Zoe was worried, keeping a distance from Wade.

If these gossipy women knew that she knew Wade, they might skin her alive.

Thinking of this, Zoe quietly moved her body, and when Wade turned his head to look at the front stage, she moved again.

Zoe took pleasure in Wade's misfortune and thought everything was flawless. When the school belle and others came to accost Wade, she could flee.

"Wade, long time no see."

The school belle's voice sounded, and the laughter almost reached people's bones.

However, Wade turned a blind eye to it. On the contrary, he looked at Zoe who was trying to be invisible.

"I left my speech in the car."

Zoe was confused. 'What does it have to do with me?'

Wade took out the key and said, "Can you get it back for me? The draft is in the front passenger seat. The seat you sat yesterday. "

Zoe was rendered speechless...

The school belle with a stiff smile...

'My god, did you do it on purpose?'

Zoe pouted to his assistant in black, "Why don't you ask him to get it for you?"

"I thought I shouldn't let outsiders get involved in these trivial things."

'Even if the assistant is an outsider? But when do I become your insider?'

Feeling the gaze from the crowd, Zoe wanted to strangle herself to death.

Fearing that Wade would continue to talk nonsense and the school belle would recognize her true identity, Zoe gritted her teeth and took over the car key and ran away without saying anything.

She came out in such a hurry that she forgot to ask Wade where his car was parked.

After running all over the parking lot and finally finding Wade's black Bentley, she looked down at her watch and found that it was almost twelve o'clock.

It was too late.

'Will my god skin me alive?'

Zoe was holding the speech draft in her trembling hands. When she was at a loss, she turned around and saw the entrance of the parking lot. Wade was wearing a white shirt and trousers, followed by his assistant.

The speech was over?

Zoe bit her lips and walked up to him with a guilty look. "Well, I didn't find the car just now. Did I delay your work?"

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