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   Chapter 45 Make A Promise

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Seeing Nicholas' reaction, Gregorio pursed his lips. At least, the man in front of him really cared about Chloe.

In the eyes of parents, their children were always like children who were not full of wings and often needed their protection, which was no exception for Nicholas.

His eyes turned slightly, and a sincere light appeared on his cold face. Gregorio said seriously, "I don't mean to play with Chloe. I'm serious. I want her to stay with me all the time."

Therefore, it didn't make sense to let Chloe go. He had never thought of using her feelings.

A cold voice passed through the air. The seriousness and calmness in his tone made Nicholas, who had been silent with his head down, stunned. He didn't expect to hear this answer. He had thought that Gregorio would make a deal with it.

Nicholas was also shocked by his words and didn't know what to do. He looked at Gregorio with a complicated expression, and there was no doubt that he was surprised.

Gregorio lowered his head slightly and said firmly, "Please trust me. I won't fall in love with anyone else except Chloe."

His eyes were full of tenderness. When he thought of her, the deep water in the pond couldn't help but ripple, and circles of affection echoed in his chest. His eyes became burning.

He had thought that he wouldn't have any feelings for woman in his life, but when he met Chloe, he suddenly had a feeling that he had to be with her. This feeling became more and more intense, and finally it turned into endless desire, almost drowning him.

Gregorio never made a promise easily, because if he kept a promise, it might take him a lifetime to keep it. But he was willing to give Chloe a lifelong promise. He hoped to be recognized by her closest relatives.

Nicholas sighed. He was more or less moved by his words. Gregorio's eyes reminded him of the illusory past. Eyes wouldn't lie. Nicholas was also a man and had such a strong feeling, but he failed to hold it in the end.

"Why should I trust you? "Said Nicholas in a low vo

successful smile on her face. She blew on her newly made manicure, and after solving this matter, she went to date her lovers happily.

At this moment, Chloe felt inexplicably irritable.

In the past, Lucia always made trouble out of nothing, and now, there was Gregorio. But now, even her father, whom she had always respected and loved, misunderstood her.

The more she thought about it, the more irritable she became. So she wanted to go out for a walk and change her mood. However, the bodyguard who didn't know how to be flexible followed her like a shadow. He followed her wherever she went.

"Mr.! He just asked you to protect me. What are you doing? Are you still keeping an eye on me?" Said Chloe angrily.

The bodyguard in black didn't even raise his head. His face didn't change, but his tone was respectful. "Miss Chloe, I'm following Mr. Lin's order to protect your safety. You can pretend not to see me."

"You are so big. It's hard for me to pretend not to see you, right?" Chloe said coldly.

The bodyguard in black pretended not to hear her unhappiness and continued to say, "I'm just responsible for protecting you safety. I won't hinder you. Please don't put me in a dilemma."

Seeing that he was so stubborn, Chloe turned her head coldly. Chloe bit her lips and swore to herself that she would get rid of the big man.

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