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   Chapter 46 The Death Bell

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Then Chloe took out her phone and dialed the number of Gregorio.


A magnetic and pleasant male voice came from the other end of the line. Gregorio sounded surprised and even flattered.

"Chloe? Is there anything you need? "

"I don't want your men to follow me now," Said Chloe in an unfriendly tone. "Ask your men to leave."

On the other side of the phone, Gregorio chuckled and said in a doting tone, "Chloe, don't be naughty. Don't you know that you are not safe now? I'm worried about you. They can't leave."

Chloe knew that she couldn't communicate with him, so she changed her strategy. "Then let him stay fifty meters away from me. Now he is always dangling in front of me. It's really irritating."

After a long silence, Gregorio seemed to be lost in thought.

"Can't you promise that? It's not that he can't see me." Urged Chloe anxiously.

"All right." After a long time, Gregorio finally compromised, but he also put forward his condition. "You can't let him stay too far away from you. You can't go out of his sight! I'm afraid... "

"Okay, okay! That's it!" Chloe interrupted him impatiently.

"Come here," Chloe called the bodyguard in black and handed the phone to him. "Your boss has something to talk with you."

The bodyguard in black listened to the order of Gregorio on the phone and looked at Cassie, saying, "Yes. Yes. Yes, Mr. Lin."

Chloe couldn't help but roll her eyes. He was so arrogant just now, but now he looked like a lackey.

Chloe continued to walk forward and inadvertently looked back. Sure enough, the bodyguards didn't catch up with her until she walked nearly fifty meters.

She would like to see how he would explain it to his boss if he lost her later.

When passing a crossroad, Chloe suddenly ran a red light on a sidewalk. She forced to stop several fast cars and blocked the bodyguard's sight on her back.

With a smile on her lips, Chloe hear

. There was a pair of sexy and hard mustache on his jaw, which made him look full of the charm of a mature man. It seemed that he was about forty years old.

When Chloe looked at him, he happened to look down at her in his arms, his eyes full of worry.

"Are you okay?" His voice was magnetic and pleasant, like a cello playing beside her ear.

At the thought that she was held tightly in the arms of a strange man whom she had never known before, even if he did it for saving her, Chloe couldn't help blushing. She quickly shook her head and said, "I'm fine. Thank you for saving me."

The man chuckled and said in a low voice, "You're welcome."

After a long time, the man held her in his arms and the two stood up straight together.

After he loosened his grip, Chloe quickly left his arms. She moved her body up and down and found that there was no injury.

"HMM..." But she heard the man groan behind her.

Chloe asked anxiously, "How about you? Are you hurt?"

The man held his right arm and shook his head at her.

Chloe stepped forward and exclaimed, "Ah! You are bleeding!"

Sure enough, the man in black T-shirt's exposed right arm had been seriously scratched.

The man didn't even frown and gently shook his head at her, indicating that he was fine.

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