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   Chapter 44 Come To Her

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In fact, Chloe had expected that her father would come to her. His father always cared about what others thought, and he never believed her. A bitter smile appeared on Chloe's face.

Chloe pushed the door open and saw her father sitting on the chair. She greeted him respectfully, "Father."

She raised her eyes and looked into his eyes, neither humble nor pushy.

Nicholas looked at his daughter with a complicated expression. He couldn't forget what happened last night for a long time. The expression on his face became very serious unconsciously. How could his daughter be so depraved? Today, no matter what, he had to ask her.

Crossing his hands, Nicholas frowned and asked her directly, "Chloe, what happened last night? What's your relationship with that man? ”

Nicholas felt a lump in his throat and paused. He didn't want to believe that his daughter was a mistress.

Chloe smiled with self-mockery. How should she answer him? Would he believe her after she said it? He must have already known the answer in his heart.

Chloe felt a chest tightness and bit her lower lip stubbornly. She didn't want to explain too much to him. In fact, even she couldn't figure it out. What on earth was the relationship between her and Gregorio?

Seeing that Chloe didn't say anything, Nicholas's eyes darkened and said coldly, "Why don't you say anything? Is it really like what others said?"

Her face suddenly turned pale. Chloe wanted to irritate him for no reason and said word by word, "I have nothing to explain. You don't need to worry about me and him."

This sentence successfully aroused Nicholas' anger. In his opinion, what Chloe said was like an acquiescence.

"You unfilial daughter." Nicholas roared in a low voice. Blue veins stood out on his forehead, and the anger in his eyes quickly spread to every cell of his body. Before Nicholas could think it through, he had raised his hand in anger and slapped on Chloe's little face.

After the slap, Nicholas panicked and stared at his han

t make trouble for her in the future. You can talk to me if you have anything." Without any hesitation, Gregorio knew that Chloe would never tell anything to Nicholas. In the end, she would only irritate Nicholas and then hurt herself.

Besides, Gregorio didn't intend to hide anything from him. His love was flamboyant and domineering.

Nicholas widened his eyes and looked at the calm young man in front of him. He pointed at Gregorio with his fingers trembling, and his pupils dilated. Perhaps it was because he was too angry or shocked, his face became ferocious, as if he was blocked by his words. He felt his blood surging.

Nicholas didn't expect that his daughter would have something to do with Gregorio Lin.

This man was a man who could survive in the business world. How could such a man fall in love with a woman? At this time, Nicholas had concluded that Gregorio was playing with the love of Chloe.

"No matter what you want to do, please let go of Chloe... She is still a child... " Nicholas felt a lump in his throat and his face suddenly darkened. He slumped into a chair and pleaded dejectedly.

He was not a good father, but he loved Chloe from the bottom of his heart.

It was obvious that few people could resist Gregorio's attack. If he really fooled Chloe, Nicholas knew that he could do nothing about it.

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