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   Chapter 4 Make Persistent Efforts

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Zoe checked the time on her phone. It was eight fifty-eight in the morning. A white Porsche stopped in front of Zoe.

The window was rolled down. In the driver's seat, Wade turned his head to look at her with an impeccable smile. "Hello, Miss Nancy."

Her voice was still calm, seemingly easy-going, but actually indifferent.

"Okay, Okay."

Zoe was worried that the students would recognize her and mistook her for looking a sugar daddy, so Zoe jumped into the car.

She didn't dare to sit next to him, fearing that she would be oppressed to have a heart attack, so she quickly opened the back door and got in. When Wade started the car, Zoe explained like it was a very poor lie which revealed the truth, "I'm not afraid of you, but I've read on the news recently that it's safer to sit back when we have a car accident."


Embarrassed, Zoe looked up and found that Wade was looking at her through the rearview mirror. "Don't worry. I'm good at driving."

This time, it was Zoe's turn to be silent.

'Forget it. It's not the first or two times to lose my face. I will get used to it as time goes by!'

"Miss Nancy, I forgot where my phone was. I didn't check the time. Were you late just now?"


"Miss Nancy, can you help me find my phone if it is convenient for you? It should be somewhere in the car. I'm a little inconvenient now. "

Zoe glanced at his hand holding the steering wheel and then looked at the rearview mirror. She found that Wade was staring at her with a pair of innocent eyes.

His eyes were so intimidating that no one could be on guard. Inexplicably, there was a flood of maternal love in her heart. Zoe was absent-minded and she took out her phone unconsciously and said, "Let me give you a call."

When Zoe lowered her head, a bright smile appeared on Wade's face. "1 3 7..."

Zoe pressed the buttons one by one, unaware of the reason why the two people who had talked through the phone many times before the blind date told her his numbers.

A moment later, she heard a vibration of his phone through the gap between the passenger seat and the door.

"Here!" Zoe took out the phone from the gap of the seat and handed it to Wade, "Here you are." Her bright eyes seemed to be presenting a treasure.

Wade took it and touched her palm with his slightly cold fingertips. She subconsciously withdrew her hand.

Wade gave her a meaningful look and said, "Thank you very much."

"No problem."

Zoe, who had sold herself, waved her hand happily. She thought that this rich man was different. He was polite to express his thanks.

Zoe, who had sacrificed herself and helped others, looked out of the window with a smile. When she saw the white betrothal trees and pedestrians rapidly retreating on the roadside, she was filled with joy and immersed in the memory of her help for the god.

About twenty minutes later, the car finally stopped in front of a five-star hotel.

Zoe jumped out of the car and looked up at the hotel which was about to enter the cloud. She nodded as if she could see through something.

"The people must have money."

In the car, Wade looked at the back of Zoe. Hearing the words, he gave a smile and opened his phone quietly.

Missed call, and he saw a strange number.

He put his phone away calmly, got out of the car and came to Zoe. He looked down at her and stood side by side with her and asked, "Do you want to change into a dress first?"

She came here to ruin her image. Why did she change the dress?

"No, I won't..."

"I have prepared a dress for you upstairs." Wade persuaded her calmly.

Zoe was confused.

'Since when is it popular for wedding guests to prepare dress in the hotel? Why do I feel that every time I want to do something, this fellow can see through it at a glance and suppress my plan to death?'

Zoe looked at him with an injured look.

As if Wade didn't know anything, he looked up at the door and answered, "What did you say just now? No?"

"No——thank you. I'm sorry to bother you again."

"You are welcome, let's go." Wade raised his arm, hesitated for a moment, Zoe reached out to hold it.

'It doesn't matter, Zoe. You still have a lot of

chances! This time, it is the god himself who came to her. Relax, just flirt with him!

After all, you don't have many chances like this. When you go back to school and you can brag about it.'

Well, it seemed to be much more comfortable to think about it.

After entering the hotel, Zoe had been covering her face with her hands. After all, even she herself disliked the mole on her face.

The two of them staggered along the way, attracting countless eyes.

This was a strange combination. The man in suit was straight, handsome and reserved, and the woman... The ponytail, T-shirt, and covered her face all the time.

——How ugly should she be? How could she even don't dare to show her face?

"Who is the person beside Mr. Wade? Why haven't I seen her before? "

"I don't know. They seem to be just friends..."

When Zoe passed by the two girls and heard them talking, she was confused why "they are just friends". Unexpectedly, the girl added slowly, "She is so ugly. Mr. Wade has a good taste."

Zoe staggered and turned around to take a look at the girl. Fortunately, Wade, who was next to her, held her timely with steady strength. "Be careful."


'That girl, your words hurt my self-esteem, Okay?' Although Zoe also knew that the two of them were not matched, could the girl please be more euphemistic?

'I'm not ugly at all? I am... It's just that my beauty is not obvious!'

Zoe pouted.

"As Mrs. Nancy Su, can't you stand this kind of discussion?"

"I can't stand it!"

"As long as I like you, it is fine."

"Exactly!" Zoe nodded in agreement. After a while, she realized what she had said. She turned around stiffly and asked, "Mrs. Nancy Su?"

But he pouted to the dressing room and said, "Here we are."

"You just..."

"I'll wait for you in the lounge on the two floor."

Wade's eyes were innocent, as if he wasn't the one who had just spoken. If she continued to ask, it seemed that she had taken it to heart.

Zoe shook her head, dropped her strange guess and walked into the room.

She pushed the door open and walked into the room. There was a dressing room with all kinds of things.

The dress was probably prepared according to Nancy's figure. Standing in front of the mirror, Zoe looked at herself and found that the dress' sizes were much larger. Fortunately, the style of the dress was small and exquisite, and the strapless dress was on her knees. It didn't make Zoe look unable to hold on to the dress. It was clean light blue, which also suited her skin.

If it weren't for Zoe's frightening make-up, she would have been quite obedient and cute.

The make-up artist zipped up the back of Zoe. When she was about to help Zoe with her hair, Zoe grabbed her wrist and said, "No, thanks. I'm fine now."

That fake inferior mole of the matchmaker was fine?

The make-up artist looked at Zoe strangely and shrugged.

It was the first time for Zoe to wear a strapless dress because her breasts were small. Worrying that the dress would fall off, Zoe always pressed her chest with her hands when she went upstairs.

When Wade saw her, he almost thought she was uncomfortable.

Zoe forced a smile and said, "It's Okay. The air is stuffy... Where are your parents? "

She didn't intend to stay here any longer. As long as she made fool of herself in front of Wade's parents, she would probably be driven away and didn't even have to attend the wedding.

"It's inside."

"That's good."

Zoe took a deep breath. Before Wade could say anything, she murmured her sin and pushed the door open rudely. She was so powerful that the door plank hit the wall and the door broke immediately.

Zoe rushed to the lady who was drinking tea in the main seat of the room and said, "Auntie, it's the first time we meet. I don't bring any gift. Let me sing a song for you!"

The lady held the teacup in her hand and looked at Zoe up and down in surprise. "Who are you?"

Zoe didn't answer. She took a deep breath and sang in a deep voice, "Lift up your skull and let me see your face..."


The lady was so frightened that her hand shook and the teacup in her hand fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

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