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   Chapter 2 Things Didn't Go As She Wished

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Zoe subconsciously glanced at the lower part of Wade's body. When she realized what she had done, her pretty face immediately flushed.

Wade was not in a hurry to answer.

He drummed the wooden table with his clean, long fingers from time to time as if he was seriously thinking about the answer.

His sexy posture distracted Zoe.

It was said that a man with long fingers was also very capable in bed. If he was really gay...

"Do I come across as gay to you?"

A deep voice rang in her ears as melodious as the violin playing in the background in the cafe.

Suddenly aware of the dirty thoughts running in her mind about him, Zoe blushed. "Mr. Su, you are a handsome man. Ha-ha!"

she answered perfunctorily and he let it pass, not wanting to expose her.

Zoe was seriously regretting her decision to help Nancy.

Here she was, sitting in front of the god she once worshiped, purposely ruining her own image, and he looked unaffected. She just couldn't figure him out. This perplexing situation made Zoe retreat.

'Hurry up and finish your original conversation, and then leave as soon as possible, ' Zoe told herself.

Wiping off the sweat on her palms, Zoe leaned on the table. Resting her chin in her hand, she pretended to be stupid and didn't notice that the wig on her head had slipped.

"Since you are 26 years old this year, and you don't have a girlfriend, how do you satisfy your sexual needs? Are you incapable of performing in bed? My parents only have one child. I plan to have many children in the future. We may not be suitable..."

While preparing these lines for Zoe, Nancy had repeatedly reminded her that the most important thing was to be aggressive and make the other party retreat.

Wade looked at him and asked with interest, "Do you like children?"

"Uh..." Why did his reactions always throw her off?

"A boy or a girl?"

'Wade, that's not what you should be focusing on! Okay?' she cried to herself in exasperation.

Just then, the waitress brought the coffee and strawberry pie, which saved Zoe from answering the question.

Staring at the strawberry pie, Zoe's stomach growled but she pretended to be arrogant.

"Is this the most expensive thing here? It's too cheap. I don't want it," she declared.

"It's not good to waste food," he remarked.

Wade didn't persuade her anymore. He pulled the plate of strawberry pie in front of him and dug into a piece with his fork.

The strawberry juice dripped down the soft pie and a sweet milky fragrance filled Zoe's nostrils.

She licked their lips subconsciously.

A handsome man and delicious food were so close to her but she couldn't touch either. How could she continue to stay here?

She tapped the table and said, "I like muscular men, like boxers or wrestlers. I'm not satisfied with you. Tell me, what do you think of this blind date?"

Wade slowly put down his fork and said, "Well, I think..."

"Ah! What are you doing? I want to talk to your manager!"

The woman's screams at the next table easily drowned out Wade's answer. When Zoe pulled her attention back to Wade, he was leaning back in his chair with a polite smile on his face.

"What do you think, Miss Li?"

"What? I didn't hear you clearly, Mr. Su. Can you say it again?"

Zoe subconsciously leaned in closer to listen to him. Unexpectedly, her wig, which had loosened due to frequent adjustments, slipped right off her head and fell on the table.

Everything seemed to freeze at that moment. Zoe was stunned. She cowered reflexively and covered her head. She looked like a frightened rabbit.

After seeing everything, Wade gazed at her and said, "Miss Li, since you have asked me so many questions, may I ask you one too?"



"Zoe... Nancy Li."

Wade's sharp eyes saw right through her.

Zoe felt too ashamed to continue sitting there. She was wondering how to get out of this dilemma when suddenly her phone rang.

"They say oh my god I see

the way you shine..." The ringtone of her phone was loud and clear.

Wade's eyes fell on the phone, which continued blaring the absurd song on loop, and the corners of his mouth lifted ever so slightly.

"Very special."

Zoe didn't know if he was talking about the ringtone or her.

She hurriedly ran to the other side of the cafe to answer the phone. "Zoe, are you done? We had agreed to have a meal together. I have already ordered all the dishes!" Nancy bombarded her.

"I have something to ask you! Why is your blind date Wade?"

"Who is Wade?" Nancy asked, pretending to be innocent. "Oh, I don't have time to talk to you in detail. Just find a way to get rid of him. The food is getting cold."

Zoe heard her chewing from the other end of the phone and swallowed. Looking back at Wade, she made up her mind and quickly left the cafe.

Her ultimate strategy for ruining the blind date was to leave mid-way without an explanation.

After waiting for a while in the cafe, Wade found that Zoe had not come back. He looked out of the French window and saw her thin figure standing on the curb and flagging down a taxi.

The girl left without even saying goodbye.

Looking out of the window at the girl whose clothes were flying in the wind, Wade smiled slowly.

The blind date had not been boring after all.

To Zoe, however, this date was worse than being scolded by a teacher or getting no living expenses from her mother. It was more horrible than failing in an examination!

Even though Zoe had left the cafe, Wade's words—"a boy or a girl"—echoed in her ears.

'If I ever gave birth to his child, it would be as good-looking as Wade. But Wade's personality is so scary that it would terrify people.

Well, that will never happen so I need not worry about it.'

Shaking her head, Zoe changed out of her crazy outfit, and went back to the school. She rode the bike that she had borrowed from her senior and went to the library, the dormitory, and the canteen, but she didn't find Nancy anywhere.

She was determined to interrogate Nancy and warn her.

But Nancy had already read Zoe's mind. She had set up a banquet to express her gratitude to Zoe.

Zoe couldn't resist the temptation of delicious food. In addition to that, she was persuaded by Nancy's hard and soft tactics and finally forgave her.

"This won't happen again." Zoe took a bite of the roast mutton, which was so soft and delicious that she squinted her eyes with pleasure like a cat.

"I saw your disguise for the blind date. Don't worry. He won't like you unless he is blind,"

Nancy said excitedly as Zoe nodded approvingly. Taking the "water" from Nancy's hand, Zoe gulped it down. Her world suddenly started floating.

"Wow, this bottle of water was produced in 1982, wasn't it? It doesn't taste good..."

"Oh, I gave you liquor to avoid your nagging."

Bang! Zoe and Nancy fell down together.

With Nancy lying by her side, Zoe realized how bad it was to make friends carelessly.

Zoe's home was in the development zone of J City, which was located in the suburb. It was an hour's drive from the school. When there was no class on weekends, she would catch a taxi on Saturday morning to go visit her mother.

But thanks to Nancy's sneaky trick, Zoe did not wake up until three o'clock in the afternoon. She tossed a few random things in her bag and took the train home. It was almost half past four when she arrived.

A neighbor, who was over fifty years old, was sitting downstairs with her grandson on a stone chair under a tree. She was waving a cattail leaf fan and enjoying the gentle breeze when she saw a breathless Zoe. She nodded and greeted, "Zoe, you're back!" She then instructed her grandson to greet Zoe.

Zoe like children. She had always hoped to have a cute young brother or sister, who she could pamper and bully in equal parts.

However, she was the second child in her family, and she was the only who always got bullied.

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